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A Call for a March of Millions on Washington, March 6, 2011

Steve Beckow
by Steve Beckow, February 13, 2011

A Call for a March of Millions on Washington, March 6, 2011
The Founding Fathers of the United States recognized that, in the course of human events, a time arrives for a people to throw off the chains of tyranny. The truth of this was held to be self-evident. Inalienable rights were at stake.

Much time has passed between then and now and it’s no longer necessary to overturn a government. The United States still has political and other institutions that function and can take corrective action without bloodshed or violence.

But it’s the time nevertheless to remove from the neck of the American people a destructive force that has corrupted and controlled those institutions and enslaved them for centuries.

I’m not an American but a Canadian and can make this call but then can do nothing else. It’s up to you to take it up and see it through.

Were I an American, I would certainly organize and lead what I propose. I’m certainly an American in sympathy, an American as John Kennedy was a Berliner.

I address you here for this purpose:

I call for a March of Millions on Washington, D.C., on March 6, 2011.

The function of this march is to serve notice on the elite group which has held the reins of power in the United States for centuries that their time is over and that they should leave their positions of power and influence or be removed.

This elite group has been called by many names. A few of them are the Military-Industrial Complex (President Eisenhower’s name for it), the secret state, the “New World Order,” the Illuminati, the Rockefeller faction, the bloodlines, the 13 Families, and numerous others. Their ranks have included Presidents, generals, judges, senators, representatives, and many, many others in positions of power and influence.

They effectively control the United States through organizations like the Center for Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the NSA, CIA, and other intelligence agencies, the national-security apparatus, Northern Command, Southern Command, Central Command, NORAD, and other elements of the military, the FBI, the police, the civil service, the top echelons of many business and financial organizations, educational, medical, religious, and other institutions and associations and many other individuals and organizations whose identity is unknown.

They have been wholly or partly responsible for every war that has been fought, every financial crisis, every pandemic, natural disasters, false-flag operations, and a broad range of other attacks upon the American people for most of their history.

They control most of the wealth of the nation, have a plan in place to reduce the population of the globe through pandemics, chemtrails, weather warfare, martial, law, nuclear war, and other means, have prepared safe places for themselves in deep underground military bunkers, have prepared FEMA camps to incarcerate or kill dissidents among the population, have purchased and deployed weaponry of unimaginably-deadly force in space, on land, and below land and sea to effect control of the world.

But they cannot stand up to an aroused population. I propose that the sovereign citizens of the United States, on March 6, 2011, send this cabal a message they cannot ignore that the citizens are aroused and aware and demand that they leave the seats of power or be removed and put in prison.

A Call for a March of Millions on Washington, March 6, 2011
The first step to the restoration of a working democracy in America, to financial health, to honest elections, and to the reconstitution of an uncorrupted executive, civil service, legislature, judiciary and military is the unseating of this dark cabal. Following the example of the courageous people of Egypt, I call upon the American people to take back Washington and show in strength the corrupt and immoral clique that their rule, their dictatorship, is at an end.

I don’t suggest that the marchers call for the overthrow of their government because enough elements in it, in my opinion, are honest that a transition from the present-day situation to clean government can be accomplished without the need for revolution.

I consider President Barack Obama to be an upright and courageous leader, with the resources and wisdom to clean up government, if he had the support of the people rather than their opposition.

I declare it to be my belief that the dark elite has labored, through its control of the press, disinformation sources such as the CIA black ops unit, and the elite’s willing friends in the media, politics, and religion, to create public distrust and opposition to President Obama.

I submit to you that the President is, in fact, a spiritually-evolved human being, much maligned, but fit to lead the United States out of its enslavement to the cabal. Though surrounded and hampered by the cabal, he is not a member. I suggest the President be the keynote speaker before the March of Millions and that Americans watch what he can do when he has, and knows he has, the support of the people.

I call upon all freedom-loving people to come to Washington on March 6 and make their voices known in an orderly and peaceful way. I call for America to restore herself to her once-accepted role as the respected leader among nations, dedicated to individual freedom, human dignity, international harmony, and world peace.

I ask that this message be mounted to Facebook, Twitter, petition sites, and every other resource available on the Internet. I ask you to forward it to your friends and associates. I ask that it be posted everywhere.

It’s time for the peace-loving and upright citizens of the United States to throw off the chains of the “New World Order” and return American life to the values enshrined in its Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.


Steve Beckow
Vancouver, Canada

Update February 14: Let's make it a Worldwide March!

Website: The 2012 Scenario
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