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SaLuSa, June 22, 2011

Many of you have just participated in meditation and other forms of acknowledgement concerning the Summer Solstice. It has been heart-warming for us to see your response, and it is a measure of how seriously you take your responsibilities as Lightworkers. These occasions are more meaningful when you join in, and the result is that the level of Light on Earth is lifted up yet again. You are forcing the dark Ones to withdraw and cease their pointless efforts to stop progress. They remain a nuisance and we are stepping up our plan to remove them. We treat them with love and understanding as we do not judge or condemn, as that would not be helpful if they are to be converted to the Light once again. Love alone is the great power that cannot be repelled and will soften the hardest hearts. Our wish is to see every human soul rise up, even if they are unable to achieve it this time around. No soul is discarded or damned forever, and will at some stage return to the Source as a Godspark.

With 2012 approaching there is still much to look forward to, and what is left of this year will become quite a busy time to say the least. We keep edging nearer to a decisive step forward, but as normal we must take into consideration the affect of any action we take where you are concerned. Peace is so necessary to our work, as we cannot otherwise proceed very far with our plan. It will need our input to achieve it and monitor any peace agreements reached. The days of going back on them will not be allowed, and every country will have to abide by the rules. Disarmament will be permanent and weapons will be made useless and recycled. We know that the dark Ones have facilities underground but that will make no difference, as we can see into their bases and will also neutralize any weaponry in them. Space is of course our domain and many times we have had to stop it becoming weaponised, although attempts have been made in spite of our edict that it would not be tolerated. As you might say, we have our fingers on the pulse, and cannot be fooled whatever attempts are made to do so.

From one week to the next we might be able to spring into action, so keep positive and know that we come to release you all from your prison planet. Although not everyone recognizes it as such having come to accept your lives as normal, you will quickly see how limited you have been in free expression and liberty. However you are waking up, and no longer easily fooled and see through the devious workings of the Illuminati. War is one of their greatest weapons and even now they fuel the ones occurring in the Middle East. They must stop very soon, but some karma is being played out and must run its course. It is sad and we hear the cries of those in pain, but we are unable to interfere in what is your affair and the result of your actions. We do not wish to sound harsh but we are bound by Galactic Law, which we fully understand and abide by.

We note that as you rise up in consciousness there has been a sudden jump in the number of people discovering they have psychic abilities. It is early days for most of them but realize that in such an event, you are meant to develop it as a natural ability which will become more commonplace as time passes. Eventually you will all develop several types of talents that will for example include telepathy. We are talking of your elevation to a Galactic Human, that will bear little resemblance to how you perceive yourself now. Do not worry however, you will be gradually let into these changes and they will not overpower you. Indeed you will be grateful for your expanded abilities, that will make you adept and capable of becoming the Master that you are.

Whilst all of the changes are going on the whole manner of your life will alter, and it will become far more interesting giving you the freedom to travel virtually anywhere you wish. You will never tire of your new found abilities, and they will make you a complete Galactic Human. You do not yet know what it is like to become free of all restraints, and that is your birthright to be returned to you once again. You will master space travel through your power of thought, and the concept of simply wishing yourself somewhere else will become quite commonplace. In fact you could be in two places at once, but that is jumping ahead when you must first experience less complicated ideas. Be sure Dear Ones, the promises made to you are not idle dreams, and it is ordained that you ascend to start a new chapter in your life. Duality has all but served its purpose where you are concerned. So please focus on the future, and allow Duality to fade away, as it is finished.

You are very resilient souls and it seems remarkable to us that you have such a strong sense of survival. Your experiences have been very challenging yet you somehow see your way through. It is that which makes you very respected and admired, as that quality will see you put those experiences to good use when you work with evolving Beings. It is usual for ascended souls like you will shortly be, to seek opportunities to serve others. There are always new civilizations coming along, and the creators never cease bringing more into being. No one quite knows how many there are, and Space with its endless dimensions is teeming with life that goes on into infinity. Indeed the Supreme Creator is forever dreaming new life forms into existence, and these will follow a similar path of evolution to your own.

