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SaLuSa, February 2, 2011

The stirring in people’s consciousness is speeding up the awakening process, and it is helping to focus their minds on a solution to the problems of the world. You will already have noticed that corruption is beginning to be rooted out, and honesty in all dealings is being sought. It is all part of the new energies that are pressing to be manifested, that have been building up for a long time. Progress and change cannot be prevented even if they can be delayed, and the Divine Plan is assisted by Great Beings who are directing events. Their powerful energies are affecting the whole Earth, and there is no place for the lower vibrations to hide. They will be transmuted and in so doing the dark Ones are rapidly losing their control over you. They are confused and in panic as what they have worked for brought them in sight of victory, but has crumbled and is falling apart. Even so, they cling forlornly to the hope that something may happen to restore their power, but we can assure them that it is no longer possible. Their days are up and they are destined to complete failure.

The people will pick up the pieces but not to restore them, but to confine them to history where they now belong. Changes such as you are experiencing are inevitably going to test your resolve, but with a glorious future ahead it becomes much easier to last the full course. Our coming is still to be a pivotal point in the near future, and the pressure is increasing almost by the day for disclosure to come out. You will find that it is happening now, but not in the way that will be announced to all countries. However, once it is you will learn that every country has been contacted by Space Beings over the last century, and quite often in recent times. All will agree that our approach has been one of peaceful intentions, and we have made clear that the end times have to be prepared for and that we will not wait much longer. The war machine is one of the first groups that will need to be disabled, so that we can work safely with you. Our craft have been fired upon and chased through your skies, although that is in fact pointless as we have a far superior technology to avoid their attention.

We have also in recent times prevented the weaponisation of Space, and have previously warned the Big Powers that we would not allow it to happen. Time and time again our advice has been ignored, but it makes no difference. We have shown what we can do without involving any kind of confrontation, and we have easily stopped attempts to provoke another world war. It is now time for wars to cease and the energies put to better use, to bring peace and happiness to the people. The tiredness at repeatedly being placed in states of fear is evident, and if your governments do not respond soon then we shall. Our plan is to immediately lay down the foundations for peace, and the redeployment of forces of war and their removal from foreign countries. Freedom is to return in such a way that many laws intended to control you will be repealed. Treated fairly and with compassion we know that you will reach a new level of respect for others, and crimes against each other will drop quite dramatically. In an atmosphere of trust and a bright future to look forward to, people will live their lives more fully and open their hearts to each other.

We have often spoken of living to your highest ability in anticipation of ever increasing levels of awareness. See in others their potential to lift up into the higher vibrations, as the same opportunity exists for each soul. Encourage others to open their eyes to what is happening, and assure them that a wonderful future will arise out of all the changes. It is not about any particular religion but it is about God, the One God that is known by many names yet is the same to all people who are birthed in his/her image. It is Man who has distorted such an image by attributing human traits to God, instead of understanding that every soul is a part of God with the ability to express pure love. Look inside to see if you are aware of your divinity, and if so lead your life as one who is awakened. Treat all souls as reflections of each other when it comes to seeing the Light that they carry. Focus on their good points and drop the habit of being judgmental, as it is not given to any other individual to know the facts of their life. Each of you has your own life plan and it is quite unique, and is especially for you and your evolution.

There is so much lined up that is at breaking point, and we are pressing for progress to speed up. We feel the time is right to now move forward, and we urge our allies to be ever aware of opportunities when they present themselves. Do not allow circumstances to pull you down, and see every change as a prelude to much greater happenings that will bring you much happiness. Every step of the way will lead to fulfillment of your spiritual quest, and you will leave duality a much more experienced soul than when you first came into it. That is indeed the object of all the lives you have had, which have been planned with your objective in mind. Regardless of what you have done with your various lives, there is not a single soul that will not have benefited from their experiences.

Remember also Dear Ones, that the babes in arms are nevertheless old souls who have their reasons for incarnating at this time. Perhaps they are renewing links with those they have known previously, or simply desirous of being part of Ascension with Mother Earth. They will have already decided what they want to do in the future, and it is most likely they are already well advanced spiritually. Look into their eyes and it will tell you a lot about them, realize that they understand far more than you probably give them credit for. It is being realized that recent generations have been attracted to Earth not only because of Ascension, but because they have something to offer mankind beyond what would normally be expected of young persons. Listen carefully as many have much wisdom to impart.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I know that the Light is ever increasing upon Earth, which is a very good sign of the progress being made. Out of the darkness a grand Light beams out and reaches all around the Earth, moving into those areas of turmoil and bringing a more peaceful energy. Shine yours to wherever there is unrest and it will help bring in peaceful vibrations.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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