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May 23, 2009

It’s raining here in ‘sunny Noosa’. The song ‘I can see clearly now the rain has gone’ keeps coming into my mind. I guess it’s about patience in coming into the understanding of ourselves … and as we do … everything becomes clearer. Nothing has changed other than our outlook … or should I more importantly say our ‘in look’?

You are indeed cottoning on to that which we have been trying to explain in our sessions with you. What may lie ahead is exactly what it is. It is there … lying in wait … what you cannot predict is how you are going to perceive that which is waiting for you and there in is the difference in its entirety.

Mmm, need to put my ‘brainy hat’ on for that one. Whereas I get that it is up to each individual as to what attitude they choose in whatever circumstance … are you saying …  … … You are showing me a children’s story book …

Yes, when a child is read a book, they concentrate very hard upon the pictures and what is related in words to them on the page that they are looking at. They ‘take in’ all the colours and objects. They listen to what is being told to them and assess with their own minds the particular situation of that page. They do not know what is going to be on the page s ahead. They wait with eager anticipation for the words of that page to finish and for another to turn the page and continue on with the stories unfoldment. In other words, what is already written in that book is not going to change. It is there. However, as the child’s imagination absorbs what is taking place, it elaborates within its own mind that which is not on the page. The surroundings beyond the page, the outer visage that one cannot see and therefore the mind’s eye creates it. Each child that is read that story has its own imagination. Therefore what the peripheral image in the mind of each child is  … is never the same as another. The ‘core’ if you like , the centre, the fundamental basics are there for the child to grab hold of … however one chooses to elaborate outside of that fundamental Truth is entirely the decision of the individual child. So … What we are portraying to you is … that what lies ahead for you is already there … it cannot not be there … how you choose to observe, perceive, understand, accept it, is different for each one, depending on their perception of themselves and where they reside within that perception.

So, how does that fit in then with the notion that our thoughts create reality? If something is already there … we haven’t created it.

And yet we would say to you that it may appear as a children’s colouring book. The outline, the actual drawing is there, and yet you are freely given the coloured pencils and it is your choice as to which colours you use to bring that drawing to life. There has to be the ‘sketch’. That is ‘law’ if you like. That is the tool you are given to create upon. Some of you fill it in with greys and uninviting colours. They scribble willynilly … not concentrating on whether or not they go over the lines and pay little attention to the details. Therefore when the colouring is almost complete or only half way through, they have little incentive to full fill the entire masterpiece. They started out with little concern for the final outcome and may regret it later on. Yet we say … there is such a thing as an eraser!! And there is such a thing as a sharpener!!

Friends of earth … you all came to your planet with a pencil case of bright colours. Which ones have you chosen to colour your view of your world with. Sometimes it seems that your crayons have blunted a little and one is having to make more effort than usual. Recognise the situation and sharpen the pencil. Revive it. By sharpening that tip, you are able to be more precise in that which you are creating. Fill that colouring book with and array of rainbow colours dear ones. It is your Light that paves the way.

We hope that has made sense for you in many aspects if you understand it in the manner it is delivered. We do not think it is beneficial to offer you things on a plate. That is not assisting in the advancement of your soul. If we were to do your work for you, you would arrive at a destination without gaining self knowledge along the way. And you cannot be who you are without retrieving your self knowledge as you walk through this avenue of earth life.

So, do you see? As much as many of you desire to know all that is going to happen in your future days , it would be ill advisable to ‘point out to you’ that which lies ahead. When you arrive in those days you will be of a certain place within your soulself, having got to that place via your own interpretation of what is. Therefore, how one may perceive what is there for you, may be very different form how another perceives it, depending on their soul’s perspective of their Truth. Arriving at a destination that is already mapped out, does not necessarily mean that one is in the same place!!!

So to clarify, without going back over what you have said in order to keep the flow going … are you saying that whatever is ‘sketched’ for 2012 for example … is already there? When 2012 is upon us, it will be different for each one, depending on
a) How we have coloured in our story book so far and
b) How we choose to ‘join the dots’ and colour them in when we arrive on that page.

Exactly. For it is inevitable that everyone who is upon that planet at that time will arrive at that page, yet it depends on how they have interpreted the ‘same’ story from the beginning of the book.

It’s sort of taking me back to my school days (if memory serves me to go back that far). When my pencil case needed a good clear out. Usually at the beginning of a new term. I would replace old felt tips with new, buy new erasers and ink pens and empty out the case of all its shavings an debris, all ready, set, go for a new term. Intentions of ‘doing well’ this time with the appropriate tools in hand. Yes, we may slip as the term goes on, but I reckon as long as we recognise when we need a good sort out and to sharpen up those bright colours we can always get back on track.

Dear Lady, there is never a time when one does not have the choice to ‘brighten up the page’.  It is important for you to remember this.

We have just picked up on your thought that there may be genius scholars reading these words and they may feel it rather kindergarden-ish in its presentation.

