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SaLuSa, November 30, 2009

For many your main concerns during your lives are your health, and the means of getting adequate treatment. In some countries such as the United States it is governed by the ability to pay, but under President Obama steps are being taken to help those who are least able to afford it. In a caring and fair society, the importance of ensuring good health would not allow for discrimination on such a basis. It is particularly necessary where people are subjected to pollution, and assailed by the use of harmful chemicals in products and food. The industries concerned have a debt to repay, where their disregard and flagrant use of them has caused illness and death. However, legislation and law often protects the offenders, rather than the victims.

What can you do Dear Ones, as there are cures for every known disease yet many are being held back deliberately, because there is money to be made treating them on an ongoing basis. We talk not just of drugs, although there has been a place for them in controlling disease and saving lives. The problems they present are related to their side effects, that are sometimes more serious than the disease. Take for example the dreaded cancer that is the scourge of your modern societies. There are a number of proven cures, yet suffering and death is allowed to continue. Natural cures are belittled and every effort made to limit their usage. Dear Ones, all of this will change and not only will all cures be made available to you, new types of treatment will be introduced by us. They will involve methods that you are only just beginning to understand, that are quick and do not involve surgery.

Bear in mind that you will ascend with your physical bodies, and that they are already slowly changing. Eventually they will be disease free anyway and you can look forward to a bright and healthy future. It is all about your level of vibration, and the higher it is the more pure and wholesome your body will become. Many factors have a bearing on it such as your level of consciousness, your attitude and healthy respect for your body. Fear of disease is for some people a problem, and it may result in them getting the very one they are concerned about. The Law of Attraction is quite simple, and what your thoughts are constantly focused upon is attracted to you. As you know, on a larger scale fear is the weapon of the dark forces and they trade on it to create chaos. They have not given up yet with their futile attempts to prevent the inevitable collapse of their empire.

Look ahead to the positive changes that are looming large, that will totally reform your societies. Think of the advantages to be gained by focusing on what you want, rather than what you do not want. Help others who are concerned that the end of the cycle of duality is to be accompanied by disaster and death. This is the type of situation that breeds fear, and can bring about the worst scenario. The end will not be the fulfillment of the predictions as depicted the Apocalypse. Let it be known that there is nothing to be feared except fear itself, and that the end times are to be welcomed as your release from the cycle of duality. Physical changes must of course accompany the cleansing and restoration of Earth. However they will be dealt with in such a way, that the dangers to you are minimized.

Your concerns and hopes can be either with the old way of life, or drawn towards what is envisaged with the coming of the New Age. It is best that you allow for the old to crumble and be swept away, as by and large it has no place in the plans for you and the new Earth. The future is the answer to your prayers, and will fulfill all of your dreams for a loving society that is based on sharing and caring. Those who oppose change because of their self centered desires can continue to do so, but will not stop progress for others who have set their sights on upliftment. The plan for it is opening up and coming to fruition, and in the coming months some remarkable events will take place. Once the changes commence it will be an exciting time, as you will see that the promises made to you are becoming your reality. You have been wonderfully patient and resourceful, having had experiences that have sorely tried your beliefs in the future as predicted by the coming of Ascension.

Our presence has been one of acting as your guardians, but also as the messengers of the Creator. You have been made aware of how the end times are necessary to bring a conclusion to the cycle, and not one of disaster and untold death. It is to be a joyful and uplifting experience, as all of the old ties with the activities of the dark Ones are severed for all time. The Galactic Federation along with others from the higher realms, have been charged with the responsibility of ensuring completion as ordered and decreed by the Lords of Karma. You have created the manner in which you take your place in the final days upon the old Earth, and your ever-increasing levels of consciousness are smoothing out the bumps on your pathway to Ascension. It will be an extremely exciting experience, and you will learn more about the process in due course.

The Human Race is noted for being resilient and having a great strength of character, and at heart you are benign and loving of your fellow humans. Given the chance which will come soon, you will set aside age long differences quite easily. Already you accept that you are One Race and progress is achieved when you work together in unison. On many occasions when large scale dangers have threatened, you have shown that you can work peacefully together. As the borders have opened up the more you have traveled and become integrated and have seen and experienced the different cultures and belief systems. The result is that you find people have the same desires to live in peace and happiness. That goal will be achieved through the changes planned to start very soon, and not overnight Dear Ones but in a carefully thought out methodical approach.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and leave you with much to ponder, and with the knowledge that we are doing all we can to alleviate the suffering on Earth. It is with great love that we serve you, and thank you for working with us for the Light.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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