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May 31, 2009

We are ready to begin.

Yep, I can feel that quite strongly … off you go … (not literally, a colloquial expression!)

The changes that have been occurring during these past months on your planet have had an adverse affect in some respects, and yet we are feeling your questioning once again.

You know me …  I’m only human!

By this we mean that continually there are marked changes that may interfere with the process of that which we call progression.

And yet, forgive me; I thought you said that the vibration has been moving up?

We have not changed our position on this either. It would be suitable if you would allow us to continue.

Oops, sorry, be my guest.

Wherein there are those who consider the overall changes to be as we say ‘adverse’ this is not so the case. This is our point in conversation this day. Because of the ups and downs, one has allowed the ‘downs’ to overide the ups. This is certainly not for all, but our subject at this time is to lift the vibration of those who have fallen into the trap of this adversity. They have come to see it as a way of being ... when in actual fact it is the opposite. It is showing you how things ‘are not’. Yet sometimes the ‘pull’ into the doldrums can be quite enticing, simply because the strength of one is diminishing and it ‘feel’s' easier to ‘give in.’

We say to you … This above all things must cease. It is for you to recognise what is taking place. It is for you to remember that this would be presented to you. It is for you to recall that when it ‘arrived’ you would KNOW that it was to be quashed by the mere thought of joy. That is all it takes. We speak of this as we are aware that there are many who are ‘feeling the pinch’ so to speak. Concerns of how’s and what if’s are over powering the mind in a negative fashion for many.


Remember this is temporary as the transition continues to move through into its brighter dawn. It is imperative for you to allow ‘The Glory’ into your Beings. To overcome that which is presenting itself as 'IS' ... When it ‘IS NOT’

You are speaking in this way … these last few channellings … of the ‘IT’, the ‘IS’ etc. Can you help us with that?

Surely. Your ‘IS-NESS’ is simply the Truth of you. What ‘IS’ is just that. For it ‘IS’ nothing else. It cannot be anything else for it would be ‘IS NOT ’ if it was not ‘IS’. Are you following?


Therefore, a reality forms from something that 'IS NOT', if one does not accept what ‘IS’

Now I am getting a little lost … not really sure of your point , with all respect.

This IS our point. Again there is difficulty because of the use of words being sometimes inadequate in order to explain.

As you now sit and write Blossom, you are in the moment of what IS. It is clear to you and ourselves that this IS happening, would you agree?


Yet, there is a space also where that ‘IS-NESS’ ‘IS NOT ’. Would you agree?

I would if I knew what you were talking about! Where IS the ‘IS NOT’ space … or should I say … why does the ‘IS NOT’ space come in to it if it IS NOT there? Another pill anyone??

To show to you exactly that. It is in the space of ‘not being’. In order for something ‘to be’, one has to recognise it for being there. If it ‘IS NOT’ there, it cannot be recognised. It’s only recognition of ‘NOT being’ is because of ‘the being’  … to prove its existence of non existence.

Could you sort of … go back to basics here? … I do get what you are saying, but I am unsure of the point it is making … just trying to follow you … if you follow me!

So we would then perhaps move on to the what ‘IS’ real and what ‘IS NOT’ real … Through understanding the what ‘IS’ happening, because we know what ‘IS NOT’ happening. How we wish we could express this in a more simple fashion.

With you all the way on that one.

What if we were to say to you now to replace the what ‘IS’ ( i.e. saying you know that sitting writing in this moment ‘IS’ what is taking place) … with the ‘IS NOT’. So that you are ‘not’ sitting writing at the computer although you think you are. What if we were to say to you, that ‘IS NOT’ your True reality. Your True what ‘IS’ is in fact the opposite, so therefore your ‘IS-NESS’ is the ‘IS NOT-NESS .’

Welcome to the home for the bewildered!!!
Can you put it in a way that makes sense???

Perhaps we have stretched this a little too far and complicated a matter that needs to remain simple in order for it to be understood. Yet we cannot find accurate words to uncomplicate that which we desire to express.

Ok, let me recap … what you are saying is that what we know to be our reality is not our reality. So that everything that we think ‘IS’ our reality, actually ‘IS NOT’.


So … what IS our reality …

Your reality is in the ‘IS NOT-NESS ’.

Here we go again, yet I think I’m grasping it.

Your form … the manifested form of anything is simply that … ‘manifested form’. A created energy that has come from what ‘IS NOT’ (for it was not there until created) So .. If we with respect … categorize you as a 'manifested creation', you are a ‘moulded’ energy in that form at this time … and yet it ‘IS NOT’ what you Truly are. What you Truly are is ‘energy’, without form. Simply energy. And that is your True ‘IS- NESS ’. Therefore, what you think you are now, ‘IS NOT’ what you Truly are.

And yet you talk about the ‘IS-NESS’ of everything. You say everything simply ‘IS’. Didn’t you say earlier in the piece …  if memory serves me …‘your ‘IS-NESS’ IS the Truth of you?

Are you ready … Everything IS what ‘IS NOT’. This is the only way we can try to explain to you the ‘non reality’ of this ‘time space’ you reside in upon the earth plane. Many of you are aware that you are in human form and yet your essence is not of physical flesh. The part that ‘IS NOT’ physical flesh ‘IS’ you. Yet, you confine yourselves often to behaving in a manner that would assume that it is you, and that you are nothing else. When in actual fact you are EVERYTHING else.

Although I jest, I do know what you are saying. And because ‘all is as should be’ I Trust that it has been offered this way for a reason. It is like with White Clouds words, they are given in a manner so that you have to do the thinking for yourself. It is the most efficient way to learn.

We feel this is enough for one to ponder upon for this day. And yet we also add that it ‘IS NOT’ for one to take this simply at face value. There is a lot more ‘behind the scenes’ if one cares to look and allow their thinking to take them to a deeper place of comprehension, regarding the existence of this aspect of themselves that accepts they are actually of the ‘IS NOT’. It will bring them to an understanding of far greater things than that of which they had confined what they assumed they knew, into a place of new beginnings. Taking that leap we spoke of and finding oneself in a new place with such an open outlook to the vast expanse of newness one now finds themselves with in.

It is of much excitement that we are able to move on to the next stage/phase with you. Can you not feel dear friends the turnaround in energy as the Lightness lifts you up where you belong?

Queue for song! Well, thanks for that. Again, it will be one of those that I Trust will make sense when I read it back, as I have no idea at the time if it was or not. In Love, Laughter and enlightenment!!!!

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