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SaLuSa, November 11, 2009

Dear Ones today is an occasion when heightened energies are reaching you on Earth, one day of many that are occurring with more regularity. It is the gradual lifting up of your vibrations and is bringing changes into being. It is also a day when you can respond to the call to make it a Peace Day, by thinking it and living it to your highest ability. Keep peace and harmony in your mind, and let it shine out from your eyes and heart. If sufficient of you did so you could change the world in the twinkling of an eye, because the Light of love is the most powerful of all energies. Do your bit and know that many others are with you, including many powerful Beings from our side of the veil. The inspiration for the Peace Day has come from them, and taken up by Russ Michael. He is an inspired soul who is a Lightworker dedicated to spreading love and Light, and we commend him for his service to Mankind.

We often talk about your individual life plans that are carefully planned to ensure success, but as you must realise they in turn are part of the greater plan for your Universe, It cannot fail, and at our level we see it as already completed. Your part in it may therefore seem of little importance, but it is nevertheless a contribution that will put the final part in place, which is your Ascension. The Earth is a point of great interest for these very reasons, and it is known throughout the Universe. If you could grasp the immensity of what is taking place, you will understand how important your service is not just to the whole of your civilization, but also to many others.

We have total faith in your ability to see your way past futile attempts of the dark Ones, to prevent the changes from occurring. The energized movement is already taking place, and it cannot be halted by any power on Earth. If you can live your lives with this in mind, you will not be deterred in any way from the tasks in hand. Your efforts may seem to take place in isolation, but in fact they are all little cogs in the great Wheel of Change that is gathering speed. Rather than feeling down because they have been a long time coming, we register your appreciation of the need for patience, knowing that you will be well rewarded in the final days of this cycle.

When you sail along in the Light, life seems to be lifted up to where regardless of what is going on around you, you feel safe and at One with all else. It is largely a state of mind, achieved by your understanding of the reality in which you live. When you accept that you created it, then you also realise that you can change it by re-creating it. That is what you are doing now, and the signs of success are there to be seen. The best is yet to come, and 2010 cannot be anything but a year of great revelations, and the fulfillment of many predictions.

As we have told you many times, it is you the people who decide your future and the dark and the Light are head to head for your soul. Although we see victory as already yours, you still need to give your undivided attention to creating your own pathway to Ascension. Give no leeway to those who would distract you by creating chaos on Earth. Ignore their fear making actions and words, and you will deny them your energy. Once your confidence is strong in the power of the Light to lift you up, there will be no stopping your progress. You have everything you need at this very time to be successful. Seek help if you feel you need it but in the ultimate make your own way, through the guidance of your intuition.

We feel both your excitement and also frustration as you wait for the announcement from President Obama, that will for the first time be the official recognition of our presence. You ask will it really take place this time and we can say yes it is 99% certain, but that other 1% will always be there to allow for any exceptional circumstances that may necessitate a change to the plan. Human situations are such that we can be fairly accurate in our predictions, but off world considerations by those who oversee the announcement take priority. After all Dear Ones, it is the Creator who has decreed what is to happen to finish up your present cycle.

Take heart from the number of higher souls who are involved in your upliftment, who between them wield power far beyond anything you can reach upon Earth. It is your combined powers that are quickly bringing the Light energies to you, and in this area the dark Ones have little or no influence. You have experienced so many traumas in your many lives, and for some of you the mental strain is causing fatigue. You know your time has been completed, and cannot wait to move into those peaceful vibrations that will re-energies you. Oh! to be able to completely relax and leave your worries behind, and meet others in harmonious loving relationships. To no longer have needs that are not being met, but instead have all your heart desires to live in absolute comfort. That Dear Ones is the future that awaits you and the dark Ones will be consigned to the dimensions that resonate with their vibrations. They will be unable to intrude by force or allowance into the new dimension of Earth.

Carry on making your plans as normal, and understand that conditions will take time to noticeably change, even so we are charged with bringing in massive changes all round. The world is in a sorry state after so much neglect and damage to her surface. We have taken your needs into consideration and have a plan that will tackle many projects, but first we need to have your acknowledgement and acceptance of presence. That is why we know it will take an official announcement, from the most powerful President on your planet to achieve it. So like you we eagerly await that day, when we can say that the solution to your problems has arrived. Other countries will soon see the value of joining the Light forces but the leadership will need to change in some, where they are in the control of the dark Ones.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that the Galactic Federation are behind you, and eagerly anticipating the positive response from you. We find a large percentage of you are pleased at the prospect of our coming, and many others will join you once they are satisfied we come in peace. Great days beckon, and an end to all wars and conflicts are high priorities on our list. Peace is what you urgently seek, and peace shall come very quickly.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Coming Friday (November 13), Mike Quinsey's guest on his radio show will be Suzy Ward, who is also one of our channelers! You can read the details here.

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