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SaLuSa, February 18, 2011

We continue to draw nearer to you, not that you may necessarily notice as we keep many of our craft shrouded in a cloak of invisibility. How exciting it will be when we can at last be open in our activities on and off your Earth. Our mission at present is one of a holding nature, until we have secured a safe environment and skies that are free of any threat against us. These matters cannot be dealt with very quickly, as it requires orders from people of the top echelons to ensure our safety. It is not that we are really at risk, but we cannot operate in an atmosphere of tension and malice. We refrain at all times from confrontation, and take evading action when we are threatened. Because we have advanced technologies we do not use them to overpower people, but to protect ourselves. The Galactic Federation is a peaceful organization that promotes peace and cooperation between civilizations.

Your Universe has been one that has perpetually been engaged in war, and the most devastating Galactic wars. When weapons carry such power as to destroy planets, you will know that a serious level of destruction has been reached. Yet your scientists tested the atom bomb without real understanding of the consequences, and went ahead knowing that there could have been a knock on affect. In the times of Atlantis they also pushed caution aside, and destroyed a great civilization and a whole continent. Many of you incarnate now were present in those times, and your presence has helped prevent another calamity. The levels of consciousness you reached allowed us to respond and stop another serious threat to the Earth, and you will know that it was during the latter part of last century. Once you discovered how to split the atom, it was seen that such a development would take place, but we could not interfere with your freedom to use your discoveries.

Your freewill has been both a blessing and a burden depending on how you have used it. Through your decisions you have molded your society and its laws, and of course created all that is around you. You are still exercising your freedom now, but having realized the shortcomings of the old ways you are seeking change. You have spoken and your dreams will materialize, and we are with to ensure that completion takes place as planned. In fact it is through Ascension that you will find yourselves moving into not just the New Age, but also the Golden Age. You have to be there to appreciate what it all means, and it will surpass anything that you can imagine. Yes, we tell you from time to time what to expect, but words seem quite inadequate to describe the beauty and harmony that awaits you.

It is as well that there are Lightworkers on Earth, as they are stabilizing the energies of Light and grounding them to the benefit of others. They carry their torch wherever they go and illuminate the way forward. Without them many would succumb to the lower energies, and find it difficult to lift themselves up out of them. This year is to be one of great upliftment for all people in general, as they will see major changes commencing with the promise of more to come. Out of the present turmoil will come the seeds of freedom from oppression, and the beginning of true period of happiness and advancement. The problems that exist today will gradually be eliminated, and then you will know that the path to Ascension has truly opened up.

Dear Ones, by all means send out your Light where you perceive it is most needed, but remember your immediate needs in the locality where you live. Communities will need the advice and experience of those who are understanding of what is happening. Groups will serve the needs best, and it is time to use whatever skills you have to direct people’s energies in the right direction. There will be plenty of volunteers once the goal for Mankind is understood, as it will be seen that you are all involved in what is taking place. It will be a pleasure to be of service to others, and the spirit of Oneness will prevail. It will continue to grow and the differences because of color, culture and religion will be of no consequence. In fact people will realize that at heart they are all souls on the same journey, and will go forward as One in harmony with each other.

There is not one problem that cannot be solved, no matter how big, and the tasks ahead will be dealt with quite speedily. We naturally wish to commence our operations as soon as possible, and must have the right people at the helm. That means bringing our allies into prominence, and they will step forward once the way is clear. We cannot have the dark Ones meddling in our work, so they will have to be first removed. We already know exactly who they are and they will be shown for what they stand, and there is no way that they will escape justice. By that time there will be a free exchange of information, and the media will have become a true expression of events that take place.

The Creator has never left you at the total mercy of the dark Ones, and regardless of what has taken place has surrounded you with Beings of Light to protect you. The Creator also decreed that this cycle should now end, and so it shall. So you can continue with your life, knowing that nothing can prevent you moving into the higher dimensions through Ascension. Allow yourselves to indulge in fantasies about the life you are about to move into, and you will not be far wrong if at all. Think of the most wondrous surroundings, the beauty and harmony beyond your present experience, the energies that speak of everlasting peace, and the iridescent light that permeates everything around you. Such visions will lift you up so that you never forget what is to be your destiny.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and if I have given you hope and assurance that a beautiful future lies ahead of you, I will have succeeded in giving you a help line to assist you through these troubled times on Earth. Already you are seeing what people can do when their focus is concentrated upon their goal. The result may not be instantaneous but can bring about changes that lead to it. If you did not think the changes would ever come, you know different now and they will continue to escalate. With your knowledge you can help others who only see the outer happenings, and help them avoid a fearful reaction. We will leave you with those thoughts, and express our love for you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Comment from one of our readers:

"Many of us came here, responding to a call for this mission here on Earth, in order to bring light, hope and in some way a point of reference to other people, projecting the idea of peace and love onto a world's scene which has seen darkness, violence and fear for such a long time! And I'm very glad to know that the terrestrian humans have reached the critical mass of people, who can change the fate of this planet that seemed inevitable in many prophecies, many months ago!

