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SaLuSa, March 3, 2010

We know that some of you question why we repeat a lot of the information, and we are pleased to clarify the situation. It is mainly because humans do not have a full memory recall, and it is therefore necessary to make frequent references to important information. In this way it permeates your subconscious memory, and you have a general understanding without knowing precisely how or why. At this time channeled messages are becoming very much in agreement, in the way they foresee the immediate future. Of course there will always be some that disagree with the more generally accepted beliefs, but that is healthy if it causes you to think more deeply about them. We will always recommend that you follow your own intuitive feelings, and that will be right for you. If later you change your beliefs that will suggest you have found a more acceptable understanding. Clearly as you keep evolving, you will expand your thinking to embrace a greater degree of truth.

There has never been a better time to expand your consciousness, with many channels and spiritually evolved beings incarnating on Earth. It is a special time that calls for intense attention to the information coming from so many different sources. How else will you grow sufficiently to reach those levels of consciousness required to see you achieve Ascension. The Divine Plan is calling upon many souls incarnate upon Earth, to come into their own and be the leaders that they are already. There are so many souls standing at the crossroads right now, that can helped to move onto the path of Light. They do need guidance and their Guides will do all they can to make sure they take the right path. Bear in mind Dear Ones, your Guides know what you set as your targets, and they want you to be successful. Freedom of choice is very much observed, and you can be sure that in the end you will have been allowed to make your decisions.

Each of you is quite unique and what suits one will not be the same for another. Yet in general there is something to be gained from the various sources that will help all of you. Once you find a reliable one, keep with it until the need arises to move on. Often you will find yourselves moving in circles of friends where there is a mutual interest in spiritual matters, and by supporting each other much progress can be gained. This does not happen by accident, and people will come together because that is the way they planned it. If you are uncertain as to which direction you are going in, take time to find those peaceful periods when you can go within. Put out the thought that you need guidance, and surely somehow it will come to you. Do not however set lines as to how that may be, as they will be limiting your possibilities of direct help. Simply be aware as to what is happening around you, and hopefully you will not miss a chance intended for you.

There are great times to come when the interference of the dark Ones will have been removed. Then you shall see those spiritual souls that are waiting for such an opportunity, to pass on their knowledge to speed up the process of Ascension. The Elders have ensured that there is no shortage of attention to your needs, and the end times are meticulously planned for total success. So Dear Ones do not let doubt creep in, and keep to your path of enlightenment. This will protect you against the lower energies, and you will remain quite safe from their presence.

The financial systems of the world are teetering on the brink of collapse, and it can be expected because they are no longer adequate or sustainable to overcome your problems. Behind the scenes everything is prepared and in readiness for a new system, and it will be implemented when it is exactly right to introduce you to it. It will overcome all of the frailties and drawbacks that devalued the system in more ways than one. You want stability and what you can appropriately call “value for money”, and as you know it is to backed by gold and other precious metals. No longer will it be used to serve the greed of the banking fraternity, who will be required to observe a fair and honorable code of practice. There will be no place for the old system, and it will be quickly changed for the good of all.

Many changes continue to move forward in anticipation of being announced without too much delay. It will be an unsettling time until this point is reached, but just remember what benefits will arise out of the chaos. Once you get into the new stages you will look back, and it will not have seemed as difficult as you thought. It is the uncertainty and lack of clear information that makes it all seem an interminable period of time. However, we cannot be more enlightening as all is in a state of flux. Having the privilege of being able to view the overall picture, we can however tell you all proceeds well. There is always going to be just the one outcome, and it will be your victory for the Light.

Let things flow in your lives, and take them as they come. There is little you can do in advance of the announcements, except to keep visualizing what the future holds by looking at all that is positive. That way you will continue to empower the Light, and hasten the day it will banish the dark Ones from the Earth. There is no force involved in this action, but there will be a time when nothing of the lower vibrations will be able to exist in your dimension. It will have been lifted up beyond their reach, and they will find a place at their own level.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I am one just representative of the Galactic Federation. This year like recent ones is speeding by and that draws you closer to the first of many changes. We will continue to be seen more often in your skies as we find our presence more acceptable to you. It is with our duties in mind that we do so, as we continue to monitor what is happening to Earth and its people. We do as much as possible to prevent matters getting out of hand, as the dark Ones have no regard for your approaching Ascension. They listen to no one except their inner urge to destroy all that stands in their way. That will not lead to any conclusion except that they will fail. The Creator has decreed your victory and so be it.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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