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SaLuSa, May 27, 2009

You sometimes feel that time is your worst enemy, yet it can also be to your advantage. Although many of you are decisive where your future is concerned, there are still those who are just beginning to rouse themselves and awaken to opportunities available for everyone to ascend. We constantly refer to Ascension because it is so near and it has not bypassed anyone, and is there to attract those who have found a path to the Light. It is so important that we who serve you, do all possible to direct your attention in the right direction. Ascension is your passport off the Earth and into the higher dimensions. Because it is happening in conjunction with the end of the cycle, great energies are being beamed to you, in an attempt to raise your consciousness. In so doing your eyes are opened and the darkness clouding your life is removed.

Ascension is a process that is controlled by Higher Beings, who have assessed the state of Mankind’s level of consciousness. The result is that you are gently moved onto a different path that helps you become enlightened. Sooner or later people will hear about the importance of these times, and we believe that many will desire to rise up. You will also find that it is very much down to individual effort, as all changes come from within. Others can give you guidance but the effort has to come from you, with a dedicated intention to become more in harmony with your Higher Self. Indeed, it requires that you become the master where your ego is concerned, and that your life follows the intuitive directions of your soul. Achieving such a level of command can only enhance your ability to follow it through all the way to Ascension.

We wish as many of you as possible to find your way home, as we know you will apply yourselves in whatever way is necessary to leave this cycle. Ascension is not simply an automatic “take it or leave it offer” and it comes to those who are consciously looking for a way to embrace a higher path. The precise details as to how you may achieve it are not so important, as your serious intent to find a pathway out of duality. Subconsciously you will know whether or not you have planned to move on with Ascension, so when you do come to hear or read about it, there will no real surprise when you accept. Certainly, plenty of effort is being put in by numerous individuals and groups who have come to Earth to play their part in the awakening. In fact, the attention your little planet is getting far exceeds your likely understanding. Interest is there all through the Universe, but care is taken to admit into your Solar System only those entities that are directly part of the plan for Earth. This orderly approach is to be found everywhere, and due attention is paid to Universal Law, and when it is broken karmic debts will be incurred that have to be paid back. Freewill is fine but using it sensibly and without interfering or harming others, becomes most necessary when you become travellers in Space.

It is clear that the more you know about these end times, the better you will be prepared to handle them. It will also help inspire confidence and give you peace of mind. It would be a hard burden to bear if you were unaware of the God given opportunity to leave your dimension, and move into the peaceful and harmonising energies of the higher levels. We can assure you that the illusion of your reality is on Earth, as real as your experiences are to you. Moving into the higher dimensions brings you back to the Light, and you will have had your higher consciousness levels restored so that you once more become a powerful Being with creative abilities. Thought is powerful upon Earth, but is more of a collective one that directs Mankind onto the pathway that he moves along. Of course some individuals are masterly at using it, and often it is the dark forces that excel. Believe in your own creative power, and you will be in more control of your life, and self-healing is for example within your capabilities.

For long periods of time you have been drawn away from your spiritual path, and the dark ones very cleverly play upon Mans love of sport. It is elevated to levels that ensure it becomes an important part in your lives, often to the extent that you neglect other responsibilities. Competition has its place in teaching Man how to best use his abilities, but it is also demeaning when it becomes “winning at all costs”. For some people their gods are sportsmen, who as role models have a great responsibility to set a good example to others. This is not say that some of you cannot combine your sport with spiritual advancement, but in real terms less time and perhaps even money is devoted to increasing your spiritual awareness.

It becomes important in these last years that you seek your truth, and look to the future and your spiritual needs. If you regularly read sources such as this one, then you are clearly open minded and almost certainly progressing in the right direction. The chances are that you have already made up your mind to become a Being of Light, and you are applying your understanding to put your knowledge to daily use. Being a calm loving individual in your present world is not easy, but you have equipped yourself with the ability to reason beyond the normal levels, and stand in the peace you have created around you. Your Internet is a paradise of opportunity to learn so much about worldly and spiritual matters. There are ones who set out to deceive, but your intuitive powers should enable you to see through them. With First Contact and our getting together, it will not be long before you will be moving forward much more speedily. Time is your enemy when you have so much to learn, but in the future the drudgery will be removed by new methods of learning, and memory loading.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and continue to enjoy my time with you. Anything that we can impart that broadens your understanding of yourselves, and us will make our contact with you flow so much more easily and our work will have been very worthwhile. Your earthly affairs plod along at times, but always behind the scenes much is going on. This year has had many important dates when the input of Light has reached new levels. So we would say that Ascension is a certainty, and nothing can take that opportunity away from you. Know that our Love and Light accompanies you all of the way, and your victory shall also be ours.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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