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SaLuSa, November 23, 2009

We hope that you are all becoming energized into action and follow what your hearts dictates, so that you may join the growing numbers of people that are standing up to the dark forces. Collectively you are helping spread a movement that is forming small groups with a potential to become quite large. You are taking the battle to the dark Ones, and we welcome such developments. Every little helps that encourages others to follow your example, and you are making a real impression. The truth cannot be hidden forever and it is emerging from the cobwebs of ages past, to reveal your true destiny and heritage as sovereign Beings.

Nothing can stop the momentum of the changes that are occurring, and they will create pathways to even greater ones. Be assured that you will accomplish all that you set out to do that is in the name of Love and Light. As the weeks go by it will become apparent to everyone, that there is a move by minds and souls reaching out to claim back their rights. It will be helped by a popular uprising, that shall see many Dear Ones challenging the authority of those who represent you. They will be the means of taking back what has been denied you for many decades. Also, our imminent coming will be a boost to your ambitions, as you know that we shall be backing you in any efforts to help others. We shall be the strength behind you, and your assurance of success.

We feel that many souls who have been oblivious to what has been taking place behind their backs, are open to being enlightened. They do realize that massive changes are necessary to restore some semblance of what life is expected to be, if people are to live safely and enjoy peace and happiness. However far the official announcement of our existence goes, it will give hope to those that despair of conditions ever changing. In us will be seen the coming of help to return your Earth to its pristine condition, and the overcoming of all restrictions that have taken away your freedom. Your comfort and good health are important to your happiness, and we are well prepared to correct that situation quite quickly.

With the re-distribution of wealth and a new financial set-up that is fair and just, the unlawful demands upon your income will be removed. Sharing is the most important change, and that will require a new mindset that accepts that all life forms have a right to co-exist with each other. Separation for whatever reason will no longer be acceptable. How else can it be Dear Ones, when you are One – traveling the same path of evolution even if it has many turnings? You are the Human family that has already spent thousands of years, in hundreds of lifetimes learning to accept the Divinity of every soul. Finding out about your immortal self, and your spiritual essence that gives you all the potential of becoming gods. You have such power even now, which is why there is some emphasis on carefully considering the result of your every thoughts. They carry the power of manifestation, and this is how you have created your reality. The same power can lift you up out of the darkness and into the Light.

Bear in mind that the mission of the Galactic Federation is to do all that is necessary to raise your consciousness. In so doing we can help you reach levels that will ensure your Ascension, and that is the ultimate goal of everything that takes place. Once in hand, changes will take place rapidly and with our technological knowledge and sheer number of personnel, completion will be ensured as planned. Remember that we come not to extend the cycle of duality as it is due to end in 2012 with a peaceful conclusion, and the commencement of a new cycle of utter joy and happiness in the higher dimensions. The Creator has decreed that your Universe ascends, and you are part of it unless by choice you prefer to remain in the present vibrations of the lower dimensions.

For those of you who have set your sights on ascending, realize that in the process you will have your physical body restored to one of perfection. Because it will have a crystalline cell based structure, it will remain as such and not need the attention you give on a daily basis to your present one, and all those time consuming functions will become unnecessary. This also extends to your food intake, as your new body will be able to “feed” off the energy around you. However, there is what you may see as delicate foods and drink, but are quite different to what you have now. Renewing your energies will also be quite different, as sleep as you know it will no longer be necessary. Life is lived to the full in complete happiness and very fulfilling, and all souls you meet will extend their hands in friendship and love. Truth will apply to all experiences and they will be there for you without end, in the Cosmos that is your playground.

In all experiences you will still be looking for upliftment, and that quest will never end until you reach the Source. However, there is a lot of living to do before you reach that point. Rather than continue with individual earth-like experiences, you will merge with others and become one in consciousness. It is a new concept for many to consider, but it does not mean you lose any of your own personality. Rather it grows through such experiences and furthers your evolutionary progress. Think upon all of this and realize that many wonders and delights are awaiting you, and that your present experiences will soon be forgotten. You are well on your way to a new life that will in reality be more than can be expressed in words.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and would love every soul on Earth to turn to the Light and grasp the opportunity to ascend. However, allowance has to be made for your freewill, which will always be honored. It so for this reason that we do not place any pressure upon you, as it is important we are not seen to interfere with your decisions. It is however necessary to make the process of Ascension well known, as it is a major point of change as the old paradigm disappears from view. By the end-time no one will be able to say they did not have the same opportunity as every one else to ascend. Again this is part of our mission to ensure it is so, and we shall lovingly carry it out.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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