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SaLuSa, June 10, 2009

As time passes we feel you must be noticing the energetic changes that are taking place. Whether you realise it or not, you are being affected by them and not everyone reacts in the same way. Some of you are puzzled by the different feelings and moods that you experience, whilst others are aware of the changes and mentally and physically prepared for them. Tiredness is perhaps the most common symptom, and depending on your circumstances you will take the rest you need. Even after that you may not necessarily feel totally refreshed, and may need to take a longer period to completely recover. Do not worry about these occurrences as they will come and go, and do not normally indicate that you have an illness. You and your physical body take time to adjust to the higher energies coming to Earth, and it is something you have not experienced before to such a degree. Let your body tell you when it needs you to take it easy, and take notice of it when you can. Eventually, you will overcome tiredness, and the new energies will not have such a pronounced effect upon you.

The changes within are also taking you away from your established habits and routine ways of living. What is no longer appropriate for a soul that is preparing for Ascension will gradually be replaced by a higher expression of Self. So I ask you Dear Ones to note what you feel and know that you are changing for the better and go along with the flow, as you subconsciously know the path you have set for yourself. You are all unique; so do not measure yourself against others as you have your own requirements that will see you successfully move along your Ascension path.

Your ability to stay centred should become easier, and you will feel a certain peace within that allows you to carry yourself through any troubled period without being affected. Fear will become non-existent, as your faith and confidence in yourself will not yield to the lower energies. Furthermore, those who work for you from the higher dimensions will provide a protective shield around you. Fear acts as an energy that is destructive and disruptive, and has a debilitating effect, and the dark still play on it as it their main weapon to cause chaos and dismay. By now you should be aware of their tactics, and try not to allow their actions to cause such confusion. Usually the dangers to you are grossly overstated, and generated to simply spread fear.

The energy of Love is still your most powerful response to any attack upon you. To “turn the other cheek” may take some doing, but to do otherwise is falling into the trap of retaliation. You might be surprised at how easy it is to stay within your own Light and Love, and it will eventually strengthen your resolve to stand firm regardless of what is happening. By so doing you will also be helping others, who may not as yet have the ability to remain calm when confronted by hostilities in their various forms. Never give up your determination to move out of duality, as it is there for the taking and will place you firmly upon the Ascension path. Whatever you believe will happen to end this cycle, know that there will be an upliftment that will take you forward providing you have prepared yourself for it. That means consciously desiring it and mentally seeing yourself in a heightened state of awareness.

We can be sure of your imminent progress because we can already see the outcome of the closing period of this cycle. It is to finish with a wonderful flourish for souls that have achieved the levels of consciousness that are necessary to ascend. What else have you set your sights upon except to take such an opportunity, and many of you will succeed. Keep your objectives in mind, and do not be deterred by others who may question your beliefs. Freewill is everyone’s divine right, and no one is denied their beliefs. We know that in time, those that are held that do not reflect the truth will fall away. You are experiencing this in many ways, and it is at the root of so many changes that appear to be forced upon you. Let us tell you that eventually all that will remain is what is for the best of all.

Allow the old to fall away, knowing that it will be replaced by conditions that help bring in the new ways that are associated with the New Age. It may seem that your society is collapsing, but that will only last as long as it takes to introduce the changes to you. They are for the most part associated with our coming, but much has to be laid down to form the bedrock that they shall be built upon. We are guiding those who have this task, and regardless of how it appears everything will proceed as destined. There are many benefits that we have taken charge of that were part of NESARA, and we shall be instrumental in bringing them into being. We can best deal with such matters after First Contact, but some changes will have already commenced. Many Dear Souls have the vision that will enable them to manifest, and again we shall be nearby to ensure they have a safe passage.

With your rising consciousness levels, you are making progress in lifting up yourselves that much nearer to Ascension, and from the higher dimensions we see that it is very well advanced. This will tell you that you are breaking your links with the old paradigm, and creating a new one that is appropriate to the level you are now in. The more you progress the less hold the dark forces can exert upon you, and you are surely breaking free from them. Your thoughts are so powerful that you can already as a mass consciousness repel much of the lower energies that come your way. You will eventually reach a stage where you will be totally untouchable by them, and we encourage you to hold onto this vision now. Do not doubt for one moment the power you have, which has brought you a long way from where you were just at the turn of the last century. It indicates how far you have progressed in such a short time, and you will continue to do so at an even faster rate.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and the Galactic Federation are able to continue drawing nearer with First Contact, due to your success in raising the vibrations upon Earth. You are clearing away much negativity, and the Light is enabling us to come closer than ever. You are loving Beings, and we delight in seeing you share your love with all others, and that tells us how much you have advanced already. We look forward with excitement to the day when our intention to make open contact with you all will be announced.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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