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Interview with Mike Quinsey

Mike Quinsey
Judging by the comments that we receive, Mike Quinsey is no doubt one of the most loved and appreciated channelers that we publish on our site.

Mike also has his own weekly radio show on BBS Radio, where he interviews interesting guests from the spiritual community. Occasions where Mike himself is the one who's being interviewed, are not quite as common. Since recently, Dutch lightworker and radio host Maarten Horst also has his own show on BBS Radio. As one of his first guests, he chose Mike Quinsey.

Unfortunately, the audio interviews on BBS Radio are archived behind a payment system. But we made a transcript of Maarten's interview, which you can read here.

With many thanks to Gloria, for the transcript.

ET-First Contact Radio, March 14, 2011

Maarten Horst

Maarten Horst
Maarten: Hello dear listeners, this is ET Contact Personal Radio with Maarten Horst, and I have a very special guest tonight. His name is Mike Quinsey, and he is a gentleman from Great Britain. Correct, Mike?

Mike: It is, yes, indeed. From England.

Maarten: Yes. And since 2003, if I am right, you have been in contact with beings from the Galactic Federation…

Mike: It was actually March, 2004, so it is 7 years this month.

Maarten: Exactly 7 years now?

Mike: Yes, it seems a long time.

Maarten: Beautiful! Yes, before we start, Mike, I would just like to have a little introduction that I edited on my computer. It’s kind of funny, it's about UFO’s and a bit of funny way they introduce themselves! In the beginning of the 90’s this was done by a DJ in Holland, and it's a very funny introduction, I just want to play it for the listeners. It's about two minutes, so just hold on. Here it comes! It’s great fun!

Mike: OK!

Maarten plays a recording, which sounds like a 'galactic' announcement of his own BBS Radio show.

Maarten: Well, that was fun Mike!

Mike: Yes indeed! (laughs). It reminds me a little bit of the Carpenter’s song in which they're contacting an extraterrestrial craft, which I’m sure you are familiar with.

Maarten: Yes, I am.

Mike: With the sort of with a Dalek type Voice of the space people.

Maarten: Yes, yes. Anyway, in the last few years that you have been giving messages, you are mostly in contact with SaLuSa from Sirius.

Mike: Yes, telepathically. I have never had the advantage of being able to have a relationship where I can ask questions. I sit down at a specific time to make contact and then I get images or what I call ‘packages’ of images or words which I translate straight away onto the computer.

Maarten: Yes, I must tell you that since 2008 I started reading your updates, and I do that three times a week. Sometimes even more, because the day after I read your message again. Is it correct that the messages come through on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday?

Mike: That is correct, yes. Originally, I used to do them six times a week. After a few years, SaLuSa indicated that he wanted to be the energy for that group of people, and effectively, he is speaking for them all as the Galactic Federation.

Maarten: Yes, that is what I understand from your messages. I must tell you that since I read them, since 2008, I am really being educated in a very broad way, about ascension, and about the shift we are all going to make, and about disclosure and first contact, and about the wonderful future that lies ahead of us.

Mike: It’s wonderful, yes.

Maarten: Yes, and I must tell you, that Thursday night when I go to sleep, if I'm free on Friday - because I work with mentally disabled children, and youngsters, and I make music with them - I ask myself: What can I do tomorrow morning, Friday? And then I think: Oh! There will be a message from SaLuSa! So then around 8:30 Central European Time – I think that’s 7:30 Greenwich time, I open my e-mail and I read your wonderful message!

Mike: (laughs) Yes, that’s lovely. A lot of people e-mail me and tell me that they do look forward to them in that way. In fact, it made me laugh, really - one subscriber sent me an e-mail and said that he is addicted to them! (laughs)

Maarten: (laughs) Yes, I think I am as well, I am addicted too, but I do not want to call it an “addiction”. The thing is, it is such a contrast between what the media is reporting, the newspapers and the television and radio, if you compare this to your beautiful messages that come from SaLuSa. I have listened to one of your radio shows on BBS radio. A couple of months ago, you interviewed Sheldan Nidle…

Mike: Right, yes.

