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July 11, 2011

Another week begins as we continue on this exciting pathway. So much change being experienced within the soul self of each one and slowly we can FEEL and recognize the reasons why you speak to us of things that you do. We are very grateful for your friendship and I know that this is reciprocated. One day I know ... we shall all have a very different way of being able to communicate with you and the density that we reside in shall be long gone. But .. for now ... what would you care to share?

The outward understanding of what you think you understand goes really much deeper ... when you understand that your understanding on an inner level is beyond that which you can understand.

Here we go!

Dearest souls... Truly ... KNOW that you DO understand so much more than you think you understand. It is simply that there are blockages that have been encountered which when removed ... will allow all things to appear clearly to that understanding that you already have. By being removed we mean that ... as the veil between worlds is lifted, so much more shall make sense about so many things. It is indeed 'different ' to experience the form of the human than that which one knows to be the TRUE form of the self. Yet there shall be a time when one realizes how much one has gained and learned and grown from this human experience and not one regret will be present.

Each day on awakening you are one step closer to that moment of exaltation. Within each breath that you take you are witnessing the NEW WORLD coming in to form. You may not always be aware of this ... but it is so. Gradually as your eyes become accustomed to the NEW VIBRATION ... the NEW LIGHT ... the HIGHER LOVE... you will FEEL the changes inside of you that shall then be mirrored as to what you see around you.

Create the happiness that you wish your world to be ... and yet some of you ask how ... when there seems so much that is not of it at this present time. Dearest friends ... this is but a small encounter