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June 6, 2009

Good morrow my friends! It is always exciting to start a channelling with you and see what’s on the menu today. Although I would like to enquire about the amazing amount of crop circles and ‘clusters’ of UFO Lights that are turning up in the UK and other countries at the moment. Are you able to enlighten us on this … as it does make one wonder as to what actually it’s all about? Or what it is leading to?

Are such circles not a site to behold? Mankind ponders over their vastness and indeed the precision in which they are derived. And yet it is understood that these ‘patterns’ are much more than just visions of wonder. There are codes and analogies within them that are there for those who are of that nature to decipher and interpret. And indeed we would say such souls are doing their work unbeknown to many. We do not present them in order for them to be ridiculed as manmade misinterpretations and yet there are those who consider attempts to reproduce such works in order to fool those of your planet. We find this of amusement for anyone with any ‘nouse’ about them can instantly recognise the difference in structure from base level upwards.

I know White cloud has spoken of them a few years ago, but is it appropriate to tell us the reason behind them?

There are many reasons that shall presently unfold. In particular you are seeing in your minds eye the image of the ‘dragon fly’ circle that was presented earlier in a place of England. Although it may appear to many as a more complicated replica of such an insect of your planet we say to you that within the detailed account of each blade of grass is a magnetic field that is allowing energies to be released into your atmosphere. We would say also that these energies are sending out codes to your very planet. Codes that are received and understood. As if within their very vibration they are ‘changing’ polarities that need to be adjusted in order for certain vibrational frequencies to resonate with that which is necessary to enhance further developments to the ongoing plans of renewal upon planet earth. There shall indeed be many more of these occurring and in places that one would least expect. In situations where one would deem it impossible for such phenomena to occur and yet we say to you they shall. We would say also that they are ‘signposts’.

Ok … for who? Because clearly your average bear can’t find out in which direction they are pointing or what they are pointing too?

Yet they may not be signposts for the human race!

Upon your planet in these current days you are experiencing much that once would have been instantly denied and cast aside. So all we can offer you is to understand if you will, that what we may say to you in this particular day in this particular time may not be of clarity NOW, and yet we say without fail there will be a time when you would read back upon these words and giggle … as if to say ‘it was written there all along’.

It will also be recognised that there is a pattern TO these circles. By this we mean differently than the pattern OF these circles. As more and more are presented to you on a much more regular basis it will become apparent that they tell a story … one leading on from the other … and yet until a certain amount are visible the story cannot begin. We say to you … they DO make sense.

They are formed from a blue print if you like. The speed in which they ‘arrive’ baffles your scientists and men of the land. Why are they never seen whilst in their creational moment? How is it they suddenly appear? For us it is simple. The ‘ground work’  is done ‘off the ground’. It is then a matter of magnetic energy more or less instantaneously ‘pulling ‘everything’  into place. Every blade of grass, every ‘ear of corn’ is in harmony with our desires. They bend and mould themselves at our bequest. They are in tune with us and vice versa. These circles are designed to impose upon your inquisitive behaviour as well as many other data specifics that are encoded within. As we say, to each given offering there are many ‘points’ to its point of being there.

And of the ‘clusters of ufo sightings’. What explanation could you give for these presentations?

We would not claim to say that they are from our knowing.

Are you saying you do not know what they are or where they are from?

This we did not say. We said they are not ‘from’ our knowing. One must try to appreciate the vastness of ‘ALL”. Your universe … to you … is SO big; it is completely beyond your minds comprehension. Therefore how could one possibly begin to grasp the ‘ALL’ of “ALL THAT IS”. And it would benefit many if they could accept that not all that is presented in your skies is what we would call ‘visionary’.

Sorry, can you explain what you mean by that?

It is difficult again to put into words.

Then I will try and ‘feel’ your explanation … and see if that works. You see, to us … if we ‘see' something we would say it is within our vision … and these Lights were captured on camera for many to see … within their vision … if you see what I am saying, so what would your statement mean?

We are showing to you a bubble that is formed from liquid. It can be of beautiful colours and whilst in its creatory form is there in form … for that moment in time. It was ‘formed’ out of that liquid  … and air being blown into the transparency of that liquid. It ‘gives’ the illusion of something it is not. It presents itself as the iridescent bubble, yet in essence it is a chemical based solution that when combined with ‘air’ presents itself as a vision of something that it is not. When a certain temperature is reached within that bubble it implodes and it is no more.