Maarten: So I read them also; they are only once a week. They are placed on line between Tuesday and Wednesday, and they inspire me. There is such a contrast between what you hear on the television and what you read there; it is so uplifting.

Mike: Yes, it's unfortunate that the media, and particularly the press is censored inasmuch that the owner of most newspapers is Murdoch, and they are only allowed to print on matters that he approves. So they're really censored in that way. So you don’t hear – very rarely anyway – the truth about things that are going on in the world.

Maarten: What I can say about the messages from SaLuSa, is that he is often not giving us very specific details. And the reason for that is, I figured out, to protect the plans that they are working out with the Earth Allies. Is that correct?

Mike: That certainly is one of the important reasons, and also if they release dates in advance, as happened with the October the 14th message

Maarten: Yes, that happened with Blossom Goodchild.

Mike: Yes, you give something out in advance and then, obviously, the dark ones are going to do all they can to spoil it or stop it. So you are safeguarding your own opportunity to make statements or issue special messages by not freely giving out the dates. They are very reluctant to do it. I like reading Sheldan Nidle’s messages, and messages from other sources, and I notice that his Sirians and other contacts take the same point of view. They are very reluctant to give out dates. They give you ideas by saying, “a few months” or something like that, but not specific at the moment.

Maarten: No. I think it was the beginning of January this year in one of SaLuSa’s messages that he said that “disclosure probably will happen in the first quarter of 2011” - this year! Is this scenario still valid?

Mike: Well, inasmuch that I have not received anything to the contrary. I would say that that is still a firm possibility, yes. With the events that have just happened, such as the big earthquake in Japan, you can never be quite sure whether they see the situation in the world as being ideal to announce disclosure. It is, as they've often said, getting the timing right for these things. If they see an opportunity a bit further ahead that is more suitable, then, who knows? Myself or Sheldan, or other people may get some indication coming through. But nothing up till now.

Maarten: I must tell you that, as I said, the messages are very uplifting and positive, and they speak about unconditional love. I myself am so much looking forward to being a Galactic Human, to being an ascended being. Of course, first of all, disclosure will happen and then the landings, first contact, a little while after that. But as I see it -

Mike: - Well, on that point, I don’t think that after disclosure the landings will happen a little while after. It will take some time because I think another important issue is they must have the new provisional governments in place; that is for their safety and the people on the Earth. If they come too soon, again, they might give the dark ones who are in the governments an opportunity to, shall we say, spoil it.

Maarten: Yes, because the members of the Galactic Federation are non-violent. They are very loving beings, they do not use violence. They do not want to get into a conflict on the Earth when they land.

Mike: Absolutely. They would rather, as you might use the term, walk away from trouble. But they are not turning their back on anything. Clearly, they are quite capable of handling themselves if they are confronted by other, say, space craft or by beings that are goig to be violent towards them. But they do not want to get involved in that type of issue. They’ve never been violent to the best of my knowledge, although there have been incidents where they have been chased by craft from the Earth, and they got themselves into a decision where the space people have had to put them off. They have destroyed some craft, but only, I would say, as an act of self-defense when there wasn’t any other option.

Maarten: Yes, I understand. What is interesting is that they also disabled some nuclear silos, is that correct?

Mike: Oh, yes. Quite a few. I think that was to back up their instructions – if you could call them instructions – that no government would be allowed the use of nuclear devices. So, if someone ignores that, if they put nuclear devices into the air with the idea of launching them, then they would be confronted by the space people who would either remove or disable the weapons. That happened not too long ago, apparently, so I understand, when there was a fleet that gathered in the Gulf and they were joined by other craft. The idea was, so we're told, that they were going to fire nuclear devices into Iran. So, to stop that, they disabled all the electrics and electronics so they could not communicate on-board the ships or use their weaponry. But it is the same thing, it’s what they did with the silos, in saying, 'Look, you wouldn’t be allowed to use these, and if we need to, we can stop you'.

