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SaLuSa, April 20, 2011

Dear Ones, Michael wonders whether I will mention the attacks upon myself and Matthew, and I will because it would seem odd to you if I did not. In one sense such matters do not need any response at all, as any Lightworker may be subjected to attacks from the dark Ones. It is up to other people to use their judgement, as most of you that are following messages from Light sources are already using your intuitive abilities. Therefore it should not really need me to refute outright disinformation, calculated to instill fear and doubt in your minds. The channels used for such purposes may feel that they are genuinely transmitting messages of Light, but they like anyone else are liable to attract lesser sources that are out to use them for their own ends. Channels and readers alike are always asked to question what they are given, and do not simply accept it all.

As the end–times get nearer the dark Ones are desperate to make some final show of defiance. So each one of you should be wary of messages that seem to be completely out of synchronization with the mainstream that you follow. You have the ability to go within and speak with your Higher Self, and you will get advice or a strong feeling as to which way to go. It is not our way to set out to shock you or sensationalize our messages, and generally speaking they are steady and constant in the manner in which they are given to you. It follows that many of you are at different levels of understanding, and therefore your interpretation of messages can be different. So sometimes you have to agree to disagree, and in that there is absolutely no reason to fall out with each other. There is after all only the One Truth, yet it can be conveyed in several different ways and all are perfectly acceptable. In fact you need to guard against trying to be too precise in your understanding, and make allowances for the possibility that you may not have all of the answers.

Would you really expect us at our level to tell other than the truth? I doubt it, as you are sufficiently evolved to recognize the truth in what we give you. We are your mentors and in a dimension that you are soon to rise up to, where only the truth exists. It is such that the truth is naturally spoken in all matters, and even if we could speak otherwise it would be immediately recognized for what it was. That will be one lesson that you could work on now as humans are prone to talk around the truth, or present it in such a way that it is hardly recognizable. Try it until you never give it a second thought, as it is clearly not easy to suddenly change the habits you have developed. Remember also that in the higher dimensions it is impossible for a lie to be undetected inasmuch that your thoughts can be read. It is easier to be truthful once you are there and find that no one is judging another person, as Unconditional Love does not seek to condemn or find fault.

It is an interesting subject that has come up, and it questions your ability to be discerning and develop it so that you become adept at correctly sizing up a situation. In your dimension it is difficult to “see no evil” because with your understanding you can see it around you, but that is typical of the 3rd. dimension and duality. Have no concern however because as your consciousness levels continue rising, you will reach a point where you will only think pure thoughts. How nice it will be when every soul around you is of the Light, and lives it all of the time. That will be true harmony and balance that cannot be achieved in your present circumstances. Perfection awaits you and it will carry you forward to the level of becoming a Galactic Being. All of this will occur quite quickly, and you will rarely if ever look back at this period of time. It is just an experience on the way back to the Source, although it is very significant while you are still in it.

Let us move on to the business in hand which is to lead you firmly onto the Ascension path. Some of you are already progressing along it, and you are the Wayshowers that have come to Earth for that purpose. Often you do not have to say much at all, as your actions really do speak louder. Humans tend to have a herd mentality and follow the leader. That is fine providing the leader sets a good example, and it is a fact that like attracts like. It is more often than not a subconscious decision and given little or no thought. When you move around in your Light it touches upon those who are near to you. It can be uplifting and draw people to you. Young children are particularly sensitive to energy and often still have the ability to see your auras. They normally lose it as they grow older, although some develop it further throughout their life and become strongly psychic. Your special children such as the Indigo’s are amongst them, and they will go on to develop even more powers. Young people are often very talented and carry wisdom far beyond their age, and they will have a place in the future where they can use it.

By now most of you should have made the decision as to whether you have the desire to ascend. Your Higher Self will prompt it if it is part of your life plan, as it is an opportunity that will not repeat itself for a very long time. If it was indeed decided before you incarnated, then you are to some extent relying on your Higher Self for help. It is that voice that comes from within, and often deters you from making mistakes that could hold you back. It is advice that should be well heeded, but sometimes your ego overrides it because it is responding to your present mindset. Think upon these things as they are important when you are attempting to throw off your earthly mantle, and move more completely into the Light.

