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Ag-agria, June 12, 2009

I am Ag-agria come to you again, to tell you more about time aboard our ships. As members of the Galactic Federation we do not have jobs such as you would understand them. Of course we do occupy ourselves by doing what we are best at, and are members of teams that have a full understanding of their individual responsibilities. Unlike you, we do not have to work for a living as all of our needs are totally catered for on board our craft. However, like some of you on Earth we see our time as freely given in service to others. We do specialise in our particular field of interest, and it is our choice as to what we do. We spend a comparatively short time reaching the standards required to fulfil our tasks, as our educational systems are far advanced. We are effectively programmed in whatever it is we wish to learn, very much like your computers. You spend many years studying and taking exams, but that is unnecessary the way that we operate. Our methods will also be yours at some stage in the future, and we can tell you that life is wonderful and very rewarding.

We follow our personal choices and it is very fulfilling, and we are not hard worked as you often are, as robots and computer programs carry out our menial tasks. In fact, our ships are living computers that interact with us. We have leisure time to follow our own pursuits, and art in its various forms is very popular amongst us, although we have the creative abilities to create by sheer thought. You too will reach those levels in good time. Because we are Space Beings our interests are somewhat different to yours, although subjects such as Biology and Science are simply expanded to a Cosmic level. Some of our Mother Ships contain all that a small city would have, and special areas where you can carry out research and experiments. You can also tap into a pool of knowledge on any subject you can imagine, as “live” records exist in the holographic form. Talking books are available and printed ones are no longer necessary, as micro-chipped information has taken their place.

Many of us are fully qualified and experienced in such important areas such as healing, and that knowledge is used for the different challenges we meet when visiting somewhere such as your Earth. We do not have bodies that suffer in the way yours do, as we have ones of Light that maintain their condition, and we are quite safe in our ships from areas in Space that pose radiation dangers. Bear in mind we have the benefit of thousands upon thousands of years experience available to us from our Federation members. Sharing of knowledge is considered to be quite normal and essential to help others with their evolution. It is a lesson you still have to learn, as the Creator intended that it should be so. On Earth you seek monetary gain from holding knowledge but that approach must change, and when you take a different view even money itself will gradually become unnecessary.

Your present level of consciousness is rapidly changing, and ideas are going around that reflect the new way of thinking, but it requires a general consensus of agreement to implement them. The people of Earth are awakening now and beginning to see the mistakes of the past, and tire of the mentality that sets one country against another. Co-operation and service to each other is an idea that is gaining support, and many small groups have started schemes of this nature. It will grow and make coming together a lot easier, and the many nationalities will mix even more than now, overcoming their cultural differences. You were until recently segregated by language and distance, but in recent times these are no longer barriers. Again in the near future our coming will make matters easier still, as we shall issue you with translators that will eliminate the problem of understanding each other.

We want to see you jump a few generations, and recover from the past years when you have been deliberately held back by the Illuminati. You must realise by now that your lives could have been vastly different. In spite of what you have been told, the resources of Earth have been sufficient to give everyone a satisfactory life, with no deprivation or needs such as still exist today in many quarters of your world. Some will ask why that should be, and Dear Ones we have to be truthful and tell you that you brought it upon yourselves. Yet we must balance those comments by mentioning the Anunnaki who have been a great influence in your present cycle. They found a ready made civilisation that could be easily manipulated, and led to believe in separation by conquering their “foes” and taking their territories. Those warlike tendencies continued for a long, long time and your last century was one of the bloodiest ever. Out of it has come a desire to finish with confrontation, but your dark forces have endeavoured to keep it going for their personal benefit.

We live for hundreds of years in our bodies, because they do not “die” of old age as yours do. We have therefore seen your history being made, and also known what the motives were so we can speak to you of your past with some authority. It is littered with the corpses of the Human Race, and your blood runs deep into the Earth. You have come back many times and tried to lift Humanity up, but the dark forces have been too strong. However, in the midst of it all a Light has begun to shine out as the love energy has permeated the grids of Earth, creating the opportunity for any soul who so desires to lift up. It came in good time to open up a path that those of the Light could follow, and it came to be named Ascension.

Can there be anyone who would not change his or her present circumstances for the chance to rise up? We hope that eventually many more souls who have been pulled into the dark abyss will respond to the Light. It is only fear that holds them back; as they have been hurt so many times that trust has to be earnt. We will do a considerable amount to ensure that the facts of your lives upon Earth are placed before you. You have been misled about so many matters of importance to your true understanding of the purpose of life. One of the principle points relates to your perception of God, and we must say that God is the totality of Unconditional Love. God is not therefore one of wrath, or anger and does not punish you regardless of the experiences you have undertaken. Freewill means exactly what it says, and it is only you that will decide the outcome of your choices. You are all Beings of love incarnate, and we love you for what you are as we see beyond your outer casing.

Thank you Ag-agria.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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