Maarten: That particular event you were speaking about, shortly after, Colleen Thomas was on Russian television, is that correct? Is that the missile you were speaking about, that event?

Mike: No, this is a more recent one, but I know the one you are talking about, yes.

Maarten: Yes. And SaLuSa mentioned Colleen Thomas being a brave soul for getting this information out. I am not one to judge whether the information from Colleen is correct or not, I believe some of it is correct, -

Mike: Yes.

Maarten: - but there were a lot of critics on SaLuSa. I didn’t have that criticism, because the only thing he said was that Colleen was a brave soul, brave to be on the mainstream television and speak about the Pleiadians, and the Galactic Federation stopping the missile. That was the only thing that was important.

Mike: Yes. I gathered afterwards because I didn’t know much Colleen at the time that message came through, that some of the other messages she sends out do not really resonate with those that came from SaLuSa earlier, or, say again, from people like Sheldan Nidle. In other words, she apparently tended to support a lot of the gloom and doom messages, which aren’t really part of the Galactic Federation’s messages at all.

Maarten: Exactly, this is not quite, eh...it’s a bit fearful to hear about all the reptoids and things she is talking about.

Mike: Yes indeed. So, that isn't part of the messages that the Galactic Federation give out. I wasn’t to know that, but even so, if I’m giving a message to put out, then I would do so. I have to have faith in the people whom I am in contact with.

Maarten: Of course, and I completely supported you. And I remember that you are overloaded with e-mails at the time this message came out. And in between, I ask your permission to use the drawing of SaLuSa...

Mike: Oh, yes.

Maarten: ...that you received from an acquaintance of you, as you told me. Because I remember that about half a year ago, you sent out an e-mail with this image, and I immediately saved it to my computer because it is, well, there is such an energy coming from it!

Mike: Yes, well I find that myself, when I am typing out the messages, I can feel that sort of high energy coming with it, yes.

Maarten: Yes, it's beautiful. So maybe we can talk about how first contact will be, and after 2012 when we will become a “star nation” and a member of the Galactic Federation. And how life will be, how will it look like?

Mike: (laughs) Well, that would be a very big story. I don’t know that I know a fantastic lot about it, but of course the 21st of December, 2012, is the key date when there is a big alignment of energy between our Sun and the Central Sun. And that is, if you like, the final upliftment that we would get, which would bring our consciousness up to the point where we, suddenly – to use the expression - take a quantum leap into the higher dimensions. Now, once we do that, apparently we are going to do this with the Earth itself, we are all ascending together, then will also find that whereas we have changed in our cells, so will have Mother Earth, the old energies, if there are any still left attached, will have been transformed or transmuted. And then from there on we would quickly establish a Galactic society. I would see that as meaning we would be able to do a lot more creation ourselves. For example, places that we call our homes, which will be made of crystal, will be different designs than we are used to because the circular design is much more useful, and we could say healthy to us, rather than these, more often than not, square buildings that we are living in. Because there would be a more complete understanding of the value of energy and how we can intermix or interplay with it. Now, that whole scenario would be different inasmuch that having suddenly acquired a crystalline-based body instead of the carbon cells, firstly we would not need to take the heavy foods and such that we have at present. We would almost be able to live on the energy around us and we would be able to create our clothes, there would be none of this business of going out for shopping for what we needed. We would be Galactic beings, who would be vastly different than we are now.

Maarten: That sounds so beautiful! And it is still not far ahead, I mean, we are just at the beginning of 2011, but as time is accelerating, I think that things will develop in a very interesting way this year already.

Mike: I think so, yes, because one has to believe that before the end of this year is out, we will have had disclosure, and it’s possible – just possible – we might have already reached the stage of first contact. Well, once we have that and the space people could come openly to the Earth, then we can really get going with all these projects such as preparing ourselves for the final few steps towards ascension, and also helping Mother Earth to prepare, to complete her cleansing as well.

