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SaLuSa, November 13, 2009

We have informed you that it is time to reveal the truth about us, and our activities on your behalf. The time of revelations you refer to as “Disclosure” is so to say “on the table”, and it will open a Pandora’s Box of information. Once the initial announcement has been made, it will bring out long hidden truths about the Galactic Federation members. It will also reveal the truth about other visitors to Earth outside of our membership, and not necessarily of the higher levels of Light. Naturally a young civilisation such as yours attracts a lot of interest, and it is permissible for visits to be made for the purposes of exploration and scientific information. However, there are strict laws of non-interference, and they have to observed.

As you have grown over thousands of years, the colonisation of other countries has been enforced and mighty empires have emerged. The colonisation of Space has stringent and enforceable controls, and can only take place with both sides in agreement. Clearly there are many benefits to be gained where a more advanced civilisation joins hands with a developing one. Your Earth is in such a position now, and your potential to be able to join the Space Family commenced when you raised your consciousness levels. It was known that you would rapidly progress towards Space travel, and now you go back and forth to planets in your Solar System. Inter Stellar travel would be a natural development from there, but until you put down your weapons of mass destruction, you will be prevented from doing so. It is true that there have been Galactic Wars, but as time passes so soul progression takes place and peaceful co-existence becomes more wide spread.

The dark forces upon Earth have had ambitions to enslave you, and extend their activities into Space. They already have bases upon the Moon and Mars, and using force they would not hesitate to colonise another world. However, no matter what they do they will not be allowed to go outside your Solar System. Nuclear weapons are quarantined so that they stay on Earth, and not allowed to be used in connection with experimental or warlike activities. You might wonder where the negative influences have come from that have plagued your planet, and we can tell you that they have always existed in your Universe because of its dual polarity. When the vibrations of your mass consciousness drops very low you attract similar ones from outside, and as a result powerful energies are formed that make them harder to overcome. We are pleased to tell you that as a result of your highest intentions for good, you have suddenly lifted out of the depths of darkness. Hence, you now move even further away and into the Light that is your path to Ascension.

There is so much truth in the expression “as above so below” and this is why your upliftment into the higher dimensions, will find you at home in surroundings that are acceptable and familiar to you. As a collective of human souls that have originally come from all quarters of the Universe, you are a microcosm of the macrocosm. Therefore although dramatic and far-reaching changes are coming, they will be a natural progression in your greater path to Cosmic Consciousness. You are special and well loved without a doubt, and why not as we are all involved together in our journey through Space. The changes will be enormous and exciting, and whatever your experiences now they will be eclipsed by those that are to come.

We find that there are far more people who are now settled in peaceful self-realisation. They walk their life without fear and carry their Light with them, raising the vibrations around them where ever they go. The Light has formed a network of souls that are unknowingly spreading it across the Earth. It is growing exponentially, and is a great force for the good of all other souls. As we often suggest Dear Ones walk in the awareness of your Light at all times, and your mere presence will lift up those around you.

Everything is going well and much happens behind the scenes of which you cannot yet be aware. Our allies slowly but surely make inroads where there needs to be changes, and wait our go ahead to implement our plan. They are often in vital positions that are essential to success, and for the time being secrecy is necessary about their activities. Our craft are often placed in such a way as to protect them, and our presence is unknown because we are cloaked in invisibility. Many craft already peer in to you world as they monitor the dark Ones and their whereabouts. We have the thousands of nuclear devices under our control, and you may rest easily as they will not be allowed to be used. The dark are far from having it all their own way, and we play by the rules where they do not. We are highly organised, and they are in disarray because it has long become apparent to them that they cannot win the battle between the dark and Light.

There is a new sense of achievement amongst Light workers, as they now feel the changes in the vibrations and realise that upliftment is well under way. These last few years have seen remarkable progress towards Ascension, and more souls are awakening to their true potential. With the advent of Disclosure and the revelations that will soon follow, we expect even more souls to come out of their clouded view of life. No one really likes to feel that they have been deliberately misled yet it has been going ever since the collapse of the Atlantean civilisation. From that time you fell into an abyss of darkness, and those seeking self-power took advantage of the situation.

As this cycle now closes you will look back, and realise that you have gone through so many karmic periods as a Human Race. War and the threat of war have never been far away, and after some of the bloodiest wars in your history. You have said, “enough is enough” and moved your focus away from them and on to the path of peace. Your leaders are slow to respond and opposition to changes is strong, because of the profitable industry that has grown up around them.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that you have called for peace on Earth, and we are here to ensure that it is achieved. It will be part of our plan for you and your salvation, and negotiations will commence once we are introduced to you. Love and appreciation of each other will quickly return.

Thank You SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Today (November 13), Mike Quinsey's guest on his radio show will be Suzy Ward, who is also one of our channelers! You can read the details here.

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