I remember that when Alex Collier in his last conference a year ago told us that we've done it, that we have reached the critical mass, tears of joy came to my eyes. And the movements towards change can be noticed in many countries, people are pushing for freedom, and the fear-inducing control-system has a hard time maintaining its stability. Nevertheless there are still voices trying to direct people's desire for fundamental change back into old tracks. SaLuSa, like many other channels, often talks about the "allies", having to take the key positions. Yet, I'm seeing that persons, who should be on our side and prepare everything for the introduction of the new paradigm aligned with the fifth dimensional consciousness, still do the spokesmen of the dark cabal.

What Obama does makes it very difficult to convince me that he's really one of us. Since he's been elected president, he has received lots of advance praise, and several channelings present him to us as the hope for the future of the US. And I'm sure, moving among the serpents is a big challenge, yet it is what he chose to do. But instead of putting the US back on the right track, his signature is on so many documents that deal with genocide, mass control and manipulation. He signed the worldwide swine-flu campaign, known to be an attempt to reduce mass-population, he enhanced the contingent of troops in Afghanistan, instead of calling them back home, and when he received the Nobel prize for peace, he justified war for peace's sake, coherent with the ancient roman principle:" If you want peace, prepare war!" I still wonder thanks to what merits he's been given this prize.

We hear him say to give the people in Egypt and Tunisia freedom, but it's become public that the CIA has their dirty hands in these events, trying to establish a new stable platform in the Middle east, putting there their favorite men!

The last bitter drop was Obama's speech, in which he still seeks to sell us the worn-out fairytale of Al Qua'ida threats, announcing his intention to introduce indefinite preventive "Prolonged Detention" of people in FEMA camps, who have not yet committed a crime, but could represent a potential risk to the US empire. Thus, anyone could be imprisoned without a trial, without lawyers and judges, without any proof, based on purely hypothetical evaluations of the CIA and other secret intelligencies. (For whoever is interested, here's a link to hear Obama's key-sentences) This speech is even more serious and disappointing, as, according to the Galactic Federation Of Light, Obama has been contacted after the missile incident and assured that he and his family are protected! So what's his excuse now, that he should have more security to move and act according to his "good intentions"?!

Galactic Federation, are you absolutely sure he's not been replaced by a reptilian?! I cannot see the light in what he says and does. I'm not an american, I'm italian, and here we are doing our own little revolution to get rid of our corrupt, dictatorial government. But the point is, the whole world is looking at the US, being the most powerful country with global influence. If Obama doesn't change anything to the better now, when does he intend to do it? Instead he's pushing forward the New World Order agenda. I'm still waiting for Obama to do even a single step into the right direction. But it seems it's in vain. We all are taking risks here in this mission! But what good can a president be who speaks out the truth only when the weather is clear and gay?!

Deep in my heart I KNOW, that the Galactic Federation Of Light is real and exists, I do feel their presence and love. But I truly hope, that the fate of America does not depend wholly on Obama! People of America, please do the Million-People-March on the 6th of March, we'll do so as well in Europe!

Love and Light, Calliope" (02-18-'11)

Our reply:

"Dear Calliope, Nice to see you again, how have you been? About Obama, I agree with you. You're right, right, right on every point that you mention. My stomach turned around when I saw him hang a medal of honor around old George Bush's neck the other day, who is in my opinion one of the most evil men who ever lived.

So the question is, WHY does Obama do all this? I do believe Hatonn when he says that Obama has been made aware that he's protected by the Light, but the question is, how serious does Obama take that? In my opinion, Obama is so influenced by the "serpents" around him, as you call them, that he has lost sight of the noble goals he once had. I have no doubt that Hillary Clinton made him believe that these aliens tried this with Bill too and they can't be trusted.

I believe Obama is a highly developped soul, as Matthew says, but if you don't listen to your heart, how can you find the right way?

This in itself amazes me, because after so much preparation, you would think that the GF would find the right man for the job, and make sure that he couldn't go wrong in his mission. But we have to conclude that Obama is not delivering the goods yet, far from it.

As usual, there's more than one way to get to a goal, and I'm convinced the divine plan will roll out as planned anyway. We can only send positive energy to Obama and hope that he sees the light one day. It's no use at all to be angry with him, because I think the one who is most disappointed with his behaviour, will be himself one day.

Of course we fully suport your call for everybody to join the March 6 March of Millions!
Much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (02-18-'11)

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