Maarten: And all the communication programs they have in store for us?

Mike: Yes, indeed, yes. Of course the technology that we use now would be vastly advanced to make up for the time that we’ve lost when we were suppressed and that’s been kept from us. It is a continuation of the whole process of ascension, but that date at the end of 2012 is a very important stage on the continuing process. So, we are not going to jump straight in to everything that is new that we have been promised, but clearly once we ascend, then all these beautiful changes we’ve been hearing about like the crystalline buildings, the free energy, the light everywhere, the conditions of joy and happiness and harmony, with none of the lower energies there to disturb it or poison it - they can’t exist in that high vibration...so, it will be absolutely beautiful and a happy situation to be in.

Maarten: Yes, I’m so much looking forward to that. Mike, I have a question about the messages from SaLuSa and the messages that I read from Sheldan Nidle. Lately, SaLuSa started mentioning the Agarthians, the people from inner Earth, more often. Sheldan was also mentioning them already some time before that. In a few messages he speaks about the light chambers in inner Earth, where we will have our bodies being transformed into crystalline bodies or something, it will be a process of 3 days I believe. Do you have any insights on that that you are getting from SaLuSa?

Mike: No, nothing at all, apart from mentioning the people themselves, the Agarthians, they haven’t focused on that particular subject very much at all. But having read of course Sheldan’s messages, I am totally with you on understanding what he said so far. But I have no doubt that these chambers exist, and if we need to, if you like, be processed quickly, and to have our full consciousness restored, it can be done in these light chambers. I am sure that is a very quick process. Light is another vibration of sound and colour, and I think we already know what changes sound can make to our bodies. So, yes, I totally accept what Sheldan has said about them. I don't know necessarily that everyone would need that, it could be that some people at that time might be, if you like, more advanced and have reached a slightly higher stage of consciousness. Perhaps they don’t all need it. But yes, I'm aware of it and I certainly believe in it yes.

Maarten: Yes, me too. What I find so beautiful about SaLuSa and Sheldan is that, before it was Ag-agria, the Venusian being that had contact with you, and Ker-On? -

Mike: - Well, there were about another five beings at one time. There was one female contact, Diane; there was Atmos who was a Sirian, there was a Venusian, who was added to my group later through another source; and also an Arcturian, Ela. So yes, there were one or two different ones at that time.

Maarten: It’s really interesting. What I wanted to say is that the information that you are getting through most of the time from SaLuSa and before from other beings as well, and the messages from Sheldan Nidle, is they never contradict. They always highlight another aspect of the process of ascension, and the preparations leading to it. And I must say that it is confirming all my beliefs, everything that I understand about life, because as a child I was very interested in the paranormal, even in extraterrestrial contact. I loved shows like Star Trek; in fact, that generation especially, because I’ve heard lately that Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, was a channeler or had contact with channelers in the 70’s who had contact with the Galactic Federation at that time already. So the ideas from the Galactic Federation - it's not called the “Galactic Federation”, it's called the "Federation of Planets" - but in broad ways it reflects what the Galactic Federation of Light is. And it's so amazing that when all this information came to me, I became more interested and then, in 1993, there was the internet and it was easier to find the information. Around 2008 I bumped into your messages. I was informed about 2012 and the Ascension. It is really a great upliftment, and I think that many people reading your messages are feeling this upliftment.

Mike: Well, I hope so, that is indeed what they are meant to do. And I should mention there is very little difference between SaLuSa’s messages and Sheldan Nidle’s that would contradict one another. In fact, I don’t think it’s ever happened!

Maarten: No, I don't remember.

Mike: No. SaLuSa seems to take a more general view of what is happening. So you could say perhaps it's slightly lighter to accept. Whereas, I think, in contrast, Sheldan sends out a slightly longer message, but there is always a lot of detail in there, and that’s the main difference.