As we have intimated previously, on the one hand you are such a minute part of creation yet because of Ascension are now a main point of focus and interest, and very important to the whole process. The Universe is aware of your soon to come upliftment as physical Beings. It has created such an interest that you have quite an audience looking on to witness the event. It brings souls from even other Universes who want to share the experience with you. So never feel that you are insignificant or forgotten, as you have never had such attention as you are getting now.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and enjoying the thought of being part of your Ascension, and I am as interested as any visitor to your Solar System. They are allowed entry and near the Earth, but we place a limit upon how near they may come. The area around Earth is patrolled by our craft, and absolutely no interference with you is allowed. You are indeed safe with us as your mentors.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Comment from one of our readers:

"Dear Lord! SaLusa you found me today with the expectations of what has traditionally been the high point of my earth year - The Summer Solstice. Instead it brought tears of sorrow, for the friends & lovers that I no longer have or see. In many cases a conscious decision on my part; as I don't feel that they are approaching the higher dimensions (and even get derided by some when I explain my changes)! I'm trying, God I'm trying. It's' very lonely aiming high; as friends, family, and lovers seem to fall back - not realizing my commitment to the Next Level. I have brought that conversation up too many times; and am now a loner (outcast).
So bad today - that I thought to end my earth form, but I have so much love for people (even when they don't know it) , that I know it would be bad for all.
So, I follow - in solace. Maybe one day my body will heal of disease and I will be able to help - as a being of light. Tears right now… so lonely. But if I pursue and gain enlightenment, all will be golden, To help others achieve the same… Thank you for all on this Solstice, 2011. It can't happen soon enough - please let me know if I can be of any help.
Douglas" (June 22, 2011)

Our reply:

"dear doug, i'm sorry to hear your life is still so tough. i know the lack of human warmth and friendship can bring a man to despair. after all, we are build from love, and really all we need is love. but i'm glad to hear that you decided not to end it all. in my journey through spirituality, and getting information from so many sources, this is a conclusion that stands straight up: taking your own life will solve nothing. you think it may bring relief, but it will bring nothing but regret to your soul.

this life is tough for many of us, but we chose it ourselves, on soul level. it may be for karmic reasons that you chose this particular life, or it may be for the experience, but it was your own decision. if you end it yourself, it will remain a dark page in your soul's history for the rest of your existence. while on the other hand, if you see it through, i think it will be a very bright one.

remember doug, if you see this through, it will never get so tough again. this is the hardest one of all, things will only get better from now on. all sources, both on and off earth, say that. and we're almost there. 2012 is almost here. so whatever you do, just hold on, my friend. reach out to people, because there's always help when you need it.

i can get you in touch with a wonderful, enlightened woman who lives in america just like you. all she wants to do is help others. make use of that, i'd say, accept it, it will change your life for the better. nobody is supposed to do it all by himself. where do you live, doug? maybe there are people who read this and live close to you, and would like to get in touch with you.
much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (June 22, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Another outstanding message from SaLuSa and his Earthling counterpart, Mike. With the sucessful passing of the 2011 June Soltice, humanity now embarks upon the second half of 2011, where all is expected to change. I know we all look very forward to the miraculous changes to come.

And Douglas my friend, please remain strong, for your sake and those who surround you. Your thoughts will be vindicated and those around you are soon to be in the light. I too, am in a real pickle with my immediate family and extended families for the concepts I bring forth at family functions. We must all remember to feed the unawakened small bites, as they cannot digest big mouthfuls of the new age material.

I've been gathering data on this subject since 1990, when I was 19. Today, at 41, I'm still learning and growing with every new nugget of white light. Some people may in fact be unapproachable on this subject, but this doesn't mean they don't feel the tingle of change stirring deeply within them.

Bless you, Douglas, for hanging in there with the rest of us. May the love of this wonderful site help guide you onto a safer foundation. We're all here with you. We're all believing together. Please remain a part of this precious transition. You'll thank me later. May the Divine Creator shower your Earthly presence with the radiance of Universal love.

Thank you.

