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SaLuSa, November 25, 2009

You have every right to feel pleased with yourselves, at the turn of events that are leading to definite changes soon to be apparent to you. After a long period of Endeavour, you are about to reap the result of your dedication to bring the Light to Earth. Your faith has been remarkable given that you have been unable to appreciate the whole picture as we do. Where we have seen positive movement you have found it hard to detect, indeed at times the chaos has seemed to accelerate. As we have pointed out with regard to the cleansing that it is taking place, it has inevitably given the impression of uncoordinated events because of its nature. The truth is that each occurrence is following a pattern that will make way for the new systems to take their place. It is not easy to prise people away from what they have been used to do doing for decades. Therefore the answers to your problems are not necessarily evident, but with the assistance of our allies you will begin to see positive signs of what is to be done. They will satisfy your pleas for a new way forward, and will eventually bring about the long awaited peace to Earth.

The tempo increases as your thoughts turn to the festive celebrations that are quickly approaching. This is more than welcome, as when our presence is made known your spirits will already be lifted. It is not that everyone will be ecstatic at the news, and many will not know what to think. However, our intention is that sufficient information will be released, that will satisfy such persons as to our reason and desire to have a closer contact with you. Our actions will soon be understood as those that convey our concern for you, and our loyalty to the Higher Ones who are of Light and Love. We come to help you elevate to our level of existence and rightly take your place alongside us. Most of you have all but completed your experience of duality, and you now need to take the next step up on your path to illumination.

We can hardly wait to get fully started on our mission, and a ripple of excitement is spreading through the Galactic Federation at the prospect of commencing very shortly. For us time is not as you experience it, but nevertheless we understand that as you live by linear time matters seem to have been drawn out. We share your concern about your pressing needs, that have led to a worsening quality of life for many of you. Again we say this is largely due to necessary changes that can only follow a dismantling of your old systems. Once we get the go ahead we can so to say move mountains, and no task presents us with any problems whatsoever. We are equipped to ensure that you are inconvenienced as little as possible whilst the changes occur. Speed will be our priority and you will be pleasantly surprised at our rate of progress.

So Dear Ones, it is a bit of a waiting game but it will not go on too long. A point has been reached when our presence must come about, to enable us to be accepted and mobilize our allies to work in co-ordination with us. Be assured that we are in any event aware of exactly where we need to be, and what action to take prior to our official landing on Earth. We can start at a minutes notice, and that is a measure of how prepared we are already. So please do not be unduly worried at any delay, it will hardly have any effect on our overall objectives and time scales.

More and more people see our craft in your skies, and clear enough to sufficiently determine that they are extraterrestrial and not of Earth. However, there are designs of earthly craft that could be mistaken for ours. Size is indicative of origin, as our Mother Craft that are disc shaped can be hundreds of miles in diameter. They are not called Cities of the Skies for nothing and as inter galactic craft, they are totally equipped for their crews to stay in space for extremely long periods of time. Because of their sheer size, they stay at a safe distance from Earth for your safety. Technological advances must be accompanied by an understanding of what conduct is expected to go with it. The ambitions of your dark forces are not in accordance with such aims, and for this reason they will not allowed to move beyond your solar system. Law and order exists throughout your Universe, and when civilizations show that they can abide by it they are allowed to explore beyond their own solar system.

Man is being prepared to join the Galactic Federation and will be expected to make that step after Ascension. You will by then have risen sufficiently to become One with us, and join your brothers and sisters of Space. There are many organizations similar to ours to be found in different areas of the Universe, and they help maintain peace through their spiritual knowledge and application. You will never run out of things to do, and your experience in duality will be invaluable as you help others to reach out for upliftment. Experience is the priceless jewel that each one of you seeks, and you have well earned your place amongst us. It is the application of it with your achievement of Unconditional Love that will enable you to be of great service to others.

We will tell you that your future is in the higher dimensions, and that is where your true home is amongst the stars. In us you will see yourselves, and we will encourage you to emulate what we do in service to you. It is a most enjoyable and rewarding existence, which even for us is increasing our level of consciousness. You will find that you never stop learning, and every permutation of whatever you could think exists is there in reality. There are millions upon millions of planets, and all are at some dimensional level that supports intelligent life forms. Many will be non-human but they are nevertheless just like you, born of the Source that you know as the Creator. Wonders never cease to astound us, and life is astonishing inasmuch it can be found to exist in the most unusual circumstances, but as you are aware not all are like your Earth conditions. This is evident in your own solar system, where there is a vast difference in other planetary conditions compared to yours.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and bless you all from my heart centre, that you may find the ability to work from yours and spread the Light wherever you may go.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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