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Atmos, July 20, 2009

You live on a crowded planet where communications can put you in touch with each other wherever you are. Yet, many feel lonely and lost without having any real purpose in your life. We would say that it partly results from the attempts of the dark forces to isolate you from each other, to confuse you and take away any hope you had for the future. You might say it is easy for us as we do not have to put up with what you do on a daily basis. That is true, but then we are not subjected to the lower vibrations that are part of your experiences in duality. The point is that you can help change the situation yourself, but it requires absolute faith in your future. Find that connection with your Higher Self and give the time to sit quietly and go within. Listen carefully and you will be intuitively guided through life, so that you can accept whatever may come your way without allowing it to pull you down. You can let life pass you by if you wish; still noting what is taking place without becoming part of it unless it is to your choosing. Your sights can then be set upon your highest concept of changes that will lead to complete happiness and contentment. By staying within that energy, it will be like having a protective ring around you and the lower energies will be deflected by it.

When you can love yourself as much as others, you will walk tall and see yourself in them. You will sense the Oneness of all souls and even those who seem far removed from your understanding, will be seen as your companions on the great journey back to Source. You cannot feel lonely when your perception of others brings you to the realisation that You Are All One. Each of you is contributing to the reality you are living in, and therefore share responsibility for it. To change it see beyond the conditions that cause you grief, and in their place visualise how you would like to be instead. This sets a whole series of events into being, and in time the energy will return with sufficient power to manifest your desire. One that carries the energy of intent will attract similar energies to it and must eventually come into being. It requires faith and patience and a strong belief in the Higher Beings who guide you and oversee your time on Earth.

At present you have the advantage of knowing what is planned for your salvation, because the Creator has ensured that there are many ways in which that information can reach you. Channelling is just one, but is nevertheless ideal because the various channels reach out to so many people. In turn they speak with others, and before long the information starts to go worldwide. Most people want to know what life has in store for them, and in these days when so much is known about your future, many people have been able to find out the truth. A feature of this period is that changes are being noted at all different levels, from those who are in touch with the higher truths, to those who observe the activity in your solar system. The information is there if you take time to find it, and that is in spite of the controls that hold back freedom of information and speech.

We say hold tight and allow events to unfold, and sooner rather than later there will be positive signs of a change of direction for your betterment. The continued cover-up of events such as 9/11 is becoming harder for those involved, and the pressure to re-examine the facts is mounting. You can be assured that in time the truth will be known, and the perpetrators brought to justice. The people will demand a full enquiry, and those who have previously rejected this request will be overruled. There are many instances of covert operations over many years that go way back into your history, that have been concealed. You would have had no way of knowing what was secretly taking place; as such decisions are inevitably taken by those in high positions. Also in recent times your leaders have often been corrupted by the sheer power of the Illuminati. Their ways are for no ones benefit except their own, and they have a total disregard for human life.

Have no fear, as the rule of the dark ones is drawing to a close. The days of enlightenment have already begun and the Light will always be victorious when pitched against them. The Galactic Federation are with you, and the time for openess approaches, and we are eagerly anticipating our meetings with you. Wishing us to appear grants us the authority to do so, but we require conditions that are appropriate to the importance of such an occasion. It is to be the People’s Day of Celebration, and it will mark the end to the oppressive reign of the Illuminati and their minions. In your lowest moments of despair, think of the joy to come and know you do not have to bear the load you have for much longer.

All plans are laid out for your release from the over bearing presence of the dark ones, and the end shall come quickly where they are concerned. Already we see magnificent points of Light all around the Earth growing stronger by the minute, as they create a powerful grid of Light that encircles it. The Light is revealing the darkness so that it can be cleansed. Dear Ones you are doing so much better than you realise, never give up and believe us when we say that every little counts. Humanity has risen to the challenge wonderfully well, and we know there will be no letting up now. For that reason we can advance our plans for First Contact which is now coming nearer to fruition.

I am Atmos from Sirius and have highlighted the need for you who are aware and carry the Light, to put it to good use. You can send it out by your power of thought, and there are many areas around the world that need it. Where you learn of confrontation and violence, visualise light encircling the area and dispersing and transforming the energy. You will help bring peace to it, and most importantly the people affected by it. You can also do the same where individual people are concerned, and remember that high profile Lightworkers who are regularly in the public eye need protection. This is something that we also apply ourselves too, and your help is appreciated.

This year moves on and satisfactory progress is being made, and Light being sent to Earth is increasing proportionally, so that you all have the opportunity to increase your own light quotient. The upliftment of your consciousness is measurable, and we are extremely satisfied with the results. Our love for you is continually being sent out, and you can call upon us if you require help.

Thank you Atmos.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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