You have an expression about “Walking your Talk” and that is essential if you are to transform yourself into a Light Being. You should know by now where you are going, and how to achieve it. So apply yourself very positively and you will have all of the help you need. No one really wants to see a soul miss out on Ascension, and every effort will be made to ensure each one is aware of it. When we can reach millions of you at the time, our task will become easy and we are waiting our opportunity to do so. Certainly everything is coming to a head, and we can envisage a very busy period coming up.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and as happy and excited as ever as the curtain lifts and the Light floods the Earth. It is wondrous to observe from our Spacecraft, and is an indication of how successful you have been in overcoming the dark.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Comment from one of our readers:

"Thank you again SaLuSa!
In hand with all the precious beings from Inner Earth, Ground/Water Earth, Outer Earth and beyond, you continue taking us to the forefront of change, and day by day are indeed becoming Galactic Beings...
Unconditional Love to you and all the Heaven's and Galactic's Companies :)
Vanessa, Mexico" (04-20-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi kees
First if all I thank you for the work you do and for responding to my previous emails.for that I send you love.
In response to mike Quincys 20th April message I wonder If you can try and answer some of my concerns.
he says that most of you will know by now wether or not you will choose to ascend or not. As far as I know we have not had that choice. In order to choose you need to have the options layed down in front of you and make an informed descision based on all the known facts.
to me the GF haven't yet come forward Layed down a plan and informed any of us what our options are. Not only have the not shown themselves yet which I understand that it is isn't that straight forward but I am concerned that alledgedly we have only 20 months left before things start to happen and I personally feel that this is not enough time for the majority of the people of the earth to firstly prepare them for disclosure. Secondly prepare them for first contact and thirdly comprehend the overwhelming message about ascension. It just all seems to much to quickly for non believers let alone people like myself who have a heads up on what's going on. It's still overwhelming for me.
I am concerned and worried that they are leaving it to late and me for one feel as though I am either out of the loop and not getting the ascension feelings by now when others maybe or the ascenson story could be a hoax. I hope not. are you or any other readers prepared for or understand dramatic life changing choices involved in ascenson?
what are we supposed to believe
Simon" (04-21-'11)

Our reply:

"hi simon, thanks for your e-mail. well, SaLuSa and matthew stated before that the decision whether or not to ascend is taken on soul level, so one doesn't necessarily need to be informed consciously about this choice that's coming up. but as SaLuSa hinted before, anyone who's interested in these channelings won't have to worry, because his consciousness has evolved enough to live in the higher vibrations.

but i agree, the words of SaLuSa and others are starting to sound a bit unlikely now and then. because time is getting so awfully short and nothing is really changing yet, apart from some hopeful signs in the middle east maybe. in fact, SaLuSa is already contradicting himself if you look at what he said before. on october 28, 2008 for instance, he said that "Your last years before Ascension shall be joyful, and give you the happiness and peace that has been missing for so long in your lives". in last monday's message of april 18, 2011 he says that "When Ascension finally takes place in 2012...". these two statements are not compatible, as I think hardly anybody would call these present times 'joyful' or 'peaceful'.

also, i wonder why he would still be talking about "a new currency waiting in the wings, which is supported by precious metals" if ascension is to take place by the end of next year. i mean, why introduce a completely new financial system if we will all leave this dimension so soon.

i have no doubt that this process of ascension is a real thing. i've studied many different sources long and hard, about which i already wrote a couple of things on the "Are the Channelings True?" pages (here, here and here). it seems impossible to me that this could all be a big hoax, not only because all these messages form a puzzle that fits together perfectly, but also because i always follow my heart as my guide, and my heart resonates with these messages completely.

