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SaLuSa, August 25, 2010

We hear some of you asking if we are here to save you, and if we are why do we not do it. The answer is that we have been with you for a very long time, and have guided you in a way that has enabled you to lift your vibrations, and save yourself. The only way you leave the lower vibrations is by lifting yours to a higher level, so that you can rise up with them. So we are talking about your success in leaving the 3rd. dimension and duality, and placing yourself beyond the clutches of the dark Ones. We will save individuals from danger, but these are exceptions and that is quite different to interfering with your spiritual evolution. To ascend you must have raised your level of consciousness, and so many souls are still held back by their lack of spiritual development. The most difficult task for your teachers is to awaken you to the idea that you are more than simply your body.

Our presence and that of many souls who have incarnated to help you, has stirred memories of greater knowledge that is held within. Subconsciously you know much more than you imagine, and once you start to awaken you begin to see yourself as you really are. Your limitations no longer stifle you, and the truth becomes less fearful and allows you to recognise the soul that you are. You lose nothing but instead gain everything that will put your feet firmly upon the path to true freedom. Because the Earth is an open prison you believe you are already free, but that is far from the truth. In the past where older civilisations have been concerned, there have been periods of great spiritual achievement. However, these have never lasted as slowly but surely the dark Ones have introduced their lower vibrations. This will always be a problem such as it is now where you are in a period of transformation, yet the lower vibrations remain around you. Your response against them lies with your ability to lift up your own vibrations, high enough to give you protection. The Light as always is the most powerful protection you can have.

Once you have reached a certain level and can maintain it, you will not in fact be subject to the lower vibrations. It then enables you to become an observer of everything that is going on around you, without becoming involved in it. It is a wonderful level to achieve, as you can become detached and protected from anything less than your own vibrations. In such circumstances you can progress with your spiritual evolution far quicker, and working on an intuitive level can be positively discerning when new information comes to you. A great leap for some of you is the acceptance of our presence, because of the fearful images carried at the subconscious level. Sometimes it is compounded by religious beliefs, but we must mention that the Vatican has officially and publicly recognised us. Accepting that life extends well beyond your planet and that it abounds everywhere, and mostly in the higher dimensions allows for a greater expansion of your consciousness. At some stage you had to come out of your cocoon where extraterrestrial life was concerned. It is now time to meet your ancestors who are your Space family, who have been responsible for the evolution of the Human Race as you see it today.

You do not exist by some freak of nature, and are not the result of natural selection, but purposefully and lovingly created to exist in your environment. You are a special species of Humans that have taken over from Cro-Magnon Man, and have been genetically engineered to allow for a speeding up in your evolution. That we would say has been particularly successful, and the proof lies in how many of you now stand in readiness for Ascension. On your part it is in fact a tremendous achievement, to have had lives during the darkest hours and to have risen up from them. You are now the untouchables and providing you keep your sight set firmly on ascending, nothing will be able to divert your attention from success.

Most of what is happening at present is beyond your eyes, but be assured that all still proceeds well. Events are taking shape that will at last ensure there are signs of the direction you are heading into, and it will come from official sources. That will allow a whole sequence of events to commence that will signal a start to the countdown to Ascension. The process is always moving as change is the only constant there is, and the Light and Love continues to grow upon Earth. It has not been achieved without immense help or indeed sacrifice, but that is the result of your great success in lifting up the vibrations. To those who have not made up their minds, we would say that the opportunity that now faces you would not come your way again for a long time. So please consider carefully what the significance is of this time in your present life. You will undoubtedly have been informed about it prior to incarnating, and with freedom of choice it is possible to awaken to the truth in time to ascend.

We look at your history and see that in the beginning you were gods, and used your power to create whatever your hearts desired. You were as excited children marvelling at your abilities, and playing games with each other. After all, you did not know any different and all that existed was your playground. With time you forgot your origin from the Source, and your creative powers diminished. You eventually became trapped in your own creations, but never lost your god spark and it has been your footstool as you return to the Light. Most of you will find it incredulous to learn the truth about yourselves, yet you now begin the journey back from whence you came. You still have a lot more to understand, and your Light will continue to grow exponentially.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and try to comprehend what you have gone through to get this far. I find it truly amazing that you have been prepared to walk through the valley of death, yet have emerged stronger than ever. Your strength has been your belief in the Creator, knowing that you would never be deserted. You also knew that in your hours of need, you would be assisted to overcome your darkest hour. Now you rise up so much more powerful than ever, having become a warrior of Light. In time this realisation will fully come to you, as the truth about you is slowly revealed. You have walked through duality with one foot each side of the fence, and nothing more could have subjected you to a sterner test. You are indeed great Beings, and I am proud to have an association with you.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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