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Interview with Steve Beckow

Steve Beckow
On this site, we regularly pay attention to the articles written by Steve Beckow on his site The 2012 Scenario. Steve produces his articles at a dazzling speed and they're thoroughly researched too, which any reader can check by the list of references that Steve always puts underneath his pieces. A true and brave lightworker he is, and we consider him a friend.

Recently, Maarten Horst interviewed him for his BBS Radio show. Unfortunately, the audio interviews on BBS Radio are archived behind a payment system. So just like Maarten's interview with Mike Quinsey, we made a transcript of it, which you can read here.

With many thanks to Puk, for the transcript.

ET-First Contact Radio, April 25, 2011

Maarten Horst

Maarten Horst
Maarten Horst: Welcome to ET First Contact Radio!

Geoffrey West: And ET First Contact Radio welcomes to the show today Steve Beckow. Steve is currently lives in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada. A historian and sociologist by education and training, he has also authored books on cross-cultural spirituality, life after death and First Contact. Steve currently dedicates much of his time to his website and project “The 2012 Scenario.”.His passion focuses on events relating to shifts in human-planetary consciousness, our galactic family, and events predicted and prophesied for the end of the current cycle in 2012. “The 2012 Scenario” can be found at www.stevebeckow.com.

You’re listening to ET First Contact Radio on BBS Radio, and, from somewhere on an autobahn in Germany, is your host Maarten Horst

Maarten: Yes, hello, Steve. This is Maarten.

Steve: Hi Maarten. Thank you Geoff for that introduction. Hello, everyone.

Maarten: Wonderful introduction, Geoffrey. We had Geoffrey on the show earlier, a few times, I think three times now, Geoffrey?

Geoff: I think so, yes.

Maarten: This is ET First Contact Radio on BBS Station One, and I’m going to ask some questions of Steve Beckow from “The 2012 Scenario”. If you want, Geoffrey, you can also ask questions and I’m going to announce a phone number, if people want to ask questions they can call in and the number in the United States and in Canada to call is 888-8159756. And if you are calling from anywhere else in the world, it’s 001-888-8159756. So welcome Steve!

Steve: Thank you, Maarten, and I want to mention that Geoff is going to be having his own radio program, is he not?

Maarten: Oh, that’s wonderful! Congratulations, Geoffrey.

Geoff: Well, it is looking that way. But thank you kindly for that honorable mention, I appreciate that. Yes, I look forward to helping people connect to events that are happening. But let’s stay on target here!

Steve: Well, Maarten is also in Germany today, is that right? What are you doing there?

Maarten: I’m in little car right now. I think in the United States it’s called a Mitsubishi Mirage and we drove about 200 kilometers today, my friend Sybrenjo and I. Maybe Sybrenjo can just say hello to the listeners. He is a very good friend and very much into “The 2012 Scenario” as well. Hello Sybrenjo!

Sybrenjo: Hello, hello.

Maarten: How are you?

Sybrenjo: Good, very good.

Maarten: Well, we are both very good and very excited to be here somewhere in the middle of nowhere. We don’t know where we are but we have a navigation system and we have an internet connection we found somewhere and we are very happy to have Steve Beckow.

So, Steve, the first question: how did you, first of all, become interested in the extraterrestrials and channelings like SaLuSa and Sheldan Nidle and Mira from the Pleiadian High Council and others?

Steve: Well, I think I’ve been interested in it most of my life. But the interest for a long time was on the back burner, until around 2007 when a friend of mine, Len Satov here in Vancouver, mentioned the 2012 scenario. And I had not been aware of it until then, but that having been said, I do notice when I look backward through the years that everything I’ve studied cross cultural spirituality as Geoff mentioned and life after death and the other topics, have all worked their way into…, they’ve all been very useful for the study of “The 2012 Scenario” itself.

So, once Len told me about what he knew was happening, I then did what I often do and that is set up a website and begin to study this subject and see for myself what was happening. That website was “First Contact” (http://www.angelfire.com/space2/light11/fc/fc-index1.html) and that’s different from “The 2012 Scenario” website. But that’s how it all began, I was totally blown away with what I found out, which is what Geoff knows, what you know, and what probably increasing numbers of your listeners are finding out as well.

Maarten: Yes, I guess so. And, do you have the feeling, or do you have the notion or the idea, with your knowledge, I think you have a lot of knowledge about the whole scenario, that the landings will happen before the end of this year?

