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SaLuSa, February 3, 2010

Now that so many of you are enlightened, you have difficult in understanding how other people feel. Without some goal or faith in the future, there is little to look forward to but confusion. The world is certainly in turmoil and in spite of what is happening, people are grasping the fact that they have a say in it. When sufficient of you start thinking along the same lines, you generate a power that will manifest what you desire. We find that you are tired of being dished up all of the old reasons for the control and suppression of your freedom. You are also tired of being told you have to be in readiness for war and the fight against terrorism, at great cost to you all. Of course it is prudent to be prepared for a threat against you, but you may question what caused it in the first place.

For many years the Illuminati have used their power to manipulate other countries affairs. It has been done through covert actions, so that their influence can bring about changes beneficial to them. The populace, who re-act against such illegal actions and interference in their sovereignty, knows the truth. We ask you Dear Ones who causes insurrection in the first place? Many of you understand such situations, and you look for a leader who will take note of your desire for peace with all nations. We will say again that you have a wonderful soul named Barack Obama, and he is clear in his mind as to what he wants to do given the opportunity. With your continued support he will galvanise people into action, and set the path towards a peaceful world.

We do not say it lightly but looking at your history it is the story of one war after another, and a massive amount of destruction and the enormous death tolls, it is a wonder to us that you have been able to restore the Light. There has of course been a divine plan in place to lift you up, and gradually the awakening process has started to yield results. You have reached a stage where there can be no going back, and it is only a matter of time before everyone will see dramatic changes leading to a new future. We will be an integral part of them, as there is so much work to be done to establish a New Age that will carry you through to Ascension.

The total re-structuring of your planet and the formation of a society based upon freedom of choice, is a formidable challenge but we are well equipped to achieve that in the time frame given. No changes are without degrees of inconvenience, but you will be kept fully informed as to what is taking place. Communications will be given immediate attention, and the technological advances we shall bring will ensure you do not lose contact with family and friends. Ease of travel is also high on our list, as the use of polluting cars and other forms of transport will eventually disappear. Be assured that efficient non-polluting machines will replace them, and with the cleansing of your atmosphere you will soon be breathing clean air. Toxic poisoning has affected both land and sea, which is a major problem but we are more than equal to the task.

Look at the future with joy in your hearts, as it is welcoming and desirable if not essential to your evolution. You are gaining much all from the experiences of duality, and it will serve you well in your future lives which will be of service to others. Once this period has passed you will be left with fond memories of your experiences that have lifted you up. The path to Ascension is about to take a quantum leap forward, and you will leave this cycle as one feeling fulfilled. You are great spiritual warriors and have little idea of how magnificent you really are, and you are greatly admired for your courage to have accepted the challenge of duality. Your home is in the higher dimensions, and we find that you are coming round to realising the truth of this statement. Your time on Earth has given you every kind of experience, and you will leave the present dimension for the higher one with many wonderful memories of loving spiritual companions. Indeed, you will again meet those who are close to you and with whom you have a love link.

The energy of Love and Light is moving many people to action, and those in power are being increasingly pressurised to listen to them. It has not just been in authoritarian countries that their opinions have been ignored, but it is becoming more difficult to carry on doing so. They know that the people have the power to instigate changes, and fear an uprising that would unseat them. Knowing this we encourage our allies to form groups that can exercise such power, and slowly but surely it is reaping success. The combined movements of the many will oust those from power unless they change their policies.

You hear of black operations but they are only the tip of the iceberg, and continue in the US because your President Obama does not have the right to know about them. The Illuminati have for long dictated what happens not just in the US but also in most countries of the world. They do it through any means at hand, and bribery or blackmail is commonly used. Some of the wealthiest families are the power behind them, and have the means to fund their black operations without the public being aware of them. Now you will understand how wide and far reaching the changes must go, and a new financial set up will help alter the balance of power. Also, where there has been criminal activity those involved will have to answer for what they have done, and will be removed.

Dear Ones, all aspects of the necessary changes have been carefully studied. The final plan is complete and will address every problem that stands in the way of your freedom. It will be restored and will be the trigger for bringing all types of people together. After all, you are One travelling the same journey, and your experience will be happier if you do so in complete harmony with each other. You wonder about those who have no desire to ascend, and if that is their choice they will not be coerced to do otherwise.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased to have these opportunities to tell you what is planned for your future. You already know so much about us, but as you say “seeing is believing” and soon you will have the opportunity to do so. We are so looking forward to that time, and we know that you are already as excited at the prospect as we are.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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