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SaLuSa, May 25, 2009

So many activities move along and they make their way to completion, ones that will have a great bearing on the removal of the dark forces. The need is to weaken their ability to interfere with the cleansing, and reforms that are waiting to be introduced. That means closing their power loops within the world governments, and with their supporters all through industry and in military circles. The military are going to eventually be the big losers, as there is no place and indeed no need for them in a peaceful world. As the changes bite so will many people have to be placed in new jobs, that reflect the move towards a society that is based on fairness and goodwill. It will work out as there is already a shift in consciousness, that recognises the greed and corruption that has been destroying the very fabric of your world. It has become mired in poverty and need created by the power brokers who have hitherto controlled the very future of Mankind. That will change and with it the collapse of their plan for world domination.

Our presence will ensure that when the time comes for the new paradigm to open up your future, the various governments of the world will support it. Already we have sounded out those who are considered our allies, and democratic decisions will be made on behalf of the people of Earth. You have yearned for peace, and the sorrow and unhappiness that many bear as the result of wars must not be repeated in the future. The people have spoken, and your prayers or pleas to heavenly Beings have been heard, as it pleases us as we re-act to your freewill decisions to have changes brought about. As we have often informed you, it means we can intervene in your affairs as you have invited higher forces to do so. We are here and getting closer to you, because your collective consciousness levels allow us to, and the plan for your Ascension is well under way. This does not force anyone to join it that prefers to remain in the 3rd. dimension, but neither can they prevent others from fulfilling their desire to ascend. The Plan of God for this Universe is absolute perfection, and every soul is cared for and their evolution continues in accordance with their needs.

Life does seem hard at times, and in duality you are experiencing the conflicting energies that toss your life around. However, at any stage you have always been able to exercise your freewill, but have often given it away to those who have taken up the roles as leaders. It is true that many of them have had ulterior motives for doing so, and as so often happens power corrupts. It is still endemic today in your world, but soon there will be a different breed of leaders who personify all that is good and based on spirituality and love. They do not necessarily carry the flag for any particular beliefs or religious group, but through raising their vibrations they are in tune with what is required. There are many souls that have come to Earth and brought with them the higher knowledge, and they do so specifically to serve Man by teaching the Truth.

Realise that you have had hundreds of lives during the cycle of duality and you stand today as ones who have travelled with the dark forces, and have emerged as warriors of Light. In a manner of speaking you are none the worse for your experiences, and if anything have developed a strong willpower that has seen you overcome all obstacles. That will hold good when you rise up and also serve others who remain in the lower dimensions. Experience will carry you so far, but it is your spiritual growth that takes you further still, and you will continue to evolve as you move through the different levels of vibration. You are about to commence the journey back up through the dimensions, and it will feel as though there is no end to space and life.

It is as well that you cannot yet remember yourself as a fully conscious Being, as you would probably not recognise yourself. You have become so detached from your real self that you cannot imagine what it is like to be a great Being of Light. You will have creative powers way beyond your present understanding, and you will serve the bidding of God along with the Angelic Beings and Masters of Light. It is enough for you to try and grasp the enormity of your Universe, yet alone what others hold for you. Life will be one great never-ending experience, and your time in duality will become but a blink of the eye.

Dear Ones, we may be further along the path than you, but we are still learning all of the time about the vastness of the Creator’s Kingdom. It is an exciting life that is so rewarding because of the pleasure it gives us to serve in the Galactic Federation. Can you imagine being with millions of souls who resonate with each other and are pure of mind and intent, and serve other souls with a view to aiding their evolution? You certainly will in good time, and many of you will return to Earth as Ambassadors of the Light, to help those souls who in some instances were your kith and kin. You do in fact have many beautiful souls already on Earth, who have left our dimensions to serve you in your time of need. They bring to you a higher understanding that will help propel you towards Ascension. You could hardly have failed to notice that some of your young children are already spiritually aware, and they bring the Light with them. Take heed of what they say, as they are old souls that bring you much wisdom.

You certainly do not lack help at this time, and it will continue to increase as the days go by, until one of your greatest experiences will occur with the beginning of First Contact. We know of your thoughts that seek us out, and we know that you are more receptive to us than some 50 years ago. Our craft have been sighted for so long now, that they hardly cause a stir. That indeed was the purpose of allowing sightings to take place and be seen. We are viewed as unwelcome visitors by some of you, and that is often the legacy of times when you were fed on comic book characters that were intending to take over the world. A time when the word “aliens” created a fearful reaction, and when you thought of them as some kind of monsters.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I believe our presence has very much changed your views of Space Beings. That is most pleasing to us as we are of love and peaceful intentions, and our actions will speak louder than words.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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