So … have I got this right? What you are saying is that what those people saw was a … for want of a better word … temporary illusion?


For the purpose of …  ?

Awakening. Shall we explain further?

If you would.

That which is known to be ‘seen’ … one believes to be tangible evidence, and yet there is much that is taking place that cannot be seen. It is not within the projectory capabilities to do so. It is of a vibration that cannot present itself in your atmosphere because its frequency is too high for it to ‘be accepted’ in the current vibrational frequency of your earth plane. Yet it does not mean it does not exist. Just because it cannot be seen by you. There is MUCH that takes place within your world and yet it is of a frequency outside of your world and therefore cannot be presented to you at this point of time. Yet it does not mean it is not there. You would be amazed at that which is going on around you ‘before your very eyes’ that you do not see. Some of you receive glimpses. You have moments of senses that are heightened beyond your usual capacity and your body literally misses a beat, because it had popped out of its normal residential vibration. This shall take place more and more. It is likened to regularly visiting a certain holiday residence, and eventually the soul recognises its desire to reside there all the time instead of just frequently visiting.

So with all respect, back to the frequent Light shows that are presenting themselves.

They are an illusional display designed to trigger the imagination. In your world you have that which you have just so intuitively called ‘Light show’. Where through technology laser beams are programmed to delight and entertain. We would say to you that this is what is taking place in its simplicity. Yet we would also say … it is in preparation. What is being presented to you NOW and in these forthcoming days will set your people ‘chattering’. There will be a new impulse to discuss these luminous displays. The word will spread throughout many of your lands and ‘we’ will be the topic of many in depth conversations. This in turn helps to build momentum. The more we can be discussed the easier it shall be for our arrival to be accepted in the manor that we desire. Yet there is still work to do. There are messages that are to come that shall imprint TRUTH in a way that one cannot deny. Confusion of what ‘is’ and what ‘is not’ shall dissipate and clarity of which avenue to walk upon shall bring peaceful steps to those who at present are finding themselves in troubled waters.

Many in your world feel they have little patience left. They feel they are holding on by a thread. Dearest ones … perhaps if you release your grasp and allow your knowing to take care of your every need … in LOVE of all that is everything and nothing … you will encounter a freedom that we are asking you to receive. It is yours for the taking. It is your given right. We send our Love to you at all times. In ever flowing quantities of Light. We do not send more Love one day than another. It is a constant flow. For we Love you. We are SURE of the Lightness that is ahead of you. We ask you to let yourselves KNOW of this as a TRUTH.

Before I sign off today … I am still a little confused about your statement ‘they are not from our knowing’. Yet you seem to have said what they are, and said that they will make people chat about you … therefore you must ‘know’ about them , if you see what I mean.

Dearest one, we are correct in what we say, but perhaps not so clear in our explanations at times.

Correct. Which tends to leave me dangling …

And this would not be a pleasant scenario. So let us clarify. When we say they are not from our knowing, we mean that they were not ‘prepared’ by us. They assist us through that which they are presented as, and yet they are not from us.

Then who are they from?

People of your worlds that are no longer of your world. Earlier we spoke of the vastness of “ALL’ and how one cannot possibly ‘begin’ to grasp all that is of the ALLNESS. But we desire to make it known that there are MANY MANY ‘Beings of Light’ that are joined as ONE in order for the great Divine plan to reach its fullest potential. Though ‘we’ have great armies of Love with us, it must be understood that ‘we’ are not ‘ALL’ that makes up this team of Light. Just as there are many of you on the earth plane that work toward the greater good, there are many many many that are unseen that contribute toward bringing your planet into its Truth of itself. Therefore do you see? What can take place does not always have to be from ‘our knowing’, and yet we are a major part of that which is known to you as ‘The Light Of the world’.   

I guess, really … as you say … there is just so much that is unable to be understood by us in this vibration. And yet, as I always say … somehow or other, there is an understanding of the not understanding. Another aspect of me ... I assume my Higher aspect ‘gets it’, even if I am unable to put it into terms that I can understand on this level of me. Struth! Think that’s it for today. Thanks for that! Onwards and upwards as they say. Have a good one my friends. Perhaps talk tomorrow, once I’ve digested today. In Love and thanks for the Divineness of it ALL.

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