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SaLuSa, June 15, 2009

Waiting patiently is not something humans are renowned for at the best of times, and with the coming of many needed changes, it is a test of your endurance and faith. Yes, we know that your hopes have been raised and then you have suffered deflation, but that is because the events are so important they have to come in at a time when they will be successful. There has also been a lot of essential work that has had to be set up to provide the support that will be needed. Nothing can happen without careful planning, and we leave no stone unturned to ensure a complete and satisfactory conclusion.

Our ways are not to force our selves upon you, and what we are doing has to have our absolute confidence in the outcome. Your future is not something that can be played around with, as it is at a point where you are about to take a quantum leap forward. The upliftment in your spiritual evolution is the whole purpose and outcome of your time in duality, and we are here to ensure that no outside influence or actions prevent you from ascending. You live from life to life with a specific purpose that moves you on and adds to your spiritual understanding. For many of you this cycle has little more to offer and you have learnt your lessons well, so it is your time to move on into the higher realms that are more suited to your greater levels of consciousness.

Dear Ones, when you are finished with these lower realms, you have no hesitation in making a decision to leave them for the higher ones. Already you may well feel out of place in this dimension, and know that it no longer fulfils your conscious desire to move into those vibrations that give you peace and happiness. Dimensions that are in surroundings of the same higher energies that you have attained, because of your awakening to the Light and Love being beamed to Earth. Making a break is a natural development that will place you in the realms that will give you your next opportunity to move into another phase of your evolutionary experiences. The Laws of the Universe mean that all souls will when changes take place, find themselves at the precise levels that resonate with their own energy levels. You do not therefore need to concern yourselves about the choices made by others, as with the coming of the end-times of this cycle, all will be perfectly completed in accordance with the divine laws.

Therefore, see beyond the outer happenings, knowing that the Light will be victorious and let nothing distract you from your goal. The old cannot possibly be restored as the dark forces relied upon the lower energies to carry out their plans, and these no longer exist as before. Such empires created by the dark for centuries of time, are now crumbling and will fall apart until they completely disintegrate. Gone also will be the negative influences, and those who were their lieutenants in their war against those of the Light. There is no place on the path to Ascension, for those who will not relinquish their attachment to the lower vibrations. At the appropriate time they will be removed elsewhere to continue life to their choosing. You need not therefore be unduly concerned with their last attempts to hold power, as it will be unsuccessful.

Look to the impending changes that are planned, that will lift you onto a new level of consciousness more in keeping with your own advancement. We of the Galactic Federation know fully well what is required to lift up you and Mother Earth. We frequently give you details so that you can see where events are going to take you before you reach that magical year of 2012. It is the end of duality as far as you are concerned, and many different sources now see that it is one of great significance. It will take our coming before the truth will be known of how these last years will affect Mankind, as your authorities know of the imminent changes but as usual prefer to keep you in the dark. Knowledge is power, and the dark have systematically kept you from knowing the truth because it would diminish their hold over you. They would prefer to keep you in a slave mentality, whereas you should be realising that you have every right to re-claim your sovereignty.

Dream your vision of the higher realms, and what you find will still be beyond your imagination. Words cannot do justice to the range of colours and the beauty that reveals everything in a state of perfect expression. There is a peace that has no equal upon Earth, yet it is more akin to your natural godlike self. It is your home where once you dwelt before coming to Earth, as you undertook to leave such realms to experience duality. You were always promised that the end times would see you restored to the higher dimensions, and in reality you have never lost faith in those who made it to you. Your many lifetimes have always been accompanied by Higher Beings, even although you were largely unaware of their presence.

Now you are coming closer to the final days, and we along with Higher Beings can draw nearer to you. That is because the Light has grown upon Earth and we are to join you in the latter stages of Ascension. You have much to come in the way of surprises that will give you great happiness. You will be finally freed from the overbearing rule of the dark ones and their minions. There will still be some chaotic times, but realise whatever takes place now is simply a clearing out of that which has no place in your future. If you are meant to be here to see the cycle through to its end, then that is what you will experience. Others who desired to experience this dimension in its closing stages, but not ascend will leave according to their life plan, and that will be right for them.

See the beauty and justice in God’s Kingdom as all is carried out in Love and Light. Your freewill is paramount in any decision you make, and is fully honoured. There would be no point in granting freewill if others interfered in it and changed it. Nevertheless life is subject to the Laws of the Universe, and that is the only way in which it may be subject to limitation or change. You must bear responsibility for your actions where they interfere with the sovereignty of others. That is karmic law and it is absolutely just and fair.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and know many of you are becoming very aware of what to expect in the remaining years. Our loving presence shall be with you all of the way, and our protection also accompany you.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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