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SaLuSa, July 17, 2009

The media appear to concentrate on much that is upsetting and not of the higher vibrations. The continual focus on lack and chaos seems unending, but we tell you it is at the guidance of the Illuminati who wish to keep you in a state of fear. This is something we ask you to avoid, by looking at what the future promises and think only of that which will replace the old Earth. Ironically, by emphasising the negativity, the dark ones are revealing to you all that needs to be transformed, and Lightworkers understand the necessity for using their Light to do so. Immediate results are not necessarily to be expected, so allow for changes to occur when the right time arrives. Leave it to the higher Beings to respond to your desires and sure enough they will be answered.

If you are one who has yet to understand what is happening, but are of good heart and intentions know that you too can visualise a future of peace and happiness. Your input will be as valuable as anyone else’s, as you are all unique and have a hand in the future. Clearly you cannot all do the same, and after all there are those who when they came to Earth, were already more evolved. Many great Beings not only work with you from the higher dimensions, but are also amongst you having entered through the normal birth channels. They are often known by their saintly appearance and immense patience, and caring that extends to all beings. Their wisdom will be of a high order and understanding that covers all aspects of life. Watch out for them, because they will guide you onto a path of upliftment.

Each of you have a life plan as your experiences are not to be wasted upon pointless activities. There are always going to be milestones in your life that signal a change of direction. Some would be regarded as pleasing, while others may be unpleasant but either way they are for your spiritual evolution. Accept that it is so, and you will be better able to deal with life’s ups and downs. It will also overcome the temptation to act against others who appear to be against you. Forgiveness is a great attribute that comes from being able to ”Love All As Yourself”. Compassion is also a sign of a mature and advanced soul. These are the levels that you should be aiming for, but do not falter if you make mistakes. It is through them that your greatest lessons are learnt. Learn also from others, as you do not necessarily have to go through everything yourself. Consider a family situation that involves many people, and how they come out of it together. Sometimes it is their sole/soul purpose for doing so, and often it is to clear karma that has involved them all in previous lives.

However far you advance along the spiritual path, you will never stop learning. Yet once you rise up from the lower levels, your advancement will become progressively easier. Then you will openly meet with the Masters and gain from their experience, and you may stay with them for a period of time until it is in your interests to move on. Always the higher Beings put out a helping hand to lift up those who follow in their footsteps. At times you will experience the benefit of becoming part of a group consciousness, by being at one yet also retaining your individuality. Can you imagine the wonderful experience of having such resonance with many souls who have a like energy? You may have had friendships where you felt as though you were with your soul mate. Two souls working in harmony and knowing each other’s thoughts, and that is how it feels to be in the presence of many souls that are on the same vibration.

Dear Ones, the future is bright and will be filled with Light, and never again will you called upon to venture into the lower levels except it be by your choice. These levels will disappear from your solar system, as there will no place left for them following Ascension. The souls entrapped in them will be moved to another system, to continue on their evolutionary path. No one is lost forever, and since there is no time his or her awakening can come in its own good time. From this you will realise that it removes one distortion of the facts, that there is no such thing as everlasting damnation. God loves all souls as they are an immutable part of God, destined to return to the Godhead as eventually all souls will. However, that will not concern you, unless you elect to work with the Angelic Kingdom in helping save such souls.

Light continues to pour upon Earth from many levels, and you as individuals are drawing it into your bodies. This is gently bringing about changes within it, and is benefiting you in general and in particular your health. Eventually your vibrations will be sufficiently high enough to totally avoid illness and any other malady. The processes of change within you will lift your vibrations up, and even aging will become slowed down. It is to some extent a state of mind, as you expect to age and therefore you do so. Think differently now and imagine having a mature and healthy body, because that is what you are progressing to even as you approach Ascension. Your power of thought can perform miracles, but you have to believe in your own ability to do so.

Your desire to see an end to the power of the dark ones will be satisfied. Their power bases are crumbling, and will collapse quite rapidly as disunity occurs amongst their ranks. The game is up, as you might say and they know it to be so, but defeat is not something they like to admit to themselves. We may have to take some forceful action to speed matters on, and we see opportunities to do so. It will be co-ordinated with our allies who are set to move our plan forward. More we cannot say just now, except for you to keep aware of what is happening at the highest levels on Earth. Our strength is in having our support where it can bring about the best results for us. The next few months should be significant if you can read the signs.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that the thoughtform for change grows ever stronger, and its energy will soon deliver a major change for all to see. Events are closing in on those who defy the Light, and their rejection of it can no longer hold it back. Be prepared for some interesting news before long, and be sure it is the start of a new phase in our plan. As is often said, keep your eyes on activity in the skies where we are waiting, as it is time for action. Meanwhile we add our love to the great energies arriving on Earth.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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