You don’t miss a thing do you? Although, to be honest I am happy to sit back on those little chairs for a while and be retaught/reminded in the simplest of fashions.  After all, we are told it is best to keep it simple.

And we would express also that even the students of great merit in terms of science and philosophy and mathematical conundrums will find that within these explanations we have brought forth to you today  there are attributes that will satisfy their senses also.

Oh Good. For me, as you relay the words through the right side of my brain, I sort of get an overall understanding of that which you are saying. It’s like the ‘knowing’ in me ‘knows’.

Knows what?

I don’t know!!! I guess that what you are saying ‘is’ how it is. It makes sense on another level of myself as I am writing without even having to digest whether or not what you are saying makes sense. If I tried to do that we would never get anywhere as I would be interrupting the flow all the time.

We feel that for today it is time for us to ‘Ascend’.

Can we come???? !!!

Colour your pages with rainbow hues dear ones. For … where we are … reading your stories … we find it so exciting to feel the energy of such dreams.

Thanks to you as always. Through passing on this knowledge we are greatly assisted in remembering that we knew it anyway!! In much Love, Gratitude and Golden Rays.

May 24th . No connection took place today ... so I decided to open up 'The Bridge' and see what extract it presented to offer you. Here it is..

Much has been taking place within your world at this time. Many of you are discussing possibilities of why one is feeling
as they do. You talk of the pull of your moon. You talk of energies that are disrupting the aura. You talk of sightings that have been seen in your skies. All of which are to do with the upheaval and the changes that one is feeling within the self. How many of you actually realise the intensity of what is going on for you at this time? You cannot, and yet on another level, within this level, you are aware that things are taking place that you are not able to explain. Your world is undergoing vast changes that are unseen to the human eye at this point. So much is occurring on a level that will lead you into this new world. It is happening as we speak. Do you care as to what may take place? Of course you do. Yet, you are unable to understand it, therefore one’s attitude occasionally switches to that of not caring, as it all seems too BIG for you to grasp and indeed it is. But little by little you shall accept new things. New understandings. The time frame for the phenomenal change has been altered. We are hoping that, due to the Light that is lifting your world at this time, and the souls who are waking up, this new world that is to come will be experienced sooner than we had calculated.

What you need to know is that there is a certain level of vibration that allows your world to be. It keeps ‘matter’ together.It allows you to function, to breathe. It allows all things to exist within your earth. What is taking place is the raising of this vibrational energy. It has to be done within a rate that is suitable for you to adapt. The changes in your body must adapt also. That is why many of you are experiencing ailments. On the one hand there are some of you that indeed are not well, shall we say. On the other hand, for many, these are not ailments at all, but a change within your physicality that shall enable you to move up with the new vibration as it comes into play. This cannot be done overnight. It would blow you all away. It has to be a gradual process. But as we move further into the Light and Love of a new vibration, all things must do the same. That shift is an enormous task.

Imagine your world, as it is now. Then try to imagine that every living thing within it is to be moved up to this next
level of vibration. It cannot be that little portions at a time move up, for that would completely imbalance the earth. It
has to be that all things are in preparation, ready for the off! Higher energies are now intermingling with earth energies.
The speed of the vibration in which you live is quickening. Hence why your days are at the end sometimes before you have eaten breakfast! By meditating you can allow the soul to blend with a different vibration in preparation for this change.

Understand this … this cannot take place unless the level of Light and Love rises upon your planet. That is what allows the change. That is what speeds up the vibration. More and more of your race are beginning to understand this. There is nowhere else to turn. There is no magic potion that will stop your wars and your greed and your jealousy. There is no wand to be waved to rid your world of all that is of darker nature. But … there is coming into play the understanding of what Love and Light can do! We, in other realms are eager to assist. But ultimately it is the doing of your earth beings that can make this happen. Keep on listening to the Truth in your heart. You can hear it more strongly now than ever before. It is telling you what to do. It is telling you where to go. It is telling you how to conduct your daily lives. Do not fight against it my warriors. Go with it. You know it makes sense.

But may I say regarding that, if you falter now and then, if you have a day that is not to your liking, do not beat yourself up as you earthlings tend to do. For you are then undoing all the good work you have done by destroying the energies that you have built up on the good days. Just accept that this is how it is, and tomorrow, all being well, will be a better day. It is merely the self creation of destroying the soul, of telling the self it is not good enough, that allows the negative forces to have their power. Do not give in to these forces. They are man-made and have no place within the soul in its Truth.

Again, before I take my leave I wish to reiterate the importance of taking time to meditate. This has been our message
throughout. And yet your days are so busy doing this and that; you forget to find the time. If I ruled the world I would make it compulsory for all souls to meditate daily. That is how your world will become Light. That is how it will slip into the new vibration, because all souls would be in touch with their Higher selves and quite simply … KNOW what
to do.

Thank you for your time.

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