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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - October 27, 2023

Mike Quinsey

Note by Mike Quinsey.

Evidence that should remove any doubts as to the existence of E.T’s was on Australian News and came from Andrew who went missing without trace for almost three years, and claimed that he had been taken by them to their planet, where he lived for almost three years. He brought back coinage showing a skull like head and shoulders of near human features but large black eyes, typical of many E.T’s. The coins were found to be made of some metals unknown to Man, having a faint glow and emitting strange vibrations. when handled.

27th October 2023. Mike Quinsey.

The problems in the world show no signs of going away, on the contrary they are getting worse and the prospect of an even greater problem is staring you in the face. However, behind the scenes at the highest level much negotiating is going on to achieve the first priority in Gaza to create a safe passage for all civilians trapped there, while they are being bombed unmercifully with little means of escape. So much depends on the outcome, not least of all an expansion of the war. There are greater powers than on Earth that oversee the situation but it is you who are writing the script.

We can use our influence to ensure matters do not get out of hand but at the end of the day we cannot alter the outcome of your actions. You are getting so much advice that will ease the situation but there are hotheads who care nothing for the carnage that may result. Good sense is in short supply and a difficult situation must be calmed down to prevent a more serious outcome. Of course the many millions of souls praying for a peaceful outcome do affect the path being taken, and it only takes a few hotheads to lead you into Armageddon. That has never been the destiny for Man and no matter what happens the greater powers will not allow the destruction of Mother Earth.

You have come a very long way to reach your present position and you are heading for Ascension and you shall not be denied. Those who choose violence and wars to solve their problems are creating another path that will reflect their aims. In reality they are leaving the thrust of higher vibrations that they cannot match. So it is likely a strange situation may be the outcome of events on Earth. The two different pathways will become apparent in time and rightly so those dear souls who have lifted themselves up will continue on that journey. All will be treated fairly and be exactly where they are supposed to be based on their higher vibrations.

It is a matter of keeping calm when matters seem to getting out of hand, knowing that Great Beings are always with you and having sufficient influence to help you reach the desired outcome. Peace beyond your reckoning beckons and will be a great reward for your resilience against the enemies of the Light. You will have learned so much from this period of so many unsettling energies and by holding fast to your beliefs, will end it victorious. Wealth will have no place in it as where you are heading for all you require will be achieved through the power of thought.

Your future is assured and all souls will find themselves exactly where they are supposed to be based on their level of vibrations. Everything as solid as it may seem is made of trillions of atoms that coalesce in the lower vibrations. It is this fluidity that becomes more apparent as you lift up your vibrations and enables you to control them, for example making changes to your etheric body to eliminate any “defects” that you have carried forward from your previous life. Put simply it is your power of thought over matter and to a lesser degree it is even operating now. It is good reason why we often remind you to be careful how you use your power of thought.

So much of your life is pre-arranged to follow your life plan, after all it has been agreed by you as essential for your continued evolution. Nothing that happens of importance in your life occurs by chance, for example you meet the right people that are part of your plan and logically matters such as who becomes your partner are also arranged. You are brought together and usually you both sense the link and you bond together. Even if you part company in later life you can be sure that it is part of the plan to ensure you follow the path plotted out for you. We say again that nothing of importance happens by chance.so take life seriously and be careful of your response. Miss an opportunity to follow your plan be assured it will come up again.

It may all sound impossible as you know you have freewill and wonder how things can be worked out when you have already agreed a life plan. Realise that you have a lot of what you call “free time” so you are certainly not a robot. However, when circumstances permit we arrange your experiences as completion is in your best interests. Interesting isn’t it that for most people life goes on without their knowledge of how it is set up for them, yet it progresses like any other souls does. You can go astray but be assured that we do our utmost to get you back on track so as to use your time to your best advantage. It is with joy and happiness that we greet you when you are out of the body during your sleep period and naturally are open to discuss any questions or problems that may arise.

There is so much to be learned about the higher levels and the 4th dimension is similar to Earth, but very different when looked at from a personal angle. The power of thought is such that you can “think” almost anything into existence. You can “think” yourself immediately to another place on Earth and thought transference is normal. You can even “think” your food or drinks so your needs for physical items are also covered.

Some of these things are futuristic but depending on your power of thought almost anything is possible. Obviously life becomes so much easier and perhaps moving to any Earth destination instantly is the most exciting possibility. You who are ready to rise up will meet your family and friends once again, and what a reunion that will be.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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