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SaLuSa, August 19, 2009

Somewhere in the very near future the truth about your life and the immortality of the soul will have to be considered. In a time shortly to come before you, the One Truth which is immutable must be made known. Decisions that concern your own evolution can only be correctly made when you have the full facts. We know and sympathise with those Dear Ones, who are just coming to realise the meaning of the changes that are inevitable and part of your ongoing experiences. The idea that the changes will affect everything that you are used to and familiar with is something of a shock. In your minds you have rarely considered that things could be different, from what you imagine is your true and only reality. Life as you know it has rambled on for thousands of years, seemingly without too much change, yet in the space of a few years it will be moving into an area of expansion. Into an expression of the higher vibrations of Light, leaving the old behind.

The questions immediately arise as to what will happen to everyone, and who decides where they go. As many will know the end times of this cycle are the beginning of a new era, where Man returns to those levels that are more suited to those who aspire to ascend. Simply put, those that choose otherwise will continue their experience where conditions and opportunities are more like the present Earth. Re-incarnation is a fact that many will have to face, and perhaps they will see in it a just and fair system that allows for mistakes that can be addressed. God is All Love and does not punish those who go out into the world and fall into the darkness. Duality is for all to face the challenge of being able to hold onto your Light, regardless of how severe the tests are for you. Falling into the lower vibrations is not a sin, but finding your way back to the Light is a momentous victory.

Let us also clear up another misconception that you are born as sinners or carry the sins of your father, because that is totally untrue. Life is a continuous series of incarnations that are prepared with your advancement in mind. They continue until you reach a level of consciousness that carries you into the higher dimensions, and that opportunity is for everyone – and called Ascension. Naturally it will not appeal to you if you are not ready, and the Law of Attraction ensures that every soul finds their correct level. The higher dimensions are progressively a greater and more perfect expression of the Light, until every thing becomes pure Light. Speak to anyone who has had an out of the body experience and entered your Summerland, Nirvana, or what some call Heaven. You will find that they have had experiences of peace and beauty unparalleled upon Earth, and given a choice would rather remain in those dimensions. Yet these dimensions where your power of thought operates, are themselves only the first level above Earth.

We find that the most difficult change that Earth people have problems in accepting, is one that concerns their families and friends. In the absence of a true understanding of your spirituality, there is an understandable reluctance to accept that all souls have freedom of choice. Families cling to one another and often there is a great love bond between them. That has been necessary to ensure your survival, and is a very powerful energy. However, no one can own another soul, and it should be pointed out that every soul chooses which parents they have for the outworking of their own life plan. Parents should therefore feel privileged that they are chosen, even where the relationships are strained. Adverse situations are still very important where karma is concerned, and you can be sure that everyone involved takes lessons from them. Karma has a way of putting people together so that everyone gains from the experiences. As we have told you previously, you have played for both sides in duality, and none can or should judge another soul. If you are of the Light, consider that you are on Earth to help lift up other people, and do so with Unconditional Love. It cannot get better than that, and you will be truly showing your mastery.

Dear Ones, there are such beings as young souls who come to Earth with little or no experience of the lower vibrations, and not every soul necessarily desires such incarnations. However, you are otherwise extremely old souls who have come down through the dimensions, to pit your wits and Light in the challenging situations that come from living in duality. It is now that so many of you are awakening from your slumbers, and beginning to realise your true home is not in the lower vibrations. As your Light shines out you are lifting up your consciousness levels, and in so doing helping others around you. That is the beauty and power of the Light, that transmutes the darkness. Like attracts like, and you have been drawing more Light to Earth that is now so powerful, that the changes are being speeded up. Whatever cannot withstand the Light retreats from it, and loses its power.

More Lightworkers are on Earth than any other time during this cycle. That has always been part of the plan, and many young people are advanced souls waiting to help the changes along. Certain events are soon to take place that will cause revelations of such a nature, that the dark forces will realise that their cause is lost. It will be the people that are the deciding factor as to which direction you go in, and we know that you will choose the Light. You have had sufficient experiences that have placed you in a position to finish with this cycle. There is therefore no necessity for you to continue in it, and Ascension is your path to leave it. Major changes happen at the end of a cycle as your ancient history reveals. This time however, it is not going to result in the destruction of Earth or the end of your civilisation, and indeed quite the opposite as it is to be eventually restored to a pristine condition. All shall be uplifted with the new Earth, if they are ready and that is their choice.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius of the Galactic Federation and we speak with you from the perspective of already being ascended Beings. We are ones who have helped other civilisations with their upliftment, and we have prepared for all that is necessary to ensure your success. Our work is carried out with loving intent, and with gratitude to be part of your grand Ascension. Your work is to carry on being ambassadors of the Light, and our allies upon Earth.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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