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SaLuSa, July 24, 2009

What you call UFO’s includes many crafts of ours, and the occasional visitor from outside of your Solar System. There are also others that come from off Earth, such as your own Military, the Greys and the Inner Earth Beings. There is so much evidence accumulated in your recent times, let alone over a period of thousands of years that record our visits. The most reliable sightings are from trained observers such as the Military and civilian airline pilots. You may wonder in that event why these facts are not admitted and made public, as they are too numerous to be completely covered up. In the last century the suggestion that intelligent life was visiting Earth would have been considered a heresy, but reports were nevertheless made and some have survived until today. Even so they are largely hidden away or ignored, as those who have invested in other ideas about Man do not want their philosophy questioned. This situation is aided and abetted by your governments who are in denial of our existence. This enables them to carry out their development of extraterrestrial craft, knowing fully well that their sightings can be lost amongst the others that are kept secret.

Dear friends, whatever attempts are made to continue deceiving you, the fact remains that many people have a far greater awareness of us. In part that has to do with the increase in sightings that have been deliberately planned to prepare you for First Contact. Continued denial amongst you comes from fear, or an inability to accept that even if life can exist outside of your Solar System it can reach Earth. Taking individual examples, you have been celebrating the landing of the first man on the moon, yet it is now widely known that it was greeted by a number of craft that were positioned around the craters edge. Photographs and video recordings have also recorded the presence of craft around and upon the moon, and there is also evidence of their activities upon it. The proof is never ending, yet only some of your governments have announced their belief in us. We find that the longer denial has continued, the more the web of deceit has embroiled the very ones who prevent the release of proof of our existence. Now they find it very difficult to admit the truth, without explaining why they have hidden it up for so long.

It is not a situation that will exist for much longer, as we must start making more open contact with you. It is no longer the people who would reject us, as quite the opposite reaction is now more commonplace. We are seen as non-threatening and peaceful in our approach to the many contacts already made. Full disclosure will remove any lingering doubts about us, and make our coming welcome. The Earth is rapidly changing, and not all such changes are without their problems for Man. The cleansing will have to take place before you ascend, and that requires our technology and personnel to see it through to the end. Alone, you could not cope with such gigantic problems that have largely been brought about by the high levels of pollution. We will be able to participate in the cleansing programs together, and we will be only too pleased to allow you to work with us.

We know some of you question how we will deal with any possible threat against us by your military. Simply put, they are no match for us and we talk not of warlike action, but using our knowledge to stop them dead in their tracks. We do not have to resort to the use of weaponry, as that is not our way unless it is forced upon us and there is no alternative. We come in peace as your spiritual mentors, and we will be joined by many of the Masters who shall address you. They are well known to you already and include St. Germain who is the key figure in much that is already happening. He has a particular interest in Mankind, and been associated with you for millennia of time. The spiritual leaders of times past will return, and soon the truth will be known about all aspects of your evolution. Ascension will be explained more fully, and you will be left in no doubt as to the importance of such a momentous occasion.

For those who still hold doubts about the changing world and the reason for it, they may perhaps consider the scale of what is happening. Events are occurring on a worldwide basis, and not only that but off Earth and deep within the Universe. It should be apparent that a major transformation is taking place, and your Earth and its inhabitants are going to be affected by it. Predictions about this period in your cycle have been made for hundreds of years, even if the actual details were only vague. In other words, as you have spent your different lives on Earth, you will have had some knowledge about the coming of Ascension. Today that information is carried in your sub-consciousness, and it makes it much easier for you to accept what you are learning about it now. The changes are for your upliftment and that it is in no way fearful, and providing you understand the process of Ascension it is a perfectly natural part of your evolution. Yes, there will be physical changes as Mother Earth also responds to the higher energies, but you will be taken care of where the most activity is likely to be. That is part of our purpose for making the Galactic Federation and its members known to you, and impressing you with details of our divine mission for your success.

We want to make it an easy transition for you, but naturally it is also in your interest to take precautions where you are affected by climate changes. The unpredictable weather conditions are causing changes to your seasonal patterns as you have been noticing. Much of what is occurring is directly due to the activity of your Sun, and global warming as such is only a part of the picture. However, everything you can do to alleviate the problem will help lessen the effect upon you. Draconian measures are unnecessary, as they would not benefit you for many years, whereas there are only a few years left before you lift up from the Earth. It is heart warming nevertheless to find so much concern for the Earth and the future of Mankind. It bodes well for the immediate period, indicating that your mass consciousness is lifting up.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and welcome the growing realisation that we come for the good of all, and bring peace and love with us. We have followed your growth from eons of time ago, and quite naturally want to be with you as the occasion of your quantum leap forward comes ever so near. We have always been in this cycle together, and shall remain so until it is finally completed.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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