Maarten: Yes. In fact, I can also add to that, the messages of SaLuSa are more philosophical, more… educating us in the spiritual way, and putting us at ease with the things that are happening. Like today’s message about the earthquake in Japan and the questions about whether it is a natural phenomena or man-made, it is not really important, you know. It’s always, how can I say it with the right words? It’s putting us at ease, and Sheldan Nidle’s messages are always more about details, about what is happening with the Earth’s allies and behind the scenes, and I think both channels are good at what they are doing.

Mike: Yes, I think you are right there. SaLuSa’s are certainly on a slightly different energy that covers the spiritual side. And as you mention, sort of educational, and I think that has been the idea. To slowly but surely feed people with information they need, to understand what they really are as a spiritual being, and that obviously helps to find the right path to go towards Ascension.

Maarten: Yes. Before we continue Mike, I would like to play about 3 ½ minutes of music, and it’s from 1977, the year I was born. It was a year when a lot of star seeds were born – that’s what I think I heard from some people. This music is from Vangelis, and it’s called “Spiral”, and what’s spiritual about this music it’s that it reflects the spiraling of the Universe, you can see in fact the galaxy turning around in front of your Third Eye.

Mike: Right, I love Vangelis, it’s one of my favorites, and I’ll say it very quickly, I did hear that he was inspired by his subconscious memories of his time in Atlantis…

Maarten: Really? Can you tell me some more about it?

Mike: Well, that’s all I can tell you, to be honest, I read it somewhere; he’s brought through this understanding feeling of music that he used to have when he was in Atlantis.

Maarten: Very interesting. He is a very interesting gentleman and I love his music; I have his whole discography, and, well, this is “Spiral”, one of his first works, his first ‘break-through’. It is 6 minutes and 54 seconds if it’s alright with you, Mike?

Mike: Fine, yes, lovely.

Maarten: Ok. Well then, here it comes.

- Music playing

Maarten: Well, Mike, that’s something!

Mike: (laughs) I would call that very stirring, yes. It’s full of potential all the time; it does makes you wonder how you can write music like that. I mean, first you must have had the sound in your head. How on Earth do you write that down as musical notes, it's amazing!

Maarten: Yes, very complicated. The thing with Vangelis is that it’s so dramatic, so uplifting. Music from Vangelis - Maybe you know this guy from France, Jean Michel Jarre? He made “Oxygen” and “Equinox”, those albums. It’s in some way the same kind of music, synthesizer music…


Mike: I’m not familiar with that one.

Maarten: Not familiar with Jean Michel Jarre, no? It’s beautiful music; the most famous is “Oxygen” of course.

Mike: I certainly believe I’ve heard that, yes.

Maarten: Yes, but both of them have this special way of uplifting music, which gives you the idea of space, that there’s more than the Earth, there’s more life out there. That happens with this music to me, anyway. This is Oxygen, I won’t play the whole thing, I will just let you know what it is.

Mike: Right.

- “Oxygen” is played

Maarten: Basically this famous tune.

Mike: Yes, I love that one. I will tell you quickly a very funny story about that one. Where I lived was on a road, that was the way to a local school, it was a boy’s school. So we had a lot of young men going by. And I went out one morning and I saw a tape lying on the ground. I was one that somebody had recorded himself. So out of curiosity I played it, and it had those type of numbers on it. And that one, “Oxygen”, I remember so distinctly because it really caught my imagination, that one. That's a fantastic one!

Maarten: Oh yes, it is. I went to a concert with my beloved one. I went to a concert of Jean Michel Jarre in Antwerp, Belgium, where he gave a really amazing show with lasers and everything, a laser harp even. With his hands he was touching the laser beams and was playing music, that’s so amazing! And if you see the covers of the CD's - or there were LP's at the time they came out – in fact, the covers are all inspired by space, the ones by Vangelis and Jarre. Well, they tell us about ET contact, already in this time! And it is timeless music, what I just played from Vangelis, “Spiral”; still today, it is uplifting music and timeless.

