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SaLuSa, November 9, 2009

The present times are such that you can review whatever of your old self is being carried forward. It is part of your personal cleansing that cuts links with certain aspects of your consciousness, that no longer serve one who is aspiring to raise their present levels. What you are wrestling with are thought forms that have long been part of your psyche. They determine your reaction to circumstances through your past experiences, and your own image as to who you think you are. You are faced with automatic responses, that can no longer align themselves with the changes you are making so that your consciousness may be uplifted. You can break the link by denying it your energy which will prevent it manifesting. Let thoughts pass through your mind in the same way that you become an observer of actual events, and release them straight away. Be assured that in time you will be able to take full command of your thoughts and actions.

You are becoming a stronger aspect of your Higher Self, and you will certainly have noticed the changes within Self. Instead of being bound by your upbringing and what is considered the “normal” way of life, you are open to guidance from the higher realms. This keeps you firmly on the path of evolution and of becoming a fully-fledged Being of Light, which is necessary if you are to be part of the Ascension process. You will find it gradually becomes easier to attain a higher level of consciousness, as the vibration on Earth is increasing at an ever faster rate. There has not been such an opportune time as now to leave the cycle of re-incarnation. You have as you might say, qualified to make your way to the higher dimensions. Duality has given you the background and mindset to realize that you have learnt sufficient from your experiences, to leave them behind.

The magnitude of what you have achieved will not dawn upon you until you leave duality, and find yourself in the higher levels of Light. Then you will be able to look back at your total experiences, and without a doubt your highs and lows will astonish you. With guidance you directed towards yourselves, the experiences that achieved your personal goal. After all Dear Ones, you chose your path and not every soul has the same desire or goal in mind. You can serve the Light in so many ways, and there are many developing civilizations that would benefit from your knowledge. Who better to guide others that are still in duality, than those who have finished the course?

Your reality is an illusion yet quite real while you are within it. Some time in the future it will completely disappear, as like anything else of a lower vibration it cannot hold together when those around it rise up. Nothing is of course lost but simply returns to its original essence to be used again for another creation, which is continually taking place all over the Universe. In the higher dimensions you will be the creator of whatever is your hearts desire, and it will be pure and in balance with all else. They are no place for anything else but the purest thoughts. It may sound difficult to adjust to, but with your return to full consciousness you will find it quite natural to deal with. You will be at levels that are your real home from whence you originally came.

Dear Ones you will be both astonished and uplifted by the changes that are so near. What you may have thought was nigh on impossible will happen, because the Light has empowered people to act. One revelation after another will come out once it all starts rolling, and will reveal the false circumstances you have been living under. You are searching for the truth about yourselves, and it will clear up many misconceptions you have. There are no chosen people that are privileged to be over others, and it is through your own efforts that progress is made. Despite what outwardly appears to be so, you are all equal. That Man has contrived a system where others are held to be inferior is simply for power over them. Enlightened people are usually humble and use their knowledge to help others, without any expectation of reward. From a spiritual point of view, it is your intent that determines how unselfish your act is seen to be.

Those souls who are in readiness for Ascension are seeking like kinds to share their knowledge with, and help as many as possible to ascend. The greater the amount of Light attracted to Earth, comes the greater possibility of others being lifted up. We see many souls beginning to awaken from their slumbers, suddenly seeing the “light” and freeing themselves from the ties that have held them back. Already the independence many feel is driving them to fight for freedom, and you will have noticed they come from all walks of life. Spirituality cannot be seen in a person, or measured by their wealth or status in society. Actions surely do speak louder than words, but words also carry with them a vibration that can heal; or harm a person. Be careful therefore Dear Ones, to watch your words carefully as they carry the power of creation within them.

Speaking the truth is hard to do consistently in a society that is fed on lies, and uses them for gain or favors. Yet honesty and truth are necessary if you are to take your place in the higher realms, where anything else is patently obvious. However, we see little or no problems arising, as you will be carrying the intent to live your life to the highest possible level of perfection. Nothing is impossible that is asked of you, it is just by comparison with your present lives that the changes seem so formidable, yet they are attainable. Think of your potential as unlimited, and as co creators with God that anything you desire to do is within your ability.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and represent just one source of contact from members of the Galactic Federation. Others such as the Pleiadians are also quite regularly in contact with you, and they have a special interest because of their long association with you and your Earth. When you think of it, why should some of you take so easily to the idea of contact with us? It is because you have known us through other lives, and in ancient times may well have had contact with us. Our craft are no strangers to you either, and your history goes back very far with mention of them. Soon there will be another entry, and this will be the great occasion of our mass landings. We will be coming in love, and ready to offer our services to you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Coming Friday (November 13), Mike Quinsey's guest on his radio show will be Suzy Ward, who is also one of our channelers! You can read the details here.

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