Steve: Oh, yes. Interestingly, I was just speaking with two people today. Before talking about that, let me just mention that it’s very difficult to talk about this, because I realize that everybody is looking forward to the start of ‘the main event’ so to speak, but when we talk about dates and they don’t happen, people can be disappointed, disillusioned. This is, I was going to say a global event, but it’s more than a global event. The actual Ascension or planetary shift that will take place, probably in the latter part of 2012, is a cosmic event. It’s a universal event.

Maarten: Yes.

Geoff: An event of galactic proportions.

Maarten: Yes. The Ascension process that was foreseen for 26,000 years, according to the Mayans and also according to many channels like SaLuSa, and we are now entering the end of that cycle. Can you feel that, can you notice that in your personal life, Steve?

Steve: Oh yes, I've been tracking, and Geoff probably could state the same that, I’ve been tracking my own internal process and I’m just growing, expanding, feeling more love every day. So I can very much see how the energy being beamed to this planet is …. [At this point the WI-FI connection to Maarten if Germany was broken.]

BBS Radio technician: everybody out there in radio land, as you can plainly see, we have a little bit of a connection problem, but stay tuned.

Geoff: This is our main man Doug in the production booth. Doing his diligent work in getting us reconnected to the energies of life.

Doug: Indeed, well, we’re going to connect them right now.

Geoff: You’re listening to ET First Contact Radio on BBS, and we are in the process of establishing a reconnection to Maarten on the side of the autobahn in Germany. So, we are currently hosting Steve Beckow today. And as soon as we get back connected we will be more than willing and happy to give you some information on this journey.

Steve: I’m back.

Geoff: There we go.

Steve: I don’t know where we left off, but, Geoff, I think we’ve lost Maarten, is that correct?

Geoff: It appears that we have for the moment yes, so we’ll try to re-establish the connection to him, in just a moment. But, I think you were in the process of wrapping up what you are feeling and perceiving about what is taking place at this time.

Steve: I think the best way to describe it is, if you can imagine a balloon that's empty and then it’s gradually being filled with air, that’s about the way I feel inside as each month passes and more and more energy is being beamed to this planet. According to the galactic sources and the spiritual hierarchy, the plan is to gradually raise the energy, so that people are not overly stressed or shocked.

So, it’s a gradual process. It's also problematic in the sense that when you raise the energy in the way that is happening now, it exposes the problematic side of our personalities. It exposes the places where we’re resistant and separative and invested and so you see a lot of acting out going on around us in people, and most of them don’t know what’s happening. So this process has to be managed as well.

And then another side of the process that has to be managed is that the planet’s controllers and most of Maarten’s listeners probably may not know very much about the control under which the planet has existed for millennia, but the planet’s controllers nonetheless, the elite, we know them, the military-industrial complex, the secret state, or however you want to think about them, are resisting as well.

And so this process too has to be managed, this resistance by the controllers. So there is just a lot that’s going on. And it’s not very easy to talk about when events like Disclosure will happen or First Contact, because the galactic team that’s handling it is managing so many variables and so many important situations.

You know, we’re connected to Germany, Los Angeles, Costa Rica, Vancouver, I mean, it’s really quite amazing when you think about it.

Geoff: If only our global leaders could take advantage of this kind of technology to help improve the system of governance around the world and within their respective countries.

Steve: Yes, and of course that will happen soon enough.

Geoff: And amazing if the G20 and the G8 summits that were held in Canada last year could have been using, this technology could have been used instead of using all the tax payer dollars. But that’s a different topic, we will not go into right now.

Steve: Alright. I think the best thing to do, if we want to explore some topics is to tell the listeners exactly what is going to be happening, what they can expect, coming in a number of weeks or a number of months. Shall we do that?

Geoff: Sure. I will take the moment to gently remind the listeners that each soul is uniquely different but equally beautiful and different information will resonate with different listeners in each moment. So, as you listen to what is shared, embrace it, take it in, and see how you feel with it.

Does it ring, does it feel like it’s a part of your, well, I use the word truth. I’ve been told to focus on something slightly different, which I am going to graciously consider at this time. You know we all have a message that is a part of ourselves. So, whatever you feel is your message at this time, go with what you feel. Please, go ahead Steve.

