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SaLuSa, May 22, 2009

Your power to bring out the truth has grown immensely since this century started, and is shaking the dark ones to the roots as their secrets are revealed one by one. As it gathers momentum, there will be no going back to the old ways unless they can be lifted into the new vibration. The people are uniting and making it known that the time of cover-ups and secrecy are past. There is a call for justice, and a return to laws that reflect the original Constitution that gave every citizen certain rights to uphold their freedom. The erosion of your rights will be rectified in time, and with that the ambitions of the Illuminati and their quest for global control will die. Whatever action they take now, it is too late to reverse the march towards the Light.

You are therefore in the midst of many changes, and it will seem chaotic for some time yet. Be assured however, that our allies are working hard to make the maximum benefit out of any changes that allow the Light to emerge. Many souls are ready to move into positions of authority, and that is necessary to move on to the major changes that you are expecting. Matters move quickly, yet you experience frustration because you want to see results now. Dear Ones, what has been built over the centuries just cannot be removed overnight, it is a mammoth task but at the same it progresses to our liking. We cannot reveal our plan, but it is sufficient to say that we have the advantage of knowing what the dark forces doing at any given time. Our technology can pinpoint where any individual is at any moment, and we can listen in to not just their conversations, but also their thoughts.

We are your formidable friends, who carry the plan for Man and will ensure it is completed according to God’s Will. We are like your Guardian Angels, so close to you at all times and watching over you. You have an advantage over the dark ones because we play by the rules, and attract the higher energies and forces. The dark so often cannot agree amongst them, and this is their Achilles heel. Left to their own devices they will implode and take many dark souls with them. That will not affect those of the Light as the Creator has decreed exactly how this cycle will end, and it is not to be in destruction.

A great step forward will come with our open arrival on Earth, and allow a release of your frustrations and disappointments from the last few years. It will bring a time of wonderful happiness, and great expectations for the immediate future. Most importantly world peace will be assured, and Man will be able to put away his awful weapons of mass destruction. Your energies will be devoted to all that is positive and fulfilling, and the period of Earth cleansing will quickly get under way.

What is happening in the Universe is affecting your beautiful world, and the increasingly high vibrations that are bringing about Ascension will carry you along. It cannot be otherwise, and it cannot be stopped as the mighty Beings of the higher realms wield their powers of creation. This should please you, and re-assure you that your grand future is nearer than ever. Once you ascend, you will find that higher Beings will more readily come into your new dimension. Your true reality will return, and since you have all been this way before it will be like going home once again. You know the higher dimensions well, but your memories have been dimmed and lost by living in the lower vibrations for so long. However, beauty, peace and happiness are your natural states of being, and that is what you will find with Ascension.

Heaven as you understand it comes from distant memories of beautiful dimensions above you, they are not in total perfection but neither do they share the dark energies. After Ascension you will create your “Heaven” and it will be beyond any of your present expectations. Words would fail to do justice to it where all is absolute beauty, moving in the energies of perfect love. What could be a better incentive to hold onto your Light, and focus on your future?

There will be times when the powerful incoming energies will make you feel tired, so listen to your body and rest accordingly. Conversely, as you integrate them into your body, so you will gradually need less sleep. You will partly gain your renewal of energy from outside of you, from the never-ending flow from the Central Sun. What you experience will be quite natural, and have no ill effects of a lasting nature. With these upliftments you will begin to feel a lot lighter, and at times as though floating on air.

Getting down to Earth, we must say that we are delighted with the response to sightings of our craft. Gradually there is acceptance of our presence in the skyways of Earth, and the fear that was felt before has greatly resided. The old images of monstrous alien Beings has long past and with the coming of the Space Age, people are far more open minded as to life elsewhere in you Universe. Even your orthodox religions are more receptive to the idea, and it will make a transition in your beliefs much more easier. We of the Galactic Federation are a membership of peaceful civilisations, that have proven their loyalty and service to others. We have approached our tasks with absolute care and love for all forms of life, and stories that tell otherwise are either false, or relate to other civilisations that are separate from us.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and my companions share my anticipation of a glorious reunion with the people of Earth. It will be a time of great celebration, and it will be one to be remembered. You will see all kinds of craft moving around Earth, and some of you will be privileged to come aboard and meet us. It will not take long for you to recognise the different Galactic Beings, and particularly those who have come from dimensions within your Solar System. Their visitations in the past have been recorded, and you will see that we have been with you for thousands of years.

I will leave you with your thoughts, and hope you have been enthralled by the prospect of our arrival. Our time to join you is not far away, and we do not expect opposition from your governments. It is truly an exciting time to experience the events taking place on Earth. Enfold them in your love and see the beauty in the way the Creator moves you onto the path of Light and Love.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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