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SaLuSa, August 27, 2010

We are with you to give guidance, and just one of many sources that do so. In accompanying you to Ascension, we are bound to ensure that you reach it. It is therefore a dual role that is to enlighten you as to what you may expect, and how to prepare for it. Because so many have a rigid mindset new ideas are not easy to accept, but we know that if you are faced with the truth it will have an impact. It is the messages that are conflicting with your understanding that cause confusion. In these instances you will know that we often recommend you go within. When you are told that you have all knowledge within, it is because on a higher level you are the sum total of everything you have learnt. Your difficulty is distinguishing between your Higher Self, and your ego that controls your daily life. That is why we strongly recommend that you make time to find those quiet moments when you can go within.

The way to a greater understanding is much easier if you keep an open mind, and respect those sources that are acceptable to you. You may not necessarily agree with everything that comes from it, but at least set it aside for further reference. As seekers of the truth you will surely have already found that information seems to come to you without you looking for it, and supplies the missing piece that completes the picture. That is how the Law of Attraction works, and proves that what you focus upon will come to you. It has been established that you are not your physical body, in which case you may wonder why you cannot tune into your Higher Self. It is because it exists at a much higher vibrational level than you normally use. Therefore you have to prepare yourself before attempting contact.

In this present time when the Earth is being constantly flooded with Light, you will find that your consciousness levels are expanding. With it will come the ability to commune with your Higher Self almost at will, and we know that many of you have developed such a link. The paradox here is that although we talk of “higher vibrational levels” where your Higher Self is concerned, it is not outside you but within. You are a complex Being with a number of different aspects, and exist on many levels at once. However, that knowledge will wait for a future occasion when you have lifted your consciousness levels to a greater understanding. It is useful to have the idea in mind and as more information comes along, you will be partially prepared for it.

Following the announcement of our presence, you will be inundated with information that has been kept from you. For a time you will be hard pressed to keep up with it, which is why we ask you to keep an open mind. There are few people that are still unaware of our craft, or deny their existence. So confirmation of our existence will hardly come as a shock. That reaction is more likely to come with learning how you have been used by the dark Ones, to achieve their agenda for world control. You placed your trust and lives in the hands of those who should have worked in your best interest. You will find that they were only out to enslave you, and made diabolical plans to achieve it. It is these revelations that worry those responsible for what has taken place, and although the truth leaks out into the public domain, it is much more far reaching than you can possibly imagine.

Until you are able to learn the truth about yourselves and your history, you will remain confused. Upon learning the truth you will be released from the controls placed upon your freedom. Also with a greater understanding of who you really are, will experience a rapid opening up of your consciousness. The obstacles to your understanding will be removed, and you will be given every opportunity to learn the truth from us, and other Beings that will emerge from amongst you. It is all planned and for a while it will be a roller coaster ride, but very enjoyable. The relief of it all will encircle your Earth, and a new energy will permeate everything and bring Love and Light to you all.

Although Ascension is an ongoing process, it is not forced upon anyone. God will not take away your freewill to choose your own pathway, and other options exist. So those who are unready for Ascension will proceed onto a different path, to continue their experiences according to their preference. Many will stay in this present dimension, but not in this Universe which is ascending in its totality. You soul journey is thought of in linear terms, but in reality all experiences take place in the Now. So you can easily switch from one path to another, but only in the same vibrational level. No souls are lost or destined to remain in the lowest dimensions, as evolution is a continual process.

Restoring your true memory has been carefully arranged, by introducing you to teachers who have come to Earth from the Light realms. Their energies have been impressed upon the Earth, and gradually a spiritual awakening has taken place. Even the most closed minds have been stirred by them, and it is because a loving and understanding approach is made. There is no judgment at the higher levels, and we simply see beautiful souls making their way back to the Light. The whole purpose of being in duality is to grow through experience, so why indeed should anyone’s choice be looked upon as different to anyone else’s. Your lives all carry responsibility and your actions are accountable for by you, but once cleared karmically there are no recriminations. Remember that experiences are set up with souls that have all agreed to play out their respective roles. Someone has to take the part of the dark Ones, and believe us Dear Ones – you have all acted on both sides.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that the Galactic Federation is pressing for the awaited announcement to be made. Our allies include people in exceptionally important positions who are pushing forward with all speed. The day of Truth beckons, but does rely upon the stage being properly prepared for such a monumental occasion. Governmental changes are so important, and the necessary challenge to those in power is soon to be made. We know it is testing your patience while you wait for action, but the plans have been made and agreed with the higher forces that oversee your future. Timing as always is of utmost importance, and we will know before anyone else when it is right to forge ahead with our plan. The future is in our hands and your Ascension is assured.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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