Steve: Alright, thanks Geoff. Well, I think the first thing to realize is that what is being enacted at this moment is a divine plan. It’s a part of the divine architecture of the universe. I’d like to… excuse me, pardon me, I’d like to mention the backdrop to this.

There actually is a purpose to life. There is actually a reason why all this is happening around us. And the purpose of life is for the Divine to experience itself. The Divine is formless and cannot experience itself. If you were the only thing in a room with no mirror or light or other people, you too could not very well experience yourself, so the Divine created life - or us - and gave us the task of realizing our true identity, which is the Divine. Every time a life form realizes itself, God meets God. So, that’s the backdrop to everything that is happening, never mind just what is happening right now.

So we are, all of us, involved in a journey from God to God. And at this point in the journey we are about to leave the world of duality and enter the world of unity. But that’s just one stage on the journey. There are endless stages past that.

And we’re being assisted by both our own spiritual hierarchy, and I know many listeners may not accept the reality of life outside the body, but it is a feature of life. There is a spiritual hierarchy, individuals who are responsible for the evolution of the planet Earth. They have invited extraterrestrial civilizations who come from higher dimensions, some of them, to mentor us to assist us to restore the Earth, to spread abundance so that people are not focused on their survival, and then to prepare for Ascension, which is generally understood to come at some point on or before December 21, 2012.

There have been many instances of Ascension in our history, I can think of some from Christianity, from Judaism, from Hinduism, in other words from sacred books from those religions, but on this occasion we’re going to shift as a planet.

Some will choose not to go with us, and that’s fine. There is no judgment attached to that. This is the aim of the plan, then, that Ascension will take place either on December 21, 2012 or sometime before it. And so the plan has other steps prior to that. Now the big step that all of us are waiting for is Disclosure of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. That’s the first big step.

But there is another big step that accompanies it, and that is the introduction of a planetary abundance program which some people know as NESARA (the National Economic and Social Reformation Act, an act of the American Congress that has not been proclaimed), and that those people who watch the Zeitgeist Addendum will know as the “wisdom economy”. SaLuSa, a spokesman for the Galactic Federation, calls it the “abundance program”. But a lot of people know it best as NESARA.

The abundance program is designed to take want out of the lives of people, so that they can have the space and the emotional capacity to prepare for Ascension. So, I expect NESARA and Disclosure to happen around about the same time. I have no idea when that will be, and if I did I would not say because to do so would be to invite the planet’s controllers to create an earthquake or a volcano erupting on that day. So, it’s not wise in my estimation to talk about the date of Disclosure.

Disclosure would be an event in which some of the leaders of the governments of the world present members of the Galactic civilizations who are here, and probably also members of the spiritual hierarchy. After that, there will be two events. One: First Contact, which is a mass landing of the galactics and their entry into our world. Plus, the return of the masters so the great masters of all world religions and philosophies - people like Buddha, and Jesus, and Mohammed, perhaps Krishna, Ramakrishna - these well-respected, well-known figures will come to be part of preparing us for Ascension.

Following that will be a restoration of the Earth, which is commonly called “terra forming.” All the radiation, which is left - a lot of it has been removed by the galactics already - all the radiation that’s left will be removed. All the pollution that has happened will be removed, the remaining pollution in the Gulf of Mexico will be done away with, and the Earth in general will be restored in quite rapid fashion.

And then the work of preparing us for Ascension itself will occur. And the galactics probably will be our mentors, along with the masters. All of this will happen in very rapid fashion. We won’t believe how quickly it will all be accomplished. So, those are some of the main events in the plan.

And this is a divine plan. It cannot fail because it’s God’s decree. But, there are factors such as the Law of Free Will, which say that galactics can only interfere so much with the free will of people like the planetary controllers, so unfortunately the Galactics have had to allow them some free will in these last days to do some pretty nasty things.

One evidence of the energy rising on this planet is what’s happening in the Arab world. They’re the first corner of the world to demand their freedom back from the dictators. That is taking a little bit of time, but apparently it’s bound to succeed. And I think we will find that places like Myanmar and other areas of the world where freedom is not present will regain their freedom as well. So that’s a kind of a thumbnail sketch of what’s coming up.

Geoff, do you want to add to that, because you certainly….

