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SaLuSa, July 22, 2009

The conditions you are going through are great times for bringing out the best in people. There is an inherent something about many of you that responds to the needs of others, particularly when drastic action is required. The further you are pushed the greater is the compassion and desire to help each other. The recent years have been a make or break period, as the Light and dark have struggled to exert themselves. Outwardly the dark see their plan of enslaving the people of Earth appearing to work, but on another level the Light has been growing in intensity. The Light has now won the battle, and it only remains for it to manifest more fully to complete this cycle successfully.

For eons of time the dark forces have maintained a condition of separation, by whatever means possible. It has fermented any differences between nations, and set one against the other. It has also worked to influence their affairs, and it has often been engineered by placing their puppets within their governments and other high places. This is why there has to be governmental changes to remove them, and ensure Beings of the Light are installed. Once this has happened, we will then be able to go ahead with our plan for First Contact. You can already see that political parties are under extreme pressures to change, and if they do not they know they have no future. So you find political turmoil and hesitance, as they try to cling to the old paradigm that is now unworkable.

Whilst all the challenges are being sorted out our plans proceed to assist the abundance programs, but these also need adequate support to ensure they are put into being and serve the people. They will not be allowed to fall to the Illuminati, who would nevertheless attempt to steal the precious metals, and they are well protected by us. It is not just our duty, but also our desire to see the wealth of the world fairly distributed. For too long it has been siphoned off into the Illuminati banking families, who have used it to buy support for their plan. It does not matter where their precious metals are hidden, as there is no place that is hidden from our eyes.

The Light is shaking the foundations of all that is not for the highest purpose of Man. What has been hidden is being revealed, along with a great desire to reveal the truth about such covert operations. Evidence may be destroyed but we have the means to bring back it back to life, as we have any event of the past. The truth will out and Mankind will be able to see how his lives have been manipulated, and his assets, independence and sovereignty have been taken away from him. That is all to change and Man will gain back his total freedom to decide his own future. With Ascension the upliftment will mean that you return to levels that are your real home. Levels where you will be at peace, with everything around you of a high vibration revealing the splendour and beauty that exists beyond your present Earth.

We know many of you are tired of the daily frustrations and continual pressures to live a normal life. However, know that it is soon to end in a blaze of glory through the process of Ascension, and you will soon forget the difficult times. You have all travelled a long way to get to this point in your evolution, and the final efforts required to ascend are more than worth your total dedication to achieving it. Remember it will be the new you taking your place in the higher dimensions, and your body will be of a much lighter composition and in no way a burden such as your present physical one. The ailments that beset people on Earth will no longer affect you, as it will be beyond corruption or disease. If you have ever been out of the body you will know exactly what I mean, and how wonderfully free you feel and that is how it will be.

What is to come is overwhelming to many people, as it is hard to grasp how it will feel to be so vastly different to your present self. You are Cosmic Beings and you need to exist on a higher level to be able to experience the Cosmos. Earth is a prison from which you are about to be released to the real worlds that exist beyond it. You have learnt a lot from being in duality for so long, and your experience will see you serving others who are still bound by the lower vibrations. You will have the ability to lift others up, and your Light will open their hearts and minds to the reality of their God selves.

Wherever you are on your journey through evolution, there will always be an inner urge to find your true purpose in life. Also, a feeling that home is somewhere else, as the Earth does not satisfy your longing to find your real one. That urge propels you onwards until you find a path that leads you to the Light. The purpose of the Galactic Federation is to help you onto that path, and we serve the Will of God to ensure the plan for your evolution goes forward without hindrance. As Ones who have already ascended we are ideally suited to guide you on your journey. It is something that we have taken part in on numerous occasions, but for us it is to be a new experience because you are to ascend with your physical body.

We know you are full of questions and can assure you that following our arrival on Earth; the truth of many matters connected with Earth will be addressed. There is nothing that will be hidden from you, and your true history and purpose for being on Earth will be beamed around the world. It will be supported by evidence, as we wish to leave you in no doubt as to the truth. From the ancient of days your history was recorded for each civilisation, but little has survived due to acts of deliberate destruction, or hidden away by those who have gained from keeping you in the dark. Your modern history is also full of errors and alterations that hide the reality of what really happened.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and my background is much like yours, as my genetic history is linked with other civilisations. It has usually been through a deliberate intent to create the perfect Being, and this seeking never ends except you become pure Light Beings. However, first things first as the priority is to make sure as many of you as possible are prepared for Ascension. Initially all it requires is your intention to follow that path, and go forward with love in your hearts. Be sure we will be there with love in ours for you.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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