i do think however that we are way behind on schedule and it is very unlikely that the actual ascension will take place in december 2012. the transition of 11,500 year cycles is an organic thing, a couple of years or even decades more means nothing in the greater scheme of things. my impression is that the galactics COULD speed up this process immensely if they wanted (i mean, they only have to show themselves in our skies en masse) but they are afraid to create karma, because of the universal law of non-interference.

matthew doesn't support this claim of SaLuSa that the actual ascension will take place in 2012 btw, he says all that can be said with certainty is that by the end of next year, the rule of the dark will be over. that sounds plausible to me. so why would SaLuSa claim that ascension will happen next year? sometimes i think that these messages are meant to encourage us and raise our collective consciousness more than providing us with factual information. and they know that hope and promises are what gets our juices flowing. i wouldn't approve of providing us with false promises from my own 3D perspective, but maybe i would from theirs...i don't know!

much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (04-21-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:


Thank you for acknowledging some of the issues with SaLuSa’s messages. The same can be said for messages from Matthew, Sheldan Nidle and others. As an educated man, I am both hopeful and at the same time reserved about all the wonderful things I read.

What touched me about your reply to Simon is the contrast between strong religion (which doesn’t deal well with doubt) and your honest viewpoint. Your response with its reservations helps all of us who struggle from time to time with the glorious visions presented by our loving channelers and the reality in which we live. I want it all to come true NOW but I’m willing to wait, if that’s how it has to be. And I’m willing to allow for “mistakes” either by the human channels or by the spiritual beings coming through (e.g. Matthew’s prediction that the second George Bush term would be the shortest on record). I do not expect perfection from my wife and, thankfully, she doesn’t expect it from me (grin). And I extend this attitude to the sources I read.

My blessings to you for maintaining this wonderful site, which I (and many others) check every day. I also read http://stevebeckow.com.

Kauai Joe" (04-21-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi Kees

Thank you for responding to Simon's comments from last weeks SaLuSa channelling. I find myself challenged too by the time as it appears it is running out if 12/2012 is actually the moment of ascension. The relative dearth of events that would indicate things are moving in the direction our friends of light are urging us to believe have me wondering if the time I invest in staying up on this is a waste. I mean, nearly every posting pretty much follows the same script: comment on current events, make reference to how great it will be post-ascension, reassure me that I have a role to play that is connected to bringing that vision to reality, that that role is important no matter how small, and that no matter what, I will fulfill that role even if I don't think I will. I'm not complaining. I think I may be suffering from "encouragement fatigue" given how little time is left and how few events have occurred supporting Ascension.

At the same time I feel in my gut that something is going to happen.....so I find myself internally conflicted by what my head and senses are telling me and what my heart tells me. It seems though that as more time passes, the more I am able to hold or integrate the two perspectives simultaneously and arrive at a point where when ascension happens is less important than that it does happen.

All that said, I admire your conviction of belief. I'm going to read the links you posted in hopes they inch me towards more conviction and less sensory-based doubt. In the meantime, I'll take Joe's comment about being willing to allow for mistakes. I just hope that something does indeed happen and that we, as a group are not just another bunch of self-deluded people thinking they know when the "end times are."

Thanks again Kees, and thanks for responding to the email I wrote a while ago. I appreciate the attention you and your colleagues take to respond to those who write you.

Perry" (04-26-'11)

Our reply:

"thank you, perry. i think you said it very well. i think many people have the doubts that you address, but at the same time feel in their hearts that something is actually changing. it's not in the media, it's more something in the attitude of people. even if they have no idea about '2012'. i guess that's what a growing collective consciousness looks like (for those of us who are not in space craft with fantastic measuring equipment).
there's not much more i can add to it, except that apart from my heart resonating with the channelings, it is something that i've always known deep down personally - i came here for something big. my soul would never have chosen to come down to this "hell hole" if it didn't know that there would be a happy ending. that's why i never really chose a profession or plunged into this society too deeply, i always wanted to be on 'stand by'. this probably wouldn't pass as scientific proof for what i believe about this coming time, but to me this is worth a lot more than what others try to make me believe.
much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (04-26-'11)

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