Geoff: Well, I was just thinking of playing the Devil’s Advocate for a moment. There may be some people out there who are listening, saying that there are so many things happening right now, and most people are having trouble just getting by in their day-to-day lives, focusing on the 24-7, news, weather, sports, entertainment, movies and the like, paying taxes and getting by and they are so stressed out, with just maintaining the day-to-day living, that they don’t necessarily have the time, energy or money to devote to exploring this kind of information and to hear words of a new economic system. People are saying: how could this possibly happen in such a short period of time. And if we’re talking about a 2012 scenario where something is coming to an end, this new system potentially replaces it, is there a longer timeframe moving beyond 2012? What are you seeing there?

Steve: Well, 2012 is as if we opened the door and then walked out into a space. It isn’t the end of life or the end of experience. It will be the end of certain systems we’ve had which favor some people and disfavor others. But it’s just the beginning of a new age.

The abundance program that will be coming in is only a temporary program. It’s only designed to see us through to December 21, 2012 or whenever the shift occurs. After that we won’t use money. You’ve got to realize that we are going to be greatly expanded people after that. The kinds of feelings that we have, the kinds of fears that we have, thoughts that we have, will probably not be present. We won’t even consider not cooperating after that day. It will just be a natural response from us, so there will be no need for money in what some people call a Golden Age that will be happening after December 21, 2012.

I know people are stressed. We are watching the fall of a financial system that has been in place for millennia, and has always favored the rich and not the poor. And in fact we are watching the fall of an entire economic philosophy, which if it had been allowed to continue in the direction it was going, would have brought a lot more detriment to the people at the bottom.

I think people can see that the middle class is shrinking, automation had taken away jobs, no provision was being made for people. When people attempted to bring in systems like universal Medicare which we have in Canada, as you know Geoff, and it’s wonderful system. Why anybody would oppose it I don’t know. And yet in the United States whole sections of the population are being led to oppose it.

The medicare system is beneficent and the population of the United States will be left without it. Many people would not be able to afford it. That’s the direction in which it was going, towards the increasing detriment of the lower rungs of the economic ladder. All this is going to be reversed. So we’re watching the ending of one system, the crash of one system, to be followed simultaneously by the rise of a different system. The system that’s crashing benefits very few people. The system that’s rising will benefit everyone. Did you want to say something Geoff?

Geoff: I’ll just take this moment to say that you’re listening to ET First Contact Radio and we’re talking with Steve Beckow. In a few moments we’ll be opening the lines to take your calls. If you’re calling from Canada or the US the number is 1-888-815-9756. If you’re calling from Europe and abroad 001-888-815-9756 or whatever your international exchange is to connect to this number. So Steve, please continue.

Steve: Well, I think the main message I would like to give to people or leave people with is that for decent people, for people who love other people and want the world to work out and are compassionate and kind, there is absolutely nothing to fear from events. Yes, there will be some Earth changes. Some of these changes are being caused by the military-industrial complex and others. But even if they weren’t, there will be some earthquakes, some volcano’s going off and only those people who have agreed to participate in them for some karmic reason, will probably be affected. So there will be some events happening which are disturbing.

They are meant to release the negativity of the planet, so that the planet itself can ascend. Apart from the Earth changes and the fall of the inequitable financial structure, the events that we’ll be experiencing in the next year and a half will be wonderful.

And people don’t have to worry about doing something to enjoy them and participate in them, but if they did want some advice on what they could do, that would well position them for these times, then I would say: Love! Love, Love, Love!

That’s what people can do, if they are looking for something to do. And if they’re looking for something to avoid, it would be fear. Avoid being fearful. Avoid being rattled by news which the planet’s controller’s are putting out, which is designed to make people afraid. They’re exaggerating the radioactive fall-out from Fukushima, and they’re exaggerating the financial situation.

Here in Vancouver I keep walking down the street and reminding myself that we are in a recession or a depression, it doesn’t appear that way to me. But I know that there are a lot of people hurting, but things are going to work out! People are going to be thrilled with the outcome, and that would be my message, in short, Geoff.

Geoff: So let’s go to our listeners who in this moment may be experiencing those moments of fear. They might be getting calls from debt-collectors or maybe they are bound to have their home foreclosed on, or maybe their child suffers from ADD and was prescribed Ritalin by the school or the doctor or whatever.

