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May 30, 2009

Good morning to you. I seem to have ‘shifted’ into a brighter place in this last week. Can you tell me … is that to do with the individuals position, or the planet in general.

We would say to you both, dear one. For there are those who are still within the confines of the older vibration, as they release from their beings that which no longer serves. And yet they would find, like you, that simply by accepting that the clouds have now passed by, the turbulence has now left and once again there is settlement, then there is a space for one to progress in to, that shimmers with Golden Light and one will feel TOTALLY refreshed, ‘reassembled’ and renewed.

That word reassembled made me smile. Care to elaborate?

Indeed. For whilst you of earth felt very much that it was ‘turbulence’ within the emotions, with in the spiritual aspect of yourselves, which indeed is what has been happening, there was/is also great attuning taking place within the physical. Many of you expressed feelings of the chakras activated to their maximum. If you like, we would put it that they were your anchorage whilst technicalities within your physical self were being adjusted … to enable one to vibrate within the new frequency not only with the soul and mindset that comes with it …  but one must also be able to resonate on the physical of this new vibration … or there would be imbalance that indeed would make one ‘feel’ as if they were out of sorts completely.
These changes on all levels are part and parcel of your new package! Many will find when they shake off the lingering debris, that they have progressed to Higher levels within their ‘appearance’.

Again … please explain.

Because you see, there is a brighter ‘outlook’ if we may put it that way.

You may …. You did!

There is an infusion of Light that has entered into yourselves. As it settles and you allow it and welcome it into your ‘home’ it brightens up the entirety of yourselves. Therefore, what lies within is able to present itself as it shines through to without. You yourself can ‘feel’ this brightness …  is this not so Blossom?

Yes, but is that because I ‘chose’ to do something about the way I was feeling?

What you of earth must try to understand is that although there is ‘no time’, everything is to do with timing! When all is in place for the individuals ‘step up the ladder’ so to speak, then the step will be presented. It is known of course that the presentation of the step does not necessarily mean that it shall be climbed. So we would say that throughout these past months there has been much taking place behind the scenes. .. And now one is ready to get the show on the road.

Acceptance of this newer ‘airing’ is valuable to the self. One, if they decide, can literally breathe in this Higher level and recognise it to be different. There shall be a ‘feeling’ of undeniable inner strength as one says ‘hello’ to the next level of themselves that they have not met up with for a long long time.

 A REUNION with the self. And what a joyous occasion it is/ shall be.

I smile as I say … what would you like me to ask?  I received an image of my toes uncurling … which means?

It means that we desire for you to stretch yourselves a little more. To allow yourselves to expand from that which you have seen to be ‘it’. For ‘it’ is not. There is so much more to ‘it’.

Love ‘it’!

Now that one is ready, and has prepared the self for the next phase, it is also profitable for one to realise that there is a ‘leap of faith ‘ to be taken. As if in a sense one should leap of a cliff and TRUST that they shall fly.

Best to clarify that you are speaking metaphorically!!!!!

As oft’ times we do dear one. It is a matter of ‘opening’ up the mind and the senses to a greater power … of the self. As if it shall be that one did not realise that there was ‘this’. But by being accepting of the fact that ‘this’ is how it is …. Now … then your New World will gradually become apparent to you. You will come to a place where you ‘see’ the way ahead so clearly, yet the pathway which one is to walk upon will appear to you perhaps quite unexpectedly. Be open to the opportunities that are now able to be presented to you.

Once again it is that words are inadequate to express our hearts desires to explain that which we wish. We will certainly try our best.

And I shall do the same.

Because of the Higher vibration that has entered in, (because of those on earth who welcomed it, we may say) then it is necessary for it to be amalgamated with ALL that is of earth …. (The turbulence …. A bit like a building under construction …. A lot of noise and busyness and dust in order to achieve the finished product).  Once this has taken place then ‘the ways’ that once were … are now of a ‘Higher way’. So indeed the once familiar will now perhaps seem unfamiliar as one allows what was once unfamiliar to become the familiar.

The NEW WAY is forming. This is so. There has to be a ‘’New Way’ for the ‘New world’. The ‘old way’ has no place in the new surroundings.

Could you speak a little about those who are aware of these things and those who are not? I know the colouring book explained things a lot, I just thought of that as I asked the question, so perhaps you have said your bit on that.

We understand it is a concern for many regarding Loved ones who perhaps do not have the same ideas and knowledge regarding matters of vibrational frequencies etc. Yet we would like to share with you words of comfort if we may, in that … there is not one part of any one soul that does not come from the same place as every part of every soul. That place as you know is LOVE. You are all from the same home … this we feel is understood by many. Let us use this scenario. Each part of the soul of any soul that has placed their feet on planet earth … set out with a mission in mind. They were given their lunch boxes with all their sustenance packed safely inside. That lunch box is attached to their Being and it is law that they cannot lose it. Whether or not they choose to even open it of course is another matter entirely! Some may have ‘eaten’ little bits at a time; others may have devoured every morsel …. Either way … every single human being has this lunch box with them at all times. To do with what they will. Every one ‘left’ home having sat in the same classroom and given the exact same instruction. Therefore dearest friends, does this help you to understand that you are not responsible for another’s ‘opening of the box’? Each one of you are offered the same opportunities … whether you can accept that or not is a choice you must make. Yet we say to you this is so. Perhaps not so apparent to you from where you are sitting. And may we also say that everyone shall return back home at one time or another. And when they do, it shall be that the lunch boxes are now Light as a feather  … for all that one had access to ... has been received and understood.

And may I add that it seems in these days that so many who had lost the key to their lunch box, have now found it …  and even if they haven’t yet done so, at least they are looking for it!

Dearest souls of earth, it is with much joy and gratitude to you for allowing us to share these words with your hearts. We feel that progress is being made and the upliftment of yourselves and All that resides on your planet …. Yes ALL … is most exciting to those of us who reside elsewhere during these times.

Be of good cheer our friends of Brightness. Remain grounded, for you are upon the ground. Yet indulge the ‘special’ senses in a little visit ‘off planet’ when it is appropriate. You will be made most welcome and perhaps surprised at meeting yourself there.

 I am presuming you mean another ‘aspect’ of the self, which White Cloud has talked about before. Maybe tomorrow we may speak of this.


As always it is an honour my friends. Have a good day now ya’ hear. In Love, Light and thanks.

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