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SaLuSa, August 23, 2010

Dear Ones, let it be said that before you dropped down into the lower vibrations, you were fully aware of your origin as a Spark of God. That was so long ago that it cannot be spoken of in linear terms, as initially you were not in a physical body such as you have now. However, intelligent life forms have been on Earth for millions of years during which the Earth has become a prison planet, where for various reasons souls have been sent to it. As a result you have become quite a mixture of souls, from the unmanageable who exploited the dark energies, to those who have brought the Light with them. What has ensued for millennia of time is constant battles between the dark and Light to control the Earth. Each have had periods when they have been the dominant force, and gradually the Light has emerged as the victor. However, this was not before the dark Ones virtually achieved their plan for total world control, and the slavery of Mankind.

In fact the Light moves in mysterious ways that the dark Ones have not detected. They have no answers when it is present, and cannot handle its powerful energy. At best they try to induce fear and lower the vibrations, but all that does it provide a temporary respite. The Light can transmute the dark, but not the reverse. Therefore every soul that understands the powerful weapon they carry need not fear the dark Ones. When you also apply the Law of Attraction, the Light wins hands down and is drawing immense amounts of Light from around the Universe. The Light is love and if you can maintain your place as a channel for it, you will be helping to ground it upon Earth. It comes down to how much you can transmute the dark energy, thereby reducing the need for Mother Earth to carry out a major cleansing. You are blessed with freewill, and this is why what you do has a great bearing on how the end times work out. However, it will not in any way alter the resultant victory for the Light.

When you finally learn of your real history, you will understand how the dark Ones have been extremely devious. They have used everything in their power to prevent you coming to the realization of your innate power, and your Source. They have attempted to get you to believe that you are nothing more than your physical body, and rely on them for your survival. Now that so many of you have discovered your spiritual self, and realize that you are immortal they are running scared. It is you who have turned the tables on them, and very soon their power base will completely collapse. Their power has not been in numbers, as in fact the Illuminati are very few but they have amassed extraordinary wealth at your expense. In the physical realms money can buy practically anything from exotic weaponry to an individuals loyalty, and they have done so virtually unchallenged. As you will know by now the financial state of the world is precarious and collapsing, which will take their power base with it. Once they are seriously weakened, through our Allies we shall make our move and ensure that they cannot recover.

The next steps will proceed quite quickly, which will please you all after patiently waiting for what you might call “lift off”. We must disarm the beast, so that they no longer have the ability to interfere with your Ascension. As we often state, that is the most important part of your concluding experience of duality. Indeed, nothing could be more definite or positive as it has been divinely decreed. Do not therefore worry about the outcome, and as much as we know you would like an easy passage whatever you have to endure it will be short lived. If you happen to be at the centre of some of the action, know that you were aware beforehand that you would be there. When it results in hardship please read it as a lesson that had to be learnt, as karma is outworking right up to the final days of this cycle. If you can see it this way, the result will not hit you as hard as it might have done.

Are not these times so challenging that it is clear that humans are being tested to see if they have learnt to be compassionate. There is so much help required right now by those in the poorer regions of the world. The maxim to “treat others as you would yourself” comes to mind, and if you feel as One with all life you will act. In fact people are generally supportive of others in extreme circumstances, and every act of kindness plants creates another point of Light upon Earth. School time on Earth is almost over, and as you have gained strength and awakened to your tasks, so the final days will speed by. At all times we are fully aware of what is taking place, and we are working in many ways to lessen the impact of what is occurring to make your path as smooth as possible.

When we tell you that you have created your own reality, we refer to the period that you have been in the lower vibrations. In the current cycle, the depth was reached in at the beginning of the last century. War became more mechanized and you developed ways of killing masses of souls more quickly. In the Second World War you extended it to those not directly involved in it, and the toll reached unimaginable levels. Since then you have sophisticated weaponry that can devastate areas with almost total loss of life, and the whole world has been at risk. Fortunately we have been allowed to put a stop to any ambitions of the dark Ones to start a Third World War, It would have had the potential to totally destroy the Earth, and that was not going to be allowed in any circumstances.

You were nevertheless unable to stop what occurred in ancient times, and that was way before your recorded history. Those periods were when Galactic wars were taking place and colonization by the dark Ones extended to Earth. Different civilizations have since come and gone, but left their mark upon Humanity. Earth became a planet that was literally a prison, and it is only the coming of the Light that has lifted you up and released you. Such progress has not been allowed to be wasted or halted at such an important point in your evolution. So here you are now on the verge of experiencing a great change that will cleanse the Earth of the dark energies, in readiness for Ascension.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and trust you can understand what a massive step forward you are about to take. We shall all travel the same path, and it will be glowing with the Light of Love from millions of souls completing their journey.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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