Mike: Yes. Can I just mention briefly what I feel about disclosure?

Maarten: Sure, please go ahead.

Mike: Right. What I wanted to say is, it's obviously going to come, but I don’t think that we, as a civilization, really need to have it confirmed. The craft we often see in our atmosphere, are people from out of Earth or out of space because, generally speaking, people already accept that. But what we want with disclosure is the admission that the governments have had contact with the space people. And I think that is what they are reluctant to agree to, because it opens other doors. Once you know that, people will say: Why are they here? What do they want? And it will then lead to the U.S. government in particular, having to admit that for a long, long time they’ve had their own space craft. I don’t think they want to go that far. So we are having to push very hard just to get them to admit the first thing, and that is that they exist! And that they're well aware of it. So that's all I wanted to really say in that connection, so you can see why they keep stalling on making this announcement.

Maarten: Yes, I understand that, it’s taking so many years now, because I remember that when Barack Obama was in Norway, when the spirals happened, that was December 2009, a lot of people were expecting disclosure to happen at that particular time, and it didn’t happen. What I think is that we should not just focus on disclosure, but on preparing ourselves to live on the higher dimensions and, in fact, how can we educate our families and friends, who are close to us. So when disclosure happens, the people that have read SaLuSa for many years and also Sheldan Nidle’s messages and others, but mostly those, I think that many people will need an explanation about how ascension works, how incarnation works, or reincarnation. And why we have to prepare for this time, and all these different lifetimes in duality; and I think that the educational aspect of reading your messages will become important as soon as disclosure has happened. What’s your take on that, Mike?

Mike: Well, I'm sure you're correct. It’s difficult to gage to what extent they will want to use their contacts on the Earth. Once they can personally arrive on the Earth, then they can appear on television and radio, or whatever, they won’t necessarily need the individual contacts that they have now. So, one doesn't really know at this stage exactly how things will work out. I think as you hinted just now, once disclosure takes place and then people get to the why the space people are in contact with us, because they are helping us to prepare for ascension, there will then suddenly become a lot of interest in what is coming up. Whereas at the moment, I think there are clearly people that haven't got the slightest interests in what you and I are talking about.

Maarten: Well, yes, what I want to ask you, Mike, is: do you feel that the energy of SaLuSa, if you read between the lines of the messages, is changing lately? A bit?

Mike: Ah, I can’t say that I have noticed it because I generally feel the energy with the messages is very strong at times when the information comes pouring through. No, I can’t say I’ve noticed anything in particular. I mean, if there is any difference, I've put that down to my own feeling, maybe I am not always on top form myself, if you’d like to call it that. I mean, I feel different sometimes.

Maarten: Yes, I must tell you that sometimes, like on Fridays, and today’s was on Monday, and I like it when of course SaLuSa speaks about disclosure, and the pressure they're building up against the dark ones. Other messages are more about ascension, about our personal preparation, forgiveness, those kinds of things, and some messages are stronger than others indeed.

Mike: Yes, I agree with that, and I think maybe the tone of the messages is changing a little bit because disclosure is so near! So there's more emphasis I think on giving people information about disclosure.

Maarten: Yes. I have something interesting, Mike. I just received an e-mail from "PAO Sheldan", P-A-O, it’s called “Planetary Activation Organization”, and Sheldan Nidle sends an e-mail to all the people that attend the webinars, and he sends your message out from today, SaLuSa’s message from 14 March 2011. I just received it in my email.

Sheldan Nidle

Sheldan Nidle

Mike: Oh, right! (laughs)

So he’s spreading it around, Sheldan Nidle is spreading your messages around now!

Mike: Yes, he's a lovely soul.

Maarten: As we speak! So, that’s amazing.

Mike: (laughs) He’s a lovely soul. I have interviewed Sheldan, it must be three or four times now. He’s so easy to talk with, and is so confident in what he gives out. He does a wonderful job.

