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SaLuSa, January 27, 2010

It is a paradox that for a while matters may get worse, yet at the same time they are also getting better. The efforts of the dark forces always seem to gain far more recognition and publicity than anything else. That is partly because a large section of the public are engrossed in the negativity that the media regularly feed them. Indeed you have grown up on it, and eventually it has little effect on your emotions. After a time you develop an immunity to being shocked or overawed, even by the atrocities committed almost on a daily basis. When you can take a step back and begin to understand why things are happening, you can look for the positive aftermath. For example the Haiti earthquake has evoked a most caring and loving response for all of the victims, and has awakened in many hearts a great desire to help. If does not just stop at that as the higher vibration of love, lifts others to the same heights. Out of the chaos a stronger movement for peace has been birthed, and the dark Ones have underestimated your response. The fact that you continually face such challenges is an evolutionary process that allows you to overcome even greater ones.

Your strength is your sword of Love and Light, that cuts away the dross and links you may have created over many lifetimes that no longer serve your purpose. Soon you will stand as a beacon of Light that cannot any longer be assailed by the lower vibrations. Emotions are channeled into all that is positive, and you can walk unaffected by whatever goes on around you. Then you know that you have achieved a higher consciousness. Ascension will come and you will sail through the process that will achieve your final upliftment. It is a state of mind with the strong intent to reach your goal, regardless of what crosses your path. We know you can do it, but alas not everyone is ready to make that commitment. However, as we frequently remind you, freewill operates so that you decide your future. Yet in time you will inevitably move onto the path of Light. So Dear Ones please do not worry about those souls who are perhaps close to you, who do not share your vision of the future.

Now you are so near to seeing the end times really get under way, and at first it may give the appearance of collapsing structures in society that you are used to living with. Behind them the new ones are ready to burst upon the scene, and much is in readiness for that time. Our allies and us are closely working together, to seize the first opportunity to change the course of Mankind. Disclosure still remains as an important development that must precede the Abundance programs. On a week-to-week basis so much could happen, and it is why we are unable to be more precise about the coming months. One thing is sure, that the outcome will see the end of the rule of the dark Ones. Their capitulation would be welcomed, but they are not of the nature to admit defeat. In the end we may therefore have to force the issue, as our mission must soon start in earnest. Force is not a word we like, but it does not mean the use of physical force but rather like your chess game, it will be checkmate.

We do not use crystal balls to know what the future holds, as we have highly sophisticated computers that can indicate all of the possible outcomes. Several time lines can lead you into new situations, but finally all of you will be fulfilled as you anticipate or desire. It is in a manner of speaking, moving into another cycle that you “deserve” and have knowingly or otherwise prepared yourselves for. Like attracts like and this is why the work you do now to increase your vibration, will take you further on the path to Ascension. The “work” would be described as becoming centered within your Light, and focusing upon whatever you believe or understand by Ascension. Apply your highest understanding to all that you do, and know that you are actually on the path to full consciousness. Be as godly as possible and see others as part of yourself, because you are all One. Make allowances for what may be seen as the failings of others, and remember that you do not have knowledge of their life plan. After all, life is a continuous round of experiences that you have all set in place to further your spiritual evolution.

Once in the higher realms you will really come alive and be able to do whatever your heart desires. Then you shall fully acknowledge the love of the Creator, for having given you the power to create all that gives you happiness and joy. Words cannot express the wonders of the higher realms, not least of all the great love that enfolds everything so that it expresses to its highest perfection. There is no darkness in them, and you live in safety and comfort with none of the physical chores that are part of your life to now. It will be deliriously happy and ecstatic, and you share it with like souls who also dwell in the Light realms.

Happiness is what each of you seeks, but find hard to hold on to in duality. When you begin to feel love for every other soul, and it is reciprocated then you take a step nearer to Oneness that awaits you. On Earth heaven is what you make it, but you rarely touch the pure vibrations that exist above the 3rd. dimension. You could not really have expected otherwise, as the vibrations are too low to manifest that which is found in the higher dimensions.

Dear Ones the Galactic Federation is fully prepared for First Contact, and soon the hard proof that we exist will be set before you. The believers do not need it but we come to help those who are not, so that they overcome whatever blocks their acceptance of us. You will find that anyone who has stood in our presence will tell you of our energies that are of love and make you feel bound in them. We come to make you our friends, and invite you to join us in the marvelous adventure that is about to begin.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel so pleased that with each message we draw a little closer to you. Our allies, who are serving you as our messengers, are doing a magnificent job and can be proud of their contribution. One day there shall be a celebration and a coming together, and how joyous it shall be. Meantime lift your thoughts to all that is positive, and never waver. I bless you all with my love and wishes for your success, in your search for fulfillment.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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