You know, people are going through a number of these challenges and yet we are here saying, “Stay in love” and “just be love.” I was this way many years ago, you know, listening to people saying certain things when I began the journey 10, 15 20 years ago that some people are just coming into now. And I would say, “You’re crazy. How can you make that shift?” You and I know the answer to this, but I’m going to let you explain that to the listeners.

Steve: Are you sure you don’t want to [both laugh] make the comment? That would be very interesting!

Geoff: Well, we all know that all change has to start from within. And in order for that change to begin, understanding how our relationship to what my work calls “Life,” when we can begin to connect to the deeper feeling or the knowing that everything is One, that what I choose to do to someone else in this moment of Now, I am also doing to myself.

So in that realm of thinking is it in my interest to make a choice to harm someone else, when I know that ultimately I, myself, am being harmed? As we expand our awareness and consciousness to this, we begin to approach our choices in a different way and even though there may be what some call pain, or suffering involved with choices, we know that with certain choices come great responsibility but also a certain knowing, that the experience is contributing to our growth. We can only know who we are through the experiences of who we are not. So in your aspect of saying, “Be love”, you know, we learn more what love is, by going through the experiences of what love is not. We learn more about compassion by going through the experiences of what compassion is not.

So I would offer to the listeners that, you know, in your moments of trial and tribulation and pain or suffering if those are the words you choose to use, use them as your opportunities for growth. If everything came to you exactly the way you wanted it to be, there would be nothing to learn, nothing to experience; therefore, no real way of moving forward.

It’s in these moments, in these times, that we are currently experiencing that each individual has that choice to move up into connecting to higher energies that are now manifesting. And it really doesn’t matter if you choose to believe this or not. Somewhere within you there is the feeling, that I’m certain most listeners are willing to say, “Something feels different at this time”. Would you not agree, Steve?

Steve: Absolutely! In regards to what you said, I’d like to invite the listeners to see an image of Jacob’s Ladder of consciousness, which the Muslims call the Stairway to Heaven. We’re all of us are evolving back towards God, and this is just a few scenes in that overall program.

The problem with trying to answer your original question on a radio show like this, Geoff, is that there are, and we are not very much aware of this as a civilization, but there are natural universal laws, which govern our world. And we don’t really know about them and we don’t really line-up with them very well.

Before I could answer your question I’d have to discuss the Law of Free Will. You’ve discussed the Law of Karma. The Law of Attraction. There are so many divine Laws which are impacting our situation, and one would have to discuss those, and there isn’t time in a program like this. So that’s why I say that if listeners were looking for one thing that they could do to practice, then, that I would say, would be to become more loving. In other words, bonding with more and more people, since where we’re going is to a unitive, not a separative, level of existence.

That’s the best practice and what I didn’t say is that that invokes the natural laws in ways that will overcome some of the factors that people are meeting in their lives. But again, to say why that would be, I would have to go into the natural laws, to discuss that, and I think that will probably have to wait until, I guess, the very time when people will be out of those circumstances. I acknowledge that it’s an important discussion to have. I just think we don’t have time for it right now.

Geoff: No, that’s perhaps what I hope will be discussions that I can carry out on my show when I start, so I hope to help individuals connect with what’s happening at this time in a much broader sense than only First Contact or go with feelings. I had to smile when you talked about the Stairway to Heaven analogy, that took me back to my high school years thinking of the Led Zeppelin song Stairway to Heaven, so…

Steve: Right. [laughs]

Geoff: That’s part of the elitist agenda, you know: “Buying the Stairway To Heaven”.

Steve: Oh Geoff, Geoff, I go back even further than that. I think it was Frankie Avalon, who sang Stairway to Heaven in the Fifties, so…

Geoff: Aha!

Steve: Yes indeed, it was an enduring image because it’s a picture of spiritual evolution, which is the process that underlies life. Darwin had it partly right. We do physically evolve. But our spirit evolves too, over many lifetimes.

Geoff: Absolutely. Certainly through the decades there have been little insights and profound insights of wisdom that have come through in the form of music, cinema, and literature. At the time when I did my master’s degree there was not a lot of literature. The idea and the concepts that we are discussing now were expanding, but in 2006 when I did my masters degree, 2005, there was enough information to justify the thesis that I wrote for my degree, but now there’s just a plethora of information available.