Maarten: I must say you both are. I think I’ve listened two or three times that you interviewed him already, and I’ve listened to all of them, and you are both lovely souls!

Mike: It is very nice of you to say so. And you in turn, are also part of the setup, we are all doing our little bits. Collectively, I think we are doing a grand job.

Maarten: Yes, I think that there are many people working on this goal right now. Mike, I just want to quote a little phrase of the text that you put out today, or SaLuSa put out through you, and maybe you can comment on it. So I start to quote here: “Our desire is to get past the last hurdles that are holding up Disclosure, and that is a vital event that affects so many others. Be assured as slow as the progress is we are getting there, and it is close to happening.” That made me very happy today, to read this.

Mike: Well indeed, yes. We clearly must be getting close to disclosure; the pressure is on the whole time. It was unfortunate that November 2009, the date was released in advance, and they then had to call it off. Goodness knows where we would have been by now! It's been delayed quite a long time. So, with Ascension just around the corner, you know that we can’t have to wait much longer! There is a date by which they said they would make the announcement anyway; I mean, they haven't told us what it is, but you have to think that it must be getting very, very close.

Maarten: Yes, it must be because human beings on Earth are not yet Galactic beings on Earth and we must be educated after disclosure. But disclosure is just an event , and after that we’ll get devices as I understand from SaLuSa and also from Sheldan, that will need a whole education program. We need to be re-wired.

Mike: Yes. (laughs) I like the idea of being ‘re-wired’, yes!

Maarten: Our whole history will have to be educated. About Atlantis and Lemuria and our whole history, about many things.

Mike: Yes I think it is important.

Maarten: It is such an amount of information, you cannot process it in a week! You need a year for it, at least a year!

Mike: Well, I gather that the TV programs that will be going out, which will be totally controlled by the space people, will be on for hours at a time. In other words, there is going to be a lot of information coming out by the TV media.

Maarten: Yeah, that’s beautiful. A beautiful thing to look forward to that SaLuSa is promising. Would you like to give us your website before we have to sign off?

Mike: Yes, it is Treeofthegoldenlight.com, quite simple one really.

Maarten: Then people can click on "ET First Contact"?

Mike: Yes.

Maarten: And then on "Channeled Messages by Mike Quinsey".

Mike: You’ve got it, exactly, yes. Once they do that, they're there, yes (laughs).

Maarten: And another way to read your messages is via GalacticChannelings.com.

Mike: Yes, there are various other websites. If for any reason you couldn’t reach my own page on The Tree of the Golden Light, there are a number of other ones. I wouldn’t know them all by website name I must admit, but there's quite a few, yes.

Maarten: Well, Mike, Thank you very much for your time and for giving us your beautiful insights of what we can expect this year, and, well thank you very much again.

Mike: You are very welcome, and it’s been very nice talking with you. I hope everyone will really keep their eyes on the future, and not be too concerned about what is happening around us at the moment.

Maarten: Yes. Well, I wish you all blessings, and love and light, and I hope to have you on my show again later on.

Mike: Sure, I would like to be your guest again. Thank you very much for having me on, Maarten, it’s been very enjoyable.

Maarten: Thank you, Mike. And I will finish with “Oxygen” from Jean Michel Jarre especially for you.

Mike: (laughs) Thank you!

Maarten: Thank you, bye bye Mike.

Mike: Bye bye, Maarten.

- “Oxygen” is played.

Comment from one of our readers:

"Mike Quinsey's messages from Salusa is messages that is worth reading. Perhaps the only, because they are for freedom and awareness and most messages are not, they are authoritarian messages with ideological implications.
Göran from Sweden" (04-11-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

Please let me thank you for the drawing of "Salusa" you enclosed in this article. I´m very impressed of the energy it has attached with it. Beyond words. Thank you for the good work you are doing.
Regards Walter" (04-11-'11)

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