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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - October 13, 2023

Mike Quinsey

The World is becoming a more dangerous place as the Leaders in the Russia/Ukraine War, are accelerating it to dangerous levels. They are aware of it but prepared to gamble on the outcome. The West is naturally concerned at the progress of it and is prepared to defend its country if necessary. It is too early to judge the likely outcome but it is hoped common sense will prevail. You now have the Israel/Gaza Strip confrontation getting out of hand, so after two World Wars and many smaller ones it seems that little has been learned from them, and the people of the world are both fearful and fed up with the feuding and petty squabbles, often over problems that could easily have been settled amicably ages ago. It seems that lessons cannot be learned except the hard way often at the cost of many, many lives.

Now you have another problem as how to minimise the loss of lives, often increased by ignoring ”the rules of war” that are to protect ordinary people drawn into it, it seems that in the frenzy of war the finer points are ignored. It is of little consolation to know that karma is very much involved in such situations but if you think about it it must be so. Sooner rather than later Man must take a serious look at his approach to problems of this nature and be ready to make concessions so as to find a peaceful solution. We reiterate as we have mentioned many times, you are one Human Race experiencing to enable an expansion of consciousness, a raising of your vibrations to the point of overcoming all negativity.

Keep striving for the best outcome and as you lift yourself up so others will follow. It is always the way forward. In such changing times as exist upon Earth at present, it offers every soul an opportunity to rise up, but it is hard going when all around you many face chaos and peace seems to be wishful thinking. However, as you are entering an area in Space of higher vibrations it will eventually overcome the lower vibrations for good. It is bringing about changes for the benefit of all souls. If you go along with the changes you will eventually ascend, whilst those who cannot keep pace with them will go in a different direction that opens up a new pathway for them.

The plan for every soul is rooted in creating a pathway to Ascension and many eventually get their step by step. Every help is given and many souls have a totally different experience, but the important thing is that they finally get there. Time is of no real consequence as long as you reach your destination. At heart you know this is so and it helps to keep you on track to completion. All the effort you put in will be well rewarded you just need determination and stay focussed on your goal. You get help along the way as your ever present Guides are there help you achieve success.

As serious as the break out of war is, for now it is contained but clearly other countries feel threatened and who knows how it will affect them. Be assured the whole matter is always under scrutiny and we are available if our advice is required. We use our ways to guide you without infringing your freewill and can assure you that you have the final choice. At your level of understanding you have sufficient knowledge to know what to do but sometimes the ego gets in the way. In the end good sense usually prevails we are pleased to inform you.

As old souls you have a mine of experience to call upon, and it will usually see you through the difficult times. If you make a mistake you have ample time to put it right the main aim being to avoid going completely off track. By and large you are sensible souls with so much experience to call upon. However, times change very quickly and you are sometimes tested to the limit. Where problems are encountered keep calm and if necessary use meditation to achieve it. It is at such times you are more open to allow your Guides to come closer and help you.

It is hard to keep on track with so many distractions particularly at such a worrying time. But you must hold firm and stay focussed on your goal. Never forget that there is a purpose to life and it is not some random occurrence without any real direction. Your present lifetime is a most important one, offering you a unique opportunity to rise up to never again have to go through a whole series of experiences such as you are now.

Life should be fun, exciting and most importantly fulfilling as you expand your understanding of what it is really about. The dark Ones have spent so much time hiding the truth from you and would prefer that you stay in the lower vibrations. The reason is that they feed off your energy for their survival. Once you go off track they keep it that way and soon you find yourself unable to get back to the Light. You are then pulled into negative actions that may make you drink blood and sell your soul to practices that are extremely evil. However, once having reached a certain high level of vibration it is extremely unlikely that you would fall back.

Dear Ones, you have many friends in the higher levels who are often with you giving comfort when you need it. They comfort you when you are sad or distressed and do their best to lift you up. They guide you around obstacles that may be on your path and if possible keep you safe from harm. Sometimes humans do the most silly things endangering their life, and we cannot interfere beyond in the first instance try to influence them for the better and their safety. We want you to keep in one piece and not spoil the wonderful opportunity you have been given to move on and leave the lower vibrations behind.

Life can be fun and enjoyable and is not all hard work and so solemn. You have friends like anyone else and together you can have some wonderful times. Yet there are times when you have your serious moments that may call for your dedication to the matter in hand. You have to allow for those times when some hard work may well be involved that affects your spiritual advancement. We come closer to you to guide you through them.

Treat all as you would be treated yourself and be kind to others even if their understanding of the truth is different to yours. All souls eventually make progress and growth comes from persevering with your experiences even if they seem more than you can accept.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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