This alone is a significant step or even an evolution in consciousness at this point in time. I mean back then there were movies like ET. There was Close Encounters of the Third Kind. There are television shows like Star Trek and Stargate. All of them are alleged to have bases in factual information, but it could not be presented that way because it was perceived and consciousness was not ready for it. Now consciousness appears to be ready for it. Agree or disagree?

Steve: Oh absolutely. I watch TV and from time to time I see some evidence of some kind of conscience conversion happening, but I can’t really put it into words. I keep saying to myself “Why are these people looking so hopeful, you know, and optimistic?” And the events that we’re talking about right now are the reason why those people can look so hopeful and confident and optimistic. They are the subtext. They're not being talked about very commonly yet, but they are the reason why people can say, “We’re going to take back the planet, and we’re going to do this and do that”. They are the reason, The 2012 Scenario is the reason why. It’s the basis for hope right now.

Geoff: Mmm, very intriguing. Ok, we’re coming up to about 15 minutes before the hour and you’re listening to ET First Contact Radio. And listeners are invited to call in and offer whatever questions or perhaps even feelings they may have about what is happening. How do you feel about Disclosure or if you’re looking for some insights from Steve Beckow, he is certainly willing to take your calls. So from Canada and the US 1-888-815-9756, and from Europe and abroad through your international exchange 001-888-815-9756.

It really is an intriguing time. People are feeling overwhelmed with everything, trying to figure out where to go, trying to figure out where they are in this moment of Now and as we begin to see things collapsing, yet manifesting, somewhere within that we find ourselves and our relationship to life and as we witness all that is happening around us, we are being challenged to remember the larger picture that we are part of and we’re being called to remember that there is something greater of which we are all a part and connected to.

And as we work on ourselves in connecting to all that we are experiencing, we are able to find a deeper love and compassion for the oneness of life. We begin to realize that all the leaders, all the institutions that have contributed to what we are now experiencing, in some way we have all chosen to participate in and create it. So, unlike some sources that choose to expose truth but focus on the negative aspect, we are communicating the message, and I think you will agree with me, Steve, that we want to step away from ideas of revenge…

Steve: Oh, yes.

Geoff: Or vengeance. We want to stay focused on the larger picture of as these system collapses. We want people to be out of positions, but we don’t necessarily want to see them punished or harmed in any way. Steve?

Steve: Well, and there is no need to do that too. But again there is so little time to develop these thoughts, Geoff. The consequences of their behavior can be left to divine justice. People are not very much familiar with the way divine justice works unfortunately, but I can say to them if I only got one or two sentences in which to say it, that divine justice will see to their needs. It will bring their behavior to their attention and all of it will be handled compassionately and yet completely. So, we don’t need to become vengeful towards the dark side of the military-industrial complex and the secret state and all that. That’s all going to be handled.

But, just as the social institutions that promote separation and divisiveness and competition and the rest of it, just as they are falling, so is divisiveness and separation and vindictiveness and all the rest of those falling in us. This is a time of karmic completion. A lot of situations are being brought to us to assist us to complete our karma at this time. So, if we could allow that process just to happen within ourselves as well, knowing that soon it will be over, and what will follow more than compensates us for what is happening now. It might make it a little easier.

Geoff: Certainly a lot… the majority of listeners, I’m sure, have a concept of what this idea of karma is about. For any new listeners that may be paying attention: I have an analogy that could potentially or might assist. When I talk about human consciousness I call it the Popcorn Theory. I don’t know if you’re a fan of popcorn, Steve, or not.

Steve: Yes.

Geoff: Certainly, when we make popcorn, we start with the pot. We put a little bit of oil into the pot. We put it on the stove and we heat this oil. At that moment in time everything is equal. All situations are equal.

And it looks like from the autobahn Maarten has joined us back.

Maarten: I just found an internet spot! Hello, Geoffrey. Hello, Steve,

Steve: Hi, Maarten!

Maarten: We got disconnected!

Steve: Yes, but we carried on, don’t worry.

Geoff: Oh, ok.

Maarten: We found a McDonald's somewhere. This was really an adventure.

Steve: So you’ve got a Wi-Fi, have you?

Maarten: I’ve got a Wi-Fi now, the other one was disconnected.

Steve: That’s amazing. Here you are in Germany, and we’re are all over the rest of the world and we’re all just having a conversation. That’s incredible, Maarten.

Maarten: Right.

Steve: Have you seen any UFO’s?

