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SaLuSa, June 17, 2009

Keep on keeping on, is always good advice as this is not the time to sit back. Be in charge of your life and ensure that it reflects your ambitions and desires. No one else on Earth knows you better than yourself, and it is essential that you follow your intuition if you are one who is on the Ascension path. You will be guided to people or situations that will keep you on track, and also help clear any remaining karma. For this lifetime many of you took on very great challenges, to ensure you were ready to ascend with what you call a “clean slate”. As you might expect, some of your toughest challenges have been left for your last life in this dimension. The reason might be apparent to you already, and it is because you have now reached a higher level of consciousness and understanding. You are therefore better equipped to clear the last of your karma.

Do not be concerned as to how well you are doing, as your Guides will help you come out of this period with your head held high. As we have previously mentioned, there is also the Law of Grace that allows for any remaining karma to be nullified. Karma may sound as though it is strictly imposed upon you, but the truth is you decide how and when to deal with it. Of course you can consult with Higher Beings who are pleased to give advice to you, and some matters may be deferred until later life times. It does not follow that karma is necessarily cleared in the very next life. Remember that more often than not other souls are involved with you in clearing it, and there is quite a bit of planning involved to get you together.

Being responsible for your actions and thoughts still applies as you rise up through the dimensions. Your stories of the fall of the Angel Lucifer are one such example. However, it becomes easier as you progress, since you are moving beyond the dark energies and more fully into the Light. At the higher levels, mistakes are likely to be no more than a misjudged decision that ultimately proves to have been incorrect. It can nevertheless involve the future of many souls in your care, and mistakes have to be rectified. Since all is in harmony, if there are mishaps we do not proportion the blame and there are no recriminations. I hasten to add, that once you have undertaken to serve the Will of God, the pathway you tread is one of Light and Love and you will seldom move in any other direction. Service to others in the name of God is not boring or dull, but full of adventure and greatly satisfying.

We of the Galactic Federation are at one with each other, and it is a most wonderful feeling and experience. Our consciousness is at a high level where we can only speak the truth with each other, and consequently it is impossible to lie. Again because of our level of consciousness, we do not experience negative emotions such as anger and we have peaceful relationships all round. We tell you these things not to elevate ourselves above you, but to simply project a feeling of what it will be like after you have ascended. Life becomes one of immense happiness, joy and satisfaction and is extremely fulfilling.

Whilst on Earth you are confronted by souls at so many different levels of evolution, and you cannot truly maintain the higher energies for any great length of time. However, we admire the tenacity of those of you that do your best in that direction. How sweet it will be as you begin to ascend and join hands with those who are like yourself. Some of you have individual relationships that come near to perfection, but the dark energies are drawing you into situations that fully test your resolve to rise above them. We admire your great force of will power, and it will successfully carry Mankind through the present upheavals. Your time in duality has honed your souls ability to hold onto the Light, and now there is an army that holds the banners of freedom high for all to see. That time will come, but not without a fight as the dark ones are like a wounded animal lashing out in its death throes. Have compassion for such souls, as they in there own way have been important to your evolution.

It must be re-assuring to know that you have almost completed your time in duality. Cycles come and go, and with it the Universe moves ever upwards. Within it all souls must eventually do the same, or be removed so as to not impede the progress of all others. You and your Earth will be the last to rise up, and very soon you shall experience changes that will leave you in no doubt that Ascension has begun. Many of you feel the higher energies and are able to draw them unto yourself. Others find them debilitating and uncomfortable, being unable to handle the high vibrations. Clearly the divide between them and those that are ascending is growing bigger, and will continue to do so. The status quo will remain until such times that it is no longer in the interests of all concerned to remain together.

As we have mentioned previously, you cannot take anything of a physical nature with you into the higher dimensions. However you can take your memories to a new level of expression, and re-create them in a way that you have not seen before. No matter how long you travel in space you will always have your Home planet to return to, and even during them you will occasionally make a return visit to it. Yet in a way you never leave as your energy connects you with your planet, and you can contact anyone there telepathically as distance is no barrier to this form of communication. Even now some of you find that telepathy is within your grasp, and you should concentrate on developing it. When two people spontaneously think of each other it happens quite naturally, but when you ascend you will learn that contact on this level has to be agreed by both persons. Privacy is still observed, and indeed is important to avoid intrusion where it is not suitable or uninvited. You will have adequate time to learn the protocol in such matters.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel equally as excited as you do at the thought of our grand reunion. We will greet you in a loving embrace as one soul of Light to another. The prospect of ascending should fill you with joy, and it is more than ample reward for your sojourn upon Earth.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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