Most sincerely,
Dan from Ingleside, IL." (June 23, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"I just want to thank Mike for delivering beautiful messages from SaLuSa.
SaLuSa speaks directly to my spirit and each time, tears will come down. I just feel Love, and love is overwhelming sometimes. I wonder if I am a light worker or not, I don't even know if my spiritual level is ready for ascension yet. But your words give me light for the future and I feel I'm surrounded by love.

My friends & family don't understand what I'm talking about, either, like the experiences the person who commented. I can't talk much since they will judge me crazy. But who can deny Love? As long as I'm free from Fear & Hate and want to help to make this world a better place, people really eventually understand. I'm still learning and your message always give me hope. Thank you.

Yuka" (June 23, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Dear Doug

I was so touched and saddened by your message today, because it is a lonely place to be, but need not be. Please know that there are many of us, who are friends and are in fact family, to each other. I extend my friendship to you with love and compassion for how you feel. You are so courageous to have pursued this path, know that.
Feel free to email me at anytime, so you have someone friendly and understanding to talk to about all that is happening. It would be my pleasure to be a friend and remind you just how special and valued you are.

With Love

Mandy (South Africa)" (June 23, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi Galactic Channeling:

I have never done this before but I was drawn to do so. You had a reader respond to SaLuSa on 6/22/11 that got to me. I myself feel the same way about my family and friend about this subject they think I'm crazy.
If it wasn't for my son that is an indego child and received his awakening about 4 years ago and about 2 years something in me clicked with what he was saying. Him and I are the only people in this area that we now of that are wake. Your reader name is Douglas and you have my permission to give him my email address if he would like to talk to someone. I live in Minnesota in Sartell I'm not sure were Douglas was from but he is welcome to write me or I'm on facebook and have a site that I put videos that are good for my friends can go to who are interested in but I don't think they are. The name is 2012- The Divine Plan, I AM apart of it, and I AM AWAKE!! I need to invite him to this site so tell him to go to Joyce Ley and I'll send him to that site.

Thank You
Love and Light
I love your site and can't wait to read the next channel
We are all ONE!!!
LOVE Joyce" (June 23, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi Kees,

I am so worried about Doug.
Am not sure if I can help him other than to keep his spirits up. I’m not in America but perhaps that won’t matter if he has someone to talk to that understands.

Please pass on my e-mail address to him.

Fond regards
Donna – Australia" (June 23, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Dear Douglas

know that you are one of many who cannot talk to your loved ones about the changes. Many are still not awake or aware , at least consciously.

I hope your aloneness will end very soon. I empathize, having lost the only person I felt I wanted to connect deeply with, despite him not having any spiritual beliefs, there was that connection.

Hold on as it seems the changes are now so close, and your light will be needed.

Take Care
Jane" (June 23, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"This msg is for Douglas:

Douglas, My name is Nicole, I live in California. I have always felt I was different for as long as I can remember. I bet all of us here have felt that. You are not an outcast. But I understand how it feels that way. There are many of us, much more than you realize, so you are not alone. I am here with you. I attend as many holistic Expos in my area as I can. There I have met many people just like you and I. I have a facebook page and I would love for you to befriend me. I have made some very special friendships. We can talk and I would be so happy to share my experiences with you. You are very special too. You are a very important part of us and we all need each other. When you overcome these feelings and start to realize that you can change the way you perceive everything, you will be able to help others who will soon need you to help guide them out of their feelings of despair. Through adversity we become masters of how to handle a situation.
I have gone thru many painful situations in my life as you and many others. We must have faith and work together with our galactic brothers and sisters. The time is very near and people will remember what you've been trying to share and all of a sudden they will be counting on you to enlighten them. In the meantime, find the inner peace within your heart. All the love that we need is in God and God is there in your heart. When you find the peace within, you will see that you will attract the right people to you. Like attracts like.
Let go of all your worries and put them in Gods hands. Invite him to give you wisdom and help you to view every situation from the perspective of peace. I send you love and light my friend. Here is my Facebook contact information. http://www.facebook.com/bluestarinib



Thank you for the wonderful news you impart onto us.

With all my love,

Nicole" (June 28, 2011)

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