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June 29, 2011

Another week has flown by! Could I go back to the key you spoke of last week? Is it valuable to repeat the procedures or should it only be done the once?

Welcome to you. Regarding this matter we would induce thoughts of continuation of the process.One therefore is allowing the enactment to modify all workings so that after a certain time the 'correct installation' arises and the benefits will not only be sensed , they will materialize.

Ok . Thank you. As I am asking questions ... These Pillars of Light that you have talked about ... when you presented them to me in my mind when you first spoke of them ... well, I saw what I saw ... huge structures of Light in the sky , and you said we would see them move, they would give of an immense energy and there would be NO denying as to what they were.

Indeed. And we have not changed our course regarding this.

Ok. Only some FEEL that WE are the Pillars of Light .

We would say that is in a manner of speaking. Yes, how your Light shines. Far more than you realize. Yet that which we have spoken of is as we said it would be.

And you said that is before the year is out?

This is so .

Ok. Just clarifying.

Your concern is of us not presenting them. We are aware of this. And we can accept your despondency regarding this and the reasons for it. There is so very much that will take you all by surprise once the cork has been popped. Once the unleashing of all that has had to remain curtailed is set into its energetic programming. You cannot deny these days of vast changes and yet with respect one is always awaiting something more. If you were to REALLY take note of what has changed in just your last few years and the acceptance that has grown widely of 'things unidentified' in your skies ... let alone the increase in activity on a large scale of your networking for the good. You need only to tune in to discover the vast allegiance that has grown beyond measure toward the greater good of yourselves and the planet. Know the progress is part of the plan ... and how well the plan is falling into place now.

I know this may seem ridiculous ... but lf this was to be the last time we were to communicate ... what would you consider to be the most important words that you would leave us with?

Why do you ask us of this ? We have no plans to dismiss you from the case.

And I have no plans to leave. I suppose I am looking for something that is 'new and different'. Please know I do not mean this detrimentally . Regarding all the wisdom you have given us about Love, it is a matter of us practicing what YOU preach and I FEEL this is your aim .. to help us raise our vibration. Yet considering who you are ... 'The overseers of the overseers' ... there must be so much you could teach us ... or enlighten us with. With all respect, sometimes I feel we are covering the same ground.

And with respect to you ... we cannot speak with you of things that are above and beyond that which you are capable of understanding. Take a patch of sand ... one that you could walk for maybe half an hour of your time in the same direction ... and then turn and walk half an hour back again. Have you grown to KNOW every grain of sand with in the area in which you walk ... all that you see in that walk? Indeed not so, and yet you FEEL you know that 'patch' so well. You recognize particular trees and certain rivulets along the way ... yet in all Truth ... how much is there that you have no idea of? So much exists upon that walk that you have not yet discovered, for your eyes have only focused on that which you are already aware of ... that which you recognize ... that which you FEEL is commonplace to you.

Think for a minute ... think of all you have not yet discovered in that place ... let alone KNOWING the placement of every grain of sand and why it is in that place. Think of all the flowers along the edge of the sand ... every blade of grass. Think of the nests in the trees, think of the life underground. You walk along this patch of sand and think of yourselves as walking along a beach and yet ... there is so much more to a beach than just the water and the sand.

We cannot move you on to the understanding of greater things until dearest ones, you have considered all that you already have and the greatness of that. With much respect we would say that what is already within your grasp ... the beauty ... the wonder ... the magnificence at your fingertips ... still goes by unnoticed ... for one is always looking for more wonderment from elsewhere ... instead of TRULY looking at what is right in front of your eyes.

Yes, we understand that your human kind can FEEL in a place of LOVE and take note of a beautiful rainbow. This 'LOOKING' allows the heart to recognize a small portion of the soulself . Yet we say to you ... all the wonderment that you are seeking and searching for is within you ... it is not outside of you. When it is discovered ... as each layer is awakened ... it is then that a rainbow shall look entirely different. It is then as each layer reveals itself ... as you allow YOURSELF to unfold that you see that the opening up of a paper bag has far more excitement to it than at this stage you care to consider.

Funny! I thought you were going to say 'opening up of a flower' ... A paper bag doesn't really have the same 'ring' to it!

We would tend to disagree and as you know we do not speak of things without deep reason. This is our point entirely. One would expect when one sees a flower open to experience a FEELING of awe and wonder ... to be able to automatically give Love and thanks for the beauty of your planet . Yet we are now asking of you to start considering finding the awe and wonder within that which you wouldn't expect to find such inspiring upliftment,

A paper bag? Truly?

TRULY! You accept the paper bag for what it is. Have you ever opened a paper bag and given your thanks to the tree that gave of it's life ... to become that paper bag? Would you consider the tree felt honoured to become a paper bag that carried something within it ... and then was discarded in the waste? Or do you think that particular tree would FEEL more appreciated ... more in honour of itself if it had been allowed to do what it came here to do?

A tree as you know gives out oxygen. A vital part to play. It stands mightily in the place it was seeded for hundreds of years. It has seen and FELT peace and war tick by ... it has nurtured winged souls and allowed them to make homes within its branches . It has sheltered untold trillions of insect life .. it has stood it's ground and never weakened though all weathers that have battered and beaten it in order to sustain your planet. You tell us Blossom ... the energy which that paper bag carries ... is it just a paper bag? And more to the point ... did putting your purchase in that bag ... which then goes within another bag .... enhance your life? Would you surmise that it enhanced the tree's life at all?

We KNOW your answers and we are not aiming to offend. We are simply trying to explain that there is so much of each one of YOU ... that still needs to be awakened before we could possibly consider experimenting with words to try and explain that which would 'excite' you. Do you see?

My friends I see very clearly. And I have to say at this point I FEEL rather ashamed .

This was not our intent.

I know! Yet I do . I will accept with thanks the lesson learned.

That which we are trying to assist you with ... is very simple. Give thanks for all that you have NOW and all that you are NOW. Do not take for granted everything that simply 'is'. Consider perhaps that which has been sacrificed in order to allow you the benefits of your comforts. All that is needed is the gratitude of/for.

We say to you that the energy of that tree still resides within that paper bag. For all that it offered in Love for the all ... do you not think that a proposal of blessings to that bag and all it has been through in order to simply be useful for five minutes and then disposed of ... would not be appreciated? Many instruments are happy to sacrifice themselves for the wholeness of others ... when there is purpose . Consider matters of neglect regarding that which is necessary and that which is simply useful. You would find yourselves behaving differently altogether if you adapted the story of the tree to all things within your daily events.

So much has been abused over your time to convenience the human being ... and so little thanks given in return. This NEW WORLD which you are creating in this very moment ... with every NEW BREATH you inhale and exhale ... has to be carefully considered if you wish to reform the status quo.

Harmony amongst all that lives is the key to the world you are seeking. There cannot be 'ranks' of power. There cannot be one that considers themself to be above another human,plant, animal, insect . All that ever was/ is and shall be is just an aspect of LOVE. It may present itself very differently from something else ... yet that is all it is ... the same as everything else. LOVE.

Here endeth today's lesson! A very powerful one at that. For me anyway. In Love, thanks and respect. Sometimes we think we KNOW better ... but we don't! A new day awaits me ... and I will consider it in a different Light. Was there something else you wanted to say ... I am now feeling there is.

It means simply ... learn to live from the heart at all times.

Working on the transference/transformation. Cheer ho for now!

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