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SaLuSa, March 1, 2010

The days are speeding by and things are happening that signal a crucial time on Earth. The dark Ones hit out at those who have opposed them, and their wars have moved from conventional weapons to those that are very sophisticated. You have just seen further evidence of it by what has happened to Chile, and it is part of the continuing attacks within an area where leaders have opposed the dark forces, which were intent on removing them. As we have often informed you, we cannot just interfere with what is happening to you – unless we are given the authority to do so. However, as known to you, we are allowed to prevent an even more devastating scenario. Bear in mind Dear Ones that in Atlantean times they were also very advanced technologically, and had for example developed the laser beam. It was used in such a way that it caused a weakening of the Earth’s crust that broke up, and Atlantis finally disappeared under the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

You are now at a similar point in your experiences, as the Atlanteans were in their end times. Indeed they developed in a very similar way to you, using advanced technology obtained from Extraterrestrials, putting it to misuse and personal gain. The country that is the U.S. is largely populated by those souls who were in Atlantis in its demise, and the challenge has been to see out this cycle without destroying the Earth. Civilizations experience very much as individual soul and where lessons are not learnt, and you face the same ones until you progress sufficiently to successfully come through them. You will therefore understand, that we cannot take away your opportunity to overcome the weaknesses that have caused your downfall in ancient times. It is not however all left up to you, and as we have explained previously we can help in ways that often prevent matters getting out of hand. Total destruction of the Earth will not be allowed, and we protect Mother Earth and the human civilization, by limiting the extent to which it occurs.

You must understand that because we are full of compassion and love for all life, we would dearly love to release you immediately from the dark powers. The time for our open arrival is however determined by the Higher Councils of Light, and we abide by their decisions. Therefore, we are fully prepared for the rapidly approaching changes, that will bring an end to the dictatorship that you know as the Illuminati. It is then that our presence will enable world peace to be declared and an end to all hostilities. If there is opposition to it, we will still the weapons of war and end it in a peaceful way. We do not come to fight battles as that is not our way, but we will impose the Will of God for the betterment of all souls upon Earth. You have cried out for release from the traumas and negative conditions associated with the rule of the dark Ones. Heaven has agreed that it is time for the Light to fully return to Earth, and it has already grown exponentially over the last decade or so.

Do not allow the chaotic events on Earth to distract you from your goal to ascend because as you might say, you must not take your eye off the ball. Your strength and protection is by keeping centered within your Light. In so doing you are also helping others, who may weaken when their senses are assailed by the last attempts of the dark Ones to continue with their plan. Death and destruction is their aim to de-populate the Earth, but please be assured that they will fail to achieve their ultimate goal of total world control. You have determined the outcome by your steadfast approach by bringing the Light to Earth. This result was indeed foreseen a long time ago, and was always part of the plan for this particular cycle. It could have changed but the Lightworkers brought in to keep it on track, have proved their worth and ability to stick to their tasks. All of you connected in this way deserve every bit of praise you get, and we of the Galactic Federation are so proud to work with you.

Because of hundreds of lives throughout this cycle, you have grown in strength that has seen you refuse to capitulate to the dark Ones. Now the full reward for doing so is about to manifest, and all that has been taken away from you will gradually be returned. You are to become the sovereign Beings you once were, and better still allowed the opportunity to ascend and leave duality for once and for all. It has served you well and you have become powerful Beings, that will carry the Light and Love to many civilizations that exist in the Galaxy. Your experiences are invaluable where other developing civilizations are concerned. You can help them avoid the same pitfalls experienced during your time in duality. Can you see Dear Ones, that when you first started your journey, you knew how it was going to benefit others. As a Being of Light you made certain sacrifices to achieve those goals, as part of your quest for knowledge and to serve as Lightworkers to other developing souls.

We feel that at last you are beginning to comprehend how great you are, and why we adore you all and heap our praises upon you. We are fellow souls on a great journey together, and we stand by your side as equal partners working for the Will of God. Let your minds accept what we say, as it is not to boost your ego and we know that Beings of Light do not think in such a way. Where praise is deserved it is nice to acknowledge what you have achieved, as for too long you have been oppressed and could be forgiven for believing you were worthless entities. That is what the dark Ones hoped so that they could exert full control over you. Fortunately you have woken up and can see through the lies and falsity of the way you have been made to feel inferior. You now know otherwise and stand up for yourself, and it is achieving results inasmuch that you are breaking the hold the dark Ones had on you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and know that whatever you have been promised as part of the changes that is for the good of all, will come into being and it is mainly our responsibility to ensure that they do. Keep your faith in the plan that releases you from duality, as it is positive and will regardless of any interference come into your lives in the very near future. We have all the time we need to play our part, but we know for you the impression is that time is very short. It does not really matter when we commence open contact, as everything will be completed in time for the final curtain to come down – and all in readiness for Ascension. Know that we love you Dear Ones.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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