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SaLuSa, August 21, 2009

Dear Ones, what a wonderful time you are in regardless of the outer happenings. Your concern and focus should be on your future and taking the opportunity that is now presenting itself to move into the higher vibrations. It is most essential to go with the flow, and keep an open mind that allows for expansion. There has never been a better opportunity to go forward in leaps and bounds, as you release yourself from the old paradigm. Clearly not everything you have taken as the truth is irrelevant, and there is the basis for a deeper understanding that will lift you higher. It must really start with the belief in God, although Ascension can be seen simply as a normal process. With a greater understanding you will realise that there has always been a Divine Plan for your evolution, and what you are about to experience is part of it. Your belief in God lifts your consciousness to a level where the truth can open up to you, where you “allow” the immutable link that already exists to enlighten you. Once this step is made your Higher Self is able to come more into your life, guiding you and ensuring the completion of your life plan.

Human concerns usually monopolise your life, but these are times when your focus should be turned towards the future and the marvellous opportunities it presents. You are completing a solar cycle that is unique, because of what it offers as your lifeline a higher dimension. After the demise of the Lemurian and Atlantean civilisations, you have achieved a giant upliftment in consciousness that will see you complete this cycle successfully. Many now know that what is really unique, is that your Ascension will take place in your physical body. It is even to us quite an incredible occasion, and it attracts much interest through the whole of the Universe. Realise that outside of your Earth that is struggling in the lower dimension, there is one great family of Light and co-operation where all serve others. There are exceptions but these do impose upon the Light, as they cannot operate at the higher levels.

The family spirit is more evident now, and has been commonplace with your civilisation as your means of survival. Separation is a feature of duality, and you have faced the daily challenges it has brought about. However, it is not your normal existence, or in alignment with the higher levels you originally came from. As we have so often informed you, duality is akin to a game that is now drawing to a close. By and large the majority have learnt much from it, and it is to be completed within the next few years. 2012 is in many people’s minds having heard various stories as to its significance. It is most certainly the conclusion of this cycle, but looked at another way is one enormous step for Man into the higher dimensions of Light.

Each one of you has an opportunity to move things along, by concentrating on the Light and sharing it around wherever you go. Believe in your own power to contribute to the changes whilst lifting yourself up. See what is happening around you, but do not allow yourself to be sucked into the morass that represents the dark ones. What you focus on is drawn to you, and this law has had much to do with your experiences so far. Give your attention to how you are going to prepare yourself for a period of unparalleled changes, knowing that it is for the good of all. Bear in mind that you will not be thrust into a new reality unless it is in accord with your own vision. This means that those who see a violent end to the Human Civilisation, where there is great loss of life will experience exactly that. As strange as it may seem even in the end times you create your reality, as beliefs are powerful models for setting out the path ahead.

We foresee that in the mere space of 18 months you will be well on the way to Ascension. You can look forward to the closure of this period of cleansing where the power of the dark forces is concerned. Their power bases will have been removed from them, and a new authority based on Love and Light will take their place. Demand nothing and expect everything, and you will not be disappointed. We are for example behind the Disclosure Program and it will come out into the open. It is not that people do not believe in the existence of our craft, and us but it is necessary to reveal the mighty cover up that has existed for over 60 years. The wool will be pulled from your eyes, and shock will soon give way to excitement as you realise that we come in peace. It is well past time that you met us, and we know that we are already welcome.

Abundance will be created once the wealth of the Earth is fairly distributed. It was never intended to be taken from you by what are now immensely rich families. Lack was deliberately created to keep you in your place, and beholden to the ruling gentry. You are by no means totally to blame for this situation, as you have been lulled into a false sense of security, and trusted those who have taken away your sovereignty. You the people are the power on Earth, and your voice will be not only heard but also acted upon. The quiet revolution has already started, and like the proverbial snowball is gathering speed and woe betide anyone who gets in the way. Nothing, and no one but the Creator can stop or reverse what has happened.

Let go of your earthly attachments that hold you back, and see instead that everything you need will be given to you. Only those who have ill-gotten gains will lose out, and they will take the place they have created for themselves. They will still have their Godspark to commence their journey back on the path to the Light, and another day in another place it will begin. So allow for justice to be done in accordance with Universal Law, and do not be concerned about the fate of others. All is in a state of perfection even if it does not seem so to you.

Whatever happens on Earth keep yourself focused on your own journey. You are the most important person that you should love, and in so doing you will be able to love everyone else. Love makes not just the world go round, but the whole Universe. Find love within and allow it to flow out to all who come in contact with you, and if you meditate or pray share it with the world for the good of all.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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