Maarten: Right now I see just a blue sky with the sun setting, and somehow we got disconnected at the other place, but now we found another place.

Geoff: Well, it certainly was unexpected, but I'm glad I was here.

So, we’ve just been summarizing a lot of our feelings here and I was just in the process of going into the Popcorn Theory, of understanding some of the changes that are taking place. And I was talking about putting oil in a pot, putting the pot on the stove, you’re heating the oil and at that moment everything is equal.

When you put all the popcorn seeds into the oil, every seed has the potential to pop into a new form, into its lighter body so to speak. So at that moment in time, all of the corn kernels are heating up and they’re experiencing all the same conditions. All of a sudden one pops. Then another, then another, and then at some point the conditions are such that the popping becomes extreme, so it’s going like crazy. It’s popping, popping, popping, and at some point the popping begins to slow down.

So at some point a transformation or a change has taken place. So you take the popcorn off the stove and you pour it into the bowl. And when you look in the bottom of the pot, invariably you are going to find that,even though the conditions may have been there for each kernel, some kernels may just have not chosen to pop, for whatever reason.

Maarten: Right. That’s a very interesting metaphor you are using, and what stage of the process of the popping you think we are right in right now?

Geoff: Wow, I would think we’re still in the …. well, if I broke down the process into four, I’d probably say the popping is just starting to begin now. We’ve had little bits through the last 40, 50 years, but now we’re getting to the point where that popping is becoming much more rapid.

But with some of the time that we have left I’m told that we have Mimi on line number 2, calling from South Florida I believe, Mimi.

Mimi: Hello!

Maarten: Hello, Mimi, welcome to the show.

Mimi: Wow, thank you!

And I’m glad that you're back, Maarten. We lost you for a while, but these gentlemen carried on exceptionally well during your absence, I’m glad the Wi-Fi is working again.

Maarten: Yes, we found another one.

Mimi: It’s amazing how I’m here in South Florida, and your there in Germany on the autobahn, Steve’s in Vancouver and somebody is in LA, I hear. Amazing!

Steve: Geoff’s in Costa Rica.

Maarten: Yeah.

Mimi: Yes, and it is a pleasure to be talking to Steve. Hello!

Steve: Hello Mimi.

Mimi: You and I have conversed via email a couple of times before, and for everybody out there: Steve’s website is a great vehicle for any un-popped kernels of corn to fully pop. I discovered his website, maybe four months ago, and through reading his website every day, boy, did it made my kernel pop! I am fully enlightened now I feel…

Maarten: Amazing!

Mimi: And I’ve shared it with my Mom and Dad who were very conventional, like Protestant, you know. They’re very religious and born-again Christians, but I’ve showed them Steve’s website and it’s opened their eyes too. And I just want to share with everybody out there that Steve’s website is a ‘must-visit.’ It’s at www.stevebeckow.com.

Maarten: Well, I completely concur with you, and I feel uplifted as well by reading Steve’s website. And, Steve, the things that you are posting are just wonderful. And also, as I have mentioned before, personally to you when we had our conversations, the way that you analyze and reflect on the messages from SaLuSa is just wonderful. It’s just great.

Steve: Thank you very much!

Mimi: And I just wanted to make one other addition. I’ve grown so much since discovering your website, Steve, but I’m having a problem in not being angry with the Illuminati and the dark cabal and all the horrible, horrendous things that they have planned for us. To kill over three quarters of the planet’s population and to put us in FEMA-camps. And they use HAARP and cause devastation and mass catastrophe…

Maarten: Oh yes!

Mimi: and I understand that our galactic brethren are ameliorating and halting their actions, but how can I best come to grips with the disgust and disdain that I have for these evil people who are trying to destroy us? How can I address that in my own soul?

Steve: That’s an excellent question, Mimi. Since you know the site, if you go down in the right hand column to the section called ‘Preparing for Ascension,’ you’ll see lots and lots of articles on that.

But very briefly: the situation is that that’s our unfinished business. The depth of our reaction to the dark reflects our old issues and unfinished business, and that’s what we’ve got to process.

And the articles in that section called ‘Preparing for Ascension’ are all about that. Also many, many channeled messages, for the last year and probably more, have all been saying the same thing: complete your unfinished business.

