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Kris Won, July 9, 2017

Dear brothers:

Nothing has changed much in the last three thousand years: man is still as arrogant, despite knowing only the ten millionth part of the reality present in the Universe.

Man believes in his ignorance that already knows everything he should know, what deep ignorance of the Truth, even basic to guarantee him the happiness experienced by the great sages and saints of all ages!

And yet, he laments inwardly or aloud to the others, repeating like a parrot that happiness does not exist, that it is a chimera, that no one can be completely happy, and other pitiful sentences of that nature.

It does not exist for him, in his present state of consciousness! But of course it is within the reach of all the possibility of being Happy; and it is not a chimera, it is a truth that sages and saints of the past for thousands and thousands of years have been teaching and demonstrating with their example.

I am not going to give here and now the key to discover that happiness, which is available to anyone who intends to reach it, but I declare with the authority that I represent that if you really seek it, with a sincere heart, you will get it before you finish the journey of a few decades more in this very life. Some will only have a few more years to go, but still ... it will be possible for them to attain eternal and unalterable Happiness before the time comes to abandon this temporary physical clothing that is the body!

All you need is watching yourself. That is not difficult, is it?

We tend to observe others, people around us, in the family, at work, on the street, but we are not accustomed to observe ourselves, how we react to the inputs that come to us from the outside, which build the emotions we are used to have, as a reaction to those events that happen around us. Events that affect us emotionally, and much!... is not true?

Notice how you react to them. Next time you encounter a similar experience, try to make an effort and react in a better, smarter, less selfish and more peaceful way, using self-control and tolerance together.

In this way you will build a more peaceful, more tolerant, more helpful personality towards others. And that is what it is all about.

And when someone asks you if happiness exists in this world, answer convincingly that it does exist; one only has to look for it, working on oneself, day after day, moment by moment.

Blessings and happy work on yourselves.

Source: Antón
Channel: Kris-Won

Translator: Jimena

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