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SaLuSa, June 20, 2011

What you are doing as Lightworkers requires a good degree of faith, as it is not given to you to know the complete picture. Yet as a part of the mass consciousness you sense what is happening, and you know that all is well. Your Light is part of the greater Light upon Earth and it is helping to raise the vibrations, and so it will continue until the final upliftment. The speed with which it takes place will take you quickly towards the final experience. It is about to take off in a way that will soon attract the attention of people all over the world. That will make it necessary for Lightworkers to be even more active than they are now. There will be so many questions to answer, and in that respect we will also play our part. As soon as practical and we have been officially introduced to you, we can organize sessions where people can find the answers. Much will of course arise quite naturally as existing groups put themselves forward for that purpose.

Many souls are on Earth at this time, to specifically ensure that the coming period is instructive and that appropriate knowledge is available for those who are seeking. There will be world-wide publicity through various levels of the media, which will have been freed from the restrictions presently in place that prevent free speech. All of these coming changes are planned, and you may be sure that we have adequately covered your needs. Indeed the plans commenced a long, long time ago, as this cycle was always going to successfully end with Ascension.

The nightmare of duality is turning into the dream world where all is in perfect balance and harmony. Each in your own way is contributing to these changes, and you are to be congratulated in holding on to your vision associated with the end-times. Your part in all this is so important and do not underestimate the power that you hold. It was you who changed the balance between the dark and Light, and attracted the help of others off planet. In consequence you have been empowered to a degree that you now have legions of Light behind you. Bear this in mind and do not let the breakdown of your civilization bring fear into your lives. Changes have to come, and for you in such a low vibration it can have unpleasant effects on your life. These will not however last a lot longer, and knowing this should help you overcome any possible negative response to what happens.

From various sources the messages are streaming into your Earth, and you will know that they are full of encouragement and the promise of success. There has never been a time that we have not been present, and monitoring your progress. The Galactic Federation has long been charged with the responsibility to ensure that you are safe from outside interference. That has been done and continues right up to today, and in the past it was you who decided which visitors were allowed to visit you. In earlier civilizations we have in fact had periods of contact where we were really close to you, and spent quite some time working with you on Earth. It was when you reached higher levels of spiritual practice and understanding, and we enjoyed a special relationship with you. Your civilization has not reached the levels of previous occasions when you were ready to greet us. However, duality by its very nature is always moving in different directions, and the lower energies often follow a period of great spiritual learning.

The difference this time is that it is the end of a solar cycle, and a new beginning has been divinely ordained. Therefore every opportunity is being placed before you, so that each soul can make its final choice as to whether or not it desires to ascend. Many of you had decided even before you came into this incarnation, but many more were uncertain and preferred to make a late decision. As we see it, with our coming and the process of Ascension being explained, it will become easier for those who are in any doubt as to what to do. Ultimately those who still ponder their choice, will have it made for them on the basis that you cannot ascend unless your vibrations are suitable.

Over the recent period of time you have seen more, and more of our craft in your skies as part of our plan to allow you to become accustomed to us. Yet what you see is but a small fraction of the number of them actively moving around your Earth. Our craft are made invisible to your eyes so as not to overwhelm you, or cause people to become scared. Soon however, it will be safe for us to work openly amongst you and it will be tied in with disclosure. All of the time your dark Ones refuse to co-operate with us, we would normally wait until they recognize the futility of their actions. However, they are aware that we will not wait indefinitely, and at a certain point will be allowed to enforce their removal and put a stop to their interference. As time passes even quicker, the importance of moving on with our plan is becoming evident to us all. You may therefore be assured that action is about to commence.

In some ways it is perhaps better from your point of view that once the changes commence, that they go speeding along. After patiently waiting for quite a long time it will be very satisfying to see it all quickly happening. That way the degree of inconvenience to you will be minimized, and the benefits will come your way in rapid succession. Overcoming poverty and lack is our first priority, and we want to see people lifted up out of despair and desperation. Happy people will be more co-operative and know that our intentions are for the good of you all. To change conditions from what you have been used to and lift you up a level is no mean task, but we have all the resources prepared. The joy and happiness on your faces will do more for us than any other response. You are wonderful souls that deserve everything that is shortly to lift you up, out of the gloom and drudgery of your dimension. You will retain fond memories of times when your lives were enhanced, and relationships were happy. However, over many lives you have experienced hardships and sorrow that are best left behind. Eventually they will fall from your memory bank, and by then you will have risen up to the higher levels and live in the peace of Love and Light.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and hope you keep your heads up high and see how much your lives will change for the better. Of that you are assured, and the past will rapidly fade away as you step into the Light.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Comment from one of our readers:

"What a wonderful message from SaLuSa today - thank you Mike! With Disclosure only a heartbeat away, I feel it is impotant for us to start organizing mentorship for the masses of people who have yet to awaken. The media has done a great job making ETs scary. Most of us have been taught to shoot first and ask questions later.

My wife and I were discussing what the best way may be to tell people about what is going on around them when Disclosure hits. We thought about starting an online mentorship program via Skype to use for our internet friends that we don't often see in person, or those living far from us. We have already discussed some aspects with immediate family and it went surprisingly well. Back in March we started a blog site and have recently added a forum, with a talk radio show right around the corner.

We have many coming to our site who are seeing this info for the first time. We created the forum as a safe haven to discuss issues surrounding the articles we were posting, but I think something more interactive may be required. That's where the Disclosure/Ascension Mentorship Program via Skype comes in. We thought about doing some one to two hour sessions, giving some of the basics and pointing people to internet sites, books and other resources where they can fill in the gap at their own speed. I think the important task for us as Lightworkers is to give this info out in a consistent manner. We will be developing a basic outline over the next two days before we launch the program.

If anyone would like to join us as mentors, just let us know. The more people we can reach with a consistent message, the better. Also, if anyone has developed any outlines, documents, pamphlets of your own that you think would add to the overall mentorship program, we would be happy to share them with the participants.

Upon my awakwning this year, the first channel I read was one from SaLuSa, who will always hold a place in my heart. His words have stimulated this idea of a mentorship program. Thank you SaLuSa, know that you are loved.


Greg Zangari
readyfortheshift@gmail.com" (June 20, 2011)

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