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SaLuSa, August 17, 2009

Between now and Ascension you will find that your consciousness levels will increase dramatically, and there will be little resemblance to what they are now. The incoming energies are intended to do just that, and you will find your psychic powers suddenly becoming apparent. Telepathy is already being experienced, although people do not necessarily recognise it as such. It would develop more quickly if you believed it was possible, and try using it with a partner by arrangement. Self-healing should also come within your capabilities, and there is in reality no disease that you cannot cure. Dear Ones, you have miracle cures that are unexplainable by any other reason, and often they are the result of a powerful intent to self heal. In the past you have not considered or believed it possible, or understood your God given abilities. They are fully returning as part of your growth into a fully-fledged Light Being.

After Ascension, you will be endowed with amazing powers, and like us you too will be able to create by pure thought. Since all has consciousness, even down to the tiny atom, you will understand how they can be responsive to your thoughts. For example, your body cells talk with each other and this is how they organise against foreign invasions. Perhaps you can understand now how useful it is to get to know your body, and converse with it. Also take notice of what it tells you and you will both make a fine partnership. You most certainly will have heard about people who speak with their plants with a loving intent, and how they have been found to respond positively. The alternative equally applies, so that you can see how important it is to be nice to yourself. Indeed, have we not told you before how it is necessary to love yourself.

We see you spending a lot of your time on what are often menial tasks, and sometimes hours travelling to and from your workplace. These things put a big demand on your time and give little to yourself for more personal matters. We have to say that after you ascend, there will be no requirement or need for what you may consider as unproductive and a waste of time. Even what you may loosely describe as “work” will still give you more than adequate time for spiritual development. It is so important to you, and never more so than now. It is true that the challenges thrown at you in duality lead to spiritual attainment, but it is through understanding the nature of your true selves. You are first and foremost spiritual Beings, and the God Spark that you carry is that part of you that lives for all eternity.

Having been held in the darkness of duality for so long, you have in the past accepted a lower station in life and lost sight of your true Self. You have gone from one life to another making very little progress, without even understanding your real purpose. You have had to wait until the late 1800’s before the influx of evolved souls started to bring the truth back into your sights. It was the commencement of a plan formulated by the Spiritual Hierarchy to bring you back into the Light. Yet in the period following you experienced two World Wars, but the Light continued growing. Such times give many, many souls the opportunity to clear their karma, so you can see that out of the depths of darkness comes progress towards a more highly evolved state.

Forget your recorded history, as it is very inaccurate in detail and often distorted through deliberate intent, or because of the lack of sufficiently reliable records. The truth of any times and any event is held in the higher dimensions, and if necessary you can re-live any experience that you desire. It means of course that there is never any question of what you have personally done with your life, the truth is there for you to see. Consequently, there is no point in trying to deceive yourself as even your intentions are known. Have no fear of the outcome, as it is you alone that judge your actions, and who also decide how best to learn lessons where they are needed. Spiritual progress is at the heart of everything, and your life plans are set up with that in mind.

Set your hearts and minds on achieving your highest levels of spirituality, and to the best of your ability live as one who has reached a high level of understanding. In these special times you will surely maintain your focus on your goal, and will know that you have stepped onto the path of Ascension. The necessary contacts that can assist you will find you, as by increasing intensity of your Light you attract them to you. Simply be ready to recognise such opportunities when they come your way.

We ourselves as members of the Galactic Federation are allowed to help you during your transition. If you have acquired knowledge of us and accept our position as being of a more advanced stage, we can act as your mentors. In some instances we are able to meet you, although that is usually in the higher dimensions and sometimes on board our ships. Certainly after Ascension we can take more of you for a guided tour of our Motherships, and that will be a memorable experience for you. You can be beautiful people given the chance, and your consciousness only needs lifting to the higher levels for you to express your true selves. We see your Light in its full glory, and we know many of you are near to Masterhood.

Our ships draw ever nearer to Earth, and our activities increase in your skies as we monitor what is going on. Wars as a means of settling disputes are having less appeal than ever before, and if it were left to the people, the war machines would be dismantled. The energy for peace is being attracted to so many people that it must force those in control to bring an end to all disruptive actions. This is encouraging for us, as before very long the anticipated governmental changes will commence on a world-wide basis.

I am SaLuSa and try to bring you uplifting news and information, as these are times when you need continual support. In the future we will be seen through your T.V. distribution networks, and by then the dark forces will have lost their power to interfere with them. In reaching up to the higher dimensions, you are connecting with those energies that are uplifting and also your protection. You also have our unlimited love and blessings without exception.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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