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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - October 20, 2023

Mike Quinsey

The troubles of the world seem to have no end and the future looks rather gloomy. However, there are always people of good intent who are always working hard to try and lessen the effect of the confrontation that is taking place. Many souls in high places are looking for ways of bringing about a sensible solution without the loss of so many lives. We are also trying to calm down the anger of both sides that is fuelling another massacre. How much longer is Humanity going to settle its differences through sheer force and potentially the death of so many innocent souls, who are trapped in this web of war. What is taking place is a test of Humanity’s ability to resolve their problems in a fair and peaceful manner. Make the first moves in this direction and we will be with you.

Many people question why we do not directly intervene but as we have often informed you several times, it is you who are responsible for the outcome of your actions. How else will you learn the correct way to conduct yourselves in a God given manner. Violence in any shape, form or matter is against the teachings given you many times, yet some still use force to settle their differences. We feel sadness at what we see occurring upon your world and it seems you never learn from experience. You have missed so many opportunities to rise up and leave the old ways of doing things behind that would have left us an invitation to openly meet you, and share our knowledge with you. However, those souls who have lifted up their vibrations cannot be held back and will eventually ascend.

You see beauty and harmony around you in nature yet it does seem to occur to very many of you to extend it to your own lives. By nature Humans are gentle souls who epitomize the love of the Creator and abhor the evil coming from those souls who have lost their way and worship self. They will nevertheless find the true path in due course but first have hard lessons to learn so that they can find the true path of evolution. It is not for the want of our trying to get through to their Higher Self, but they have drawn the lower vibrations to themselves and live their lives accordingly.

If you are on the right path help is always there and no reason why you should not continue evolving on the upward path. It is a beautiful experience and so rewarding to know that you live in harmony with Nature and all other people. You spread a good feeling around you and without a doubt people will be drawn to you. Treating all souls with love and respect also helps lift them up and feel good. You grow beyond negative feelings and are able to handle negativity so that it does not affect you. If you put your mind to it you can reach any level you aspire to and much help will be given you.

Dear Ones, you have all of the potential to create your own pathway to the Light, but no doubt you would first like to discuss your options before making your choice. However, it will be something for the future but nevertheless as your consciousness expands, you will surely have a better understanding of what it is like rise up. Mother Earth is a school for learning and she is to be thanked and loved for her patience and love for the souls in her care. She is not called “Mother” without reason and has been giving her love and energy to help your evolution. Now she also is on a different path as like you will be lifted up to the higher levels.

What you have been experiencing has been predictable due to the low level of vibration upon Earth. However, there are positive points of energy that are growing and eventually will lead to an upliftment that will leave them behind. No longer can the enlightened souls be held back and slowly but surely they will have a greater input into your future. It is time for those who are more evolved to make their knowledge known and be of benefit to all souls.

Every soul has the right to follow their needs and intuition as they are all usually at different stages of evolution. Again we remind you that there is no set period in which you must evolve and you can progress at the rate that suits you. Realise that in reality everything is in the now so you can in fact go back to time periods of your choice. In reality you have been given a level of consciousness that suits your needs and will enable you to make progress. The dark Ones will do their best to put you off and distract you from the goal you have but with a firm resolve you can overcome their efforts. Those souls of a lower vibration easily get caught up in them and it is not easy to throw them off.

Freewill is a wonderful gift but requires a lot of sensible usage if you are to continue evolving. Being responsible for your actions is not easy to bear, but it is a well-founded way to ensure you are ready for greater things. If necessary you can have what you may call a re-run of a life that ended unsatisfactorily. Naturally your Guides will have tried to get you through the difficult periods, but in the final reckoning it is up to you. Try not to get directly involved in another souls problems except in an advisory capacity, although direct help is sometimes necessary. Your intuitive side will guide you for sure and you have much experience to call upon.

There is much happening in the world that is unpleasant to say the least, but it is mostly of Man’s making although many world changes are prompted by Mother Earth. Things will continue this way for a long time to come and it is all part of your evolution. In reality you are well used to experiencing such times and clearly it helps you through them now. You are far more experienced than you realise and sub-consciously you know it. Obviously before birth you are prepared for your life experiences and given the talents you will need to be successful.

Be assured a lot of thought goes into creating your life plan and making sure that you meet the right people who will assist you. Obviously it extends to a life-long partner if needed and ensuring you are birthed into a family that will also help you become established. As you might imagine a lot of planning goes into each lifetime to ensure you have the experiences you need. Nothing is left to chance to ensure your success.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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