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SaLuSa, June 17, 2011

There are immense numbers of people involved in getting the changes moving to the stage of manifestation. Some are even unaware that they are in fact contributing to what is taking place. Yet they have been attracted to the energies of change, through a subconscious desire to amongst those who are actively bringing them about. So if you have not felt you were doing such work, think positively as you may after all be one that is. If you feel prompted to put yourself forward to promote the Light, simply be to others as one who is caring and loving to your fellow travelers. Sooner or later opportunities will come your way to be of service to them. It does not necessarily cost you anymore than some of your time, as for example when doing charitable work.

Some souls devote the entire life to the service of others, and in that case it is already arranged before they incarnate. These are indeed special souls, who have evolved much further than you would normally expect to find in the average person on Earth at present. However, they in turn will need helpers and often it is in connection with menial work, which is nevertheless vitally important to get the work done. So do not necessarily set your sights too high, and know that your contribution is valued as much as any other persons. It is the intent to do good, which is the mark of any soul that seeks an outlet for their desire to help others. Be assured that once you put out the thought that you want to serve, it will be picked up and you will find yourself coming across opportunities to do so. Spirit is using all available volunteers at this time to create the final thrust, that will establish the Light on Earth in such a way that it becomes a pathway to Ascension.

As time passes earthly matters will not seem so important, as your focus becomes more centered upon the activities that are leading to Ascension. It is in the knowing that all proceeds well and that a new Age is coming into manifestation. Your future is no longer reliant upon the old ways, which have become inadequate for the new path you are walking upon. Step upon it and see the difference in your lives, and how despair turns to hope and happiness. Let go all that which is clearly a remnant of the old world and its ways that kept you from the true Light. Now one who searches will find numerous sources of information, to guide them to those souls who can provide what they seek. An open mind and a flexible approach to new ideas, will allow for them to find a place with your existing knowledge. That which no longer serves you will naturally fall away as its energy is no longer maintained.

Much of what you do is done quite instinctively, as your mind is ever considering the latest facts you have absorbed. Also when you are on the path of Light, your Higher Self is always looking for opportunities to help. It is useful to take those quiet moments as times when you speak with it, as you will most certainly find that you will get a response. Maybe not immediately, but things will suddenly pop into your conscious mind that are to guide you. Sometimes it comes through your dream state, so note if you can what comes through least you forget it. If it is symbolic you should be able to work out the clues and find the message for you.

We are gradually getting your Statesmen to understand the nature of the changes that must be carried out. Many are pleased to be part of a movement to bring peace to a troubled world. Their allegiances are changing as for the first time they can speak of peace, knowing that it is coming and that the war machine will be dismantled for good. Like you they wait for the emerging leaders that will join forces with us, and commence to introduce the Divine Plan for your final release from the dark energies. It will clearly be appealing even to those who know little or nothing about it. It will sway masses of souls to place their faith in us, and you will notice a great shift in the mass consciousness. People will find those positive attributes that have been dormant for so long, and it will be joyful to see the Light growing even more quickly than before. We of the Galactic Federation are not a religion but simply God’s representatives for the process of Ascension. The truth belongs to every one of you, and does not need to be wrapped in religious dogma. However, changes in people’s way of thinking will come in its own good time, as we do not interfere with their current belief system. We will place the truth before them, as we will for your entire civilization. It is then up to you to make your choice as to whether your “truth” needs to be revised.

God is your Father/Mother and nurtures and guides his/her children so that they may attain adulthood. In spiritual terms that means becoming One again with your Higher Self. Then you can claim your Christhood and enter the pure dimensions of Light. Each of you will attain such levels in due course, and for those who are ready it will be a special occasion as they take back their sovereignty. You are in essence so much more than you presently believe, and Ascension is the first step towards a great future that lies ahead. Your power will be immense and by then you will have reached the levels of responsibility that go with it. Clearly you cannot be let loose until you have proved your capabilities as a cro-creator with God.

We speak about so much that at times it must engulf you, but do not worry as you will grow into the truth. At present it can be overwhelming, as you are in the process of a major change that is your initiation into the Light realms. We are already there, and you will join us if you are of our family. In any event you will rise up, and your first experience will be in connection with the new Earth. It will be quite different to what you know now. If it is not of the Light it will have disappeared, and only that which is in harmony and balance can remain. That also applies to you but rest assured that any soul that rises up will be of the Light, otherwise it would not be able to ascend. You have such a short time now to get your mind thinking in the correct way, but if you are seeking the Love and Light that is a sign that you are ready.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and will be so pleased to help you all achieve a peaceful co-existence. That is how we live side-by-side and function as One in all we do. Try it Dear Ones, it will be difficult but in time that will be your goal.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Comment from one of our readers:

"Thank You Mike
For this Amazing Post! It's a Great Assurance of that the Accension is Really Happening!

I can see in my life Great things happening. When ever there is a problem I can already see the Sollution standing right beside. It just takes a bit courage to take the step that is needed, because it always seems to be something I am not used to do. Yet when I do take that step it always takes me to a Beautiful place in so many different ways.

So I do feel that time is changing and that I am changing too, I just need to have some Faith to dare to take the steps that already lay in front of me.

So Thank You Mike again and Thank You Kees for the Great Job You Both are doing!:)))
Marjut" (June 17, 2011)

Our reply:

"you're welcome, marjut :) your words of gratitude go out to the whole team that we're making this site with. good to hear that you're making brave steps, and it pays off!
much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (June 17, 2011)

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