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SaLuSa, January 25, 2010

Dear Ones, matters are coming to a head and for a time it will remain chaotic and uncertain. What you cannot see is the gradual fall of the dark Ones, and the moves to take advantage of their decline. They have lost their control over many issues, and are being forced to take rash action that will be their downfall. Our allies and we are keeping the pressure on them, and expect a major event to finally reveal the truth about their covert plans. They still believe they can dominate others as before, but are finding resistance. They lash out with no concern for others, and promote fear to justify stricter controls. However, this will be short lived as a series of moves by our allies will result in them being relieved of their power. Our plans are far advanced and will bring the changes promised, and nothing will stand in their way.

The dark Ones deal in death and destruction, and it will lead down a blind alley because they are destined to be defeated. We will help restore the Earth in quick time, and it will be revealed in its perfection in readiness for Ascension. What you are going through is a karmic cleansing, to clear all of the negative energies that have built up over thousands of years. In some cases they lay deep within the Earth, and you have pockets where it is particularly powerful such as the Middle East. In your history you will find that such areas are continually the seats of much evil, and wars are endemic. Peace cannot be fully achieved until the negative energies are transmuted, and the people themselves are prepared to live in harmony with each other. The seeming impossible will come into being in your time, as it will across the world. It will require a great change where your perception of each other is concerned. Once you realize the you come from the same source and that you are each other’s brothers and sisters, you will more easily accept the Oneness of all that is.

An increasing number of you are awakening to the truth and finding the Light within. Your energies are drawn together and you have become a power to be reckoned with. With a focus upon all that is of the Light, you are establishing an energy form that is transmuting energies that are of the lower vibrations. Have you noticed how much energy is generated, when you come together in groups for the purpose of carrying out Light work? Your power is multiplied many times when you are doing it, and when you join worldwide links it is even stronger. If sufficient of you set out to change the world, you could bring peace in an instant. Believe us, that you have this potential power and before the cycle ends you will be using it for the good of all. For centuries you have been held back and your power has been denied you. You have been led to believe that you are powerless without the help of others. You are the co-creators of the Earth, and you will grow in stature and power as the vibration is lifted up on it. You are re-claiming your power as your Divine right, and will re-establish yourselves as Sovereign Beings.

The ups and downs of life are far from finished, but when you know they will not last for much longer we urge you to stay centered and keep your eyes firmly on your goal. We cannot emphasize enough that you have already won the battle of duality and your civilization will not be destroyed, as were the last ones of Lemuria, and Atlantis. Do not let your imagination run away with you at the sight of death and destruction caused by the dark forces, their time is up and they lash out in a futile attempt to hide their own doubts and fears. Stand up to their attempts to curb your freedom and impose stricter controls. They intentionally create most of the incidents that occur, and their methods and the secret weaponry used will eventually be revealed. They use advanced technology to create them, and are responsible for the state the world is in. Their influence is everywhere but they are finding it difficult to maintain, as even in their own ranks there is dissension. This means that those who defect are prepared to help those working for the Light, and hasten the end of their illegitimate rule of power.

Your Earth is a hive of activity just now as many issues are being decided. Some are so complex and huge in terms of their importance to the future. That is where our help is essential, and we will assist you to the full extent we are allowed. The future of the whole world is at stake, and all our efforts will be directed to obtaining the best result for all of you. The scene has to be set before we arrive which will make our mission so much easier. As you might know, we have been contacting many people over the recent years, and not necessarily always those in authority. Getting you used to our craft and seeing us as Beings much like your self, has been a very important prelude to our full landing. Since millions have now seen our craft we consider that we have been very successful in that respect. Yet even now some are in denial of us, and have set beliefs that prevent them from acknowledging our presence on or around Earth.

Those who carry a flag for us are often the targets of ridicule, but you know the truth and nothing will alter your convictions. This is sometimes because you are in fact from one of the civilizations that are members of the Galactic Federation. Your strong attraction to us therefore becomes explainable, and as time moves on you learn more about us and it will all seem so familiar. This should not surprise you, as each one of you have come to Earth from another home in the Galaxy. Of course the Earth will continue to play a great part in your lives, regardless as to whether or not you progress to Ascension with the new Earth. You will always have a special relationship with Mother Earth, because She has nurtured and nursed you through a very difficult time in duality. It is a sacrifice that perhaps not many give thought to, and is why you are expected to lovingly help restore the Earth to its original pristine beauty.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and see you as Angelic Warriors who stand in the Light and are destined to serve the Creator. You are far from full consciousness, yet in a comparatively short time you will again reach such levels. With your finite minds you cannot truly understand what that means, but try imagining that you know everything that is, was and will be. Perhaps it sounds as too much for you to deal with, but when it occurs it will be a most natural development for you. You will be returning to a familiar state that you once held before you moved into the cycle of duality.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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