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Kris Won, March 13, 2018

For the moment, what man has consciously done is not enough.

Humanity must make a bigger effort and show determination to ascend to a higher evolutionary level, otherwise it will not transcend its outdated spiritual status.

You must increase your desire to ascend spiritually to the next stage that is waiting for you, because it is a gift that God will grant if the human being becomes worthy of it.

For the moment, what man has consciously done is not enough.

The Creator wishes that the humanity of this Earth ascend in block, but until now He/She finds that the global effort does not match His/Her Will and that there are only a few who have developed enough determination.

A global or planetary change must occur in these current times, but there is not the necessary critical mass for it to happen; it must then happen through much more recalcitrant means, through more traumatic experiences that could have been avoided with a greater effort on the part of a greater amount of people.

It is the will of the Supreme Being that more people make a sincere conscious effort to open themselves to a new state of consciousness; if this is not so, the quantum change to the next evolutionary stage will happen nonetheless, though by other more drastic means, if the human's free will does not follow so that this dimensional leap can happen by much calmer and more peaceful means.

If the last-minute warnings urging you are useful, then this is a good one for sure.

Wake up! Change your attitude! Take risks if it is the case! But do something, for your sake and globally for all!

You can take it as a last call.

~Toesies Judas Tadeo


Channel: Kris-Won

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