I outline a method there called the “Upset Clearing Process” which allows a person to deal with these feelings. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but every time I’ve had a spat with a light worker or somebody else, somebody intruding on the site, I’ve also issued an article which talks about the way I’ve cleared that upset. Right?

Mimi: Ok. There’s such a plethora of information on your website that it takes like a long, long, long time to read all the archives for somebody who works and has other day-to-day things. But I will, ok, where was that mentioned again on your website, Steve?

Steve: It’s called ‘Preparing for Ascension’. I’ll put up an article that gives the articles on that. But the point is, there is a process by which we can get at our unfinished business, our old feelings, our old baggage. And once that is cleared, once we’ve completed those archaic incidents in our life, then these feelings of wanting to lynch the dark side, don’t ….

Mimi: Yes, those are ugly feelings, I hate having them, and it’s ruining my own enlightenment process and I just want to find a way to deal with it, to get beyond it and send them love and light, even if they wanted to kill us. You know, whatever.

Steve: Yeah, I’ll publish an article on that. Perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow. Ok?

Maarten: We’re all looking forward to reading that article.

Steve: Thank you, Mimi. Thank you very much. I hope we’ll be in contact.

Mimi: Thank you so much, Steve, and God bless you all and just keep up the good work. And much love and light.

Steve: Thank you.

Geoff: Blessings to you, Mimi, and thank you so kindly.

Mimi: Ok, thank you and bye bye.

Maarten: Well, and now I want to end with a little text that my friend Sybrenjo wrote when we were driving. He wrote it on my laptop, and it’s a short text. And first of all I would like to thank Steve, and to thank Geoffrey for helping me on the show while I was offline. It was a great honor and I will download the file later from BBS Radio and listen to it.

For most people the talk about hidden things is a forbidden subject. It’s being seen as sinister and dark and something very powerful. “The 2012 Scenario” is at full speed, at full throttle, and a lot of changes are happening.

One little example: in the Caribbean Sea, two whirlpools are spotted with a diameter of 500 kilometers. Another example, one of the stripesof Jupiter disappeared in 2010 and came back in the spring of 2011. Those are all things that are newsworthy, but are not reported by the mainstream media. Why is that?

And now that we talk about a planet, there are other planets like Maldek or Pax that long ago exploded and are now restored to their pristine state. The remnants are known as the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. And then the 12th Planet called Niburu, which has takes 3,600 years to go around our Sun and Sirius, will probably come in 2012 back into our Solar system. And there are all kinds of extreme weather situations and an increase in powerful earthquakes which are happening at this time.

This has to do with our Solar system that is almost at the Galactic Equator. The pinpoint of this happening will take place around 2012 and Humankind is going to ascend to the 5thDimension and beyond.

This was written by Sybrenjo Roemer, my friend, and I just thought it was honorable to read it for the listeners, and before we finish I would just like to ask Steve to comment on it.

Steve: Yes, in 2012, we approach the Galactic Equator and this burst of energy added to the energy coming from the photon belt, from various beings and various civilizations is what is causing this Ascension Process to occur. I thought that was very well put, Maarten, and thanks to your friend for doing that.

Maarten: Thanks to my friend Sybrenjo. Well, dear listeners, the hour has passed very quickly and I thank you, Steve, for this wonderful website that you have and the work you do. It’s just wonderful. You are pleasing so many people. And thank you Geoffrey for helping me when I was disconnected. And maybe in some months when beautiful things have happened, maybe after Disclosure we can do a Disclosure show with all the wonderful light workers that are now connected to BBS Radio.

Steve: Thanks for your radio show, Maarten. This has been a wonderful experience.

Maarten: Thank you for being here, Steve and Geoff, and namasté.

Steve: Namasté. Bye for now.

Comment from one of our readers:

"Thank you for the post, and thank you to the transcriber. What a lot of work!

The color coding made this radio transcript very easy to read.

Linda in Chicago" (May 3, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Please keep updates from Steve Beckow coming.......wonderful.

I like who he endorsed also, as he has the same view as to who's on the right track as I do.

Thanks so very much for providing this site, you do great work..........keep it up !!

Cheri, Washington" (May 3, 2011)

Our reply:

"thanks cheri. if you would like to receive steve beckow's updates on a daily basis, you can go to his website and click 'Email Updates' there, and then leave your e-mail address. i do it too, it's very handy. don't miss a thing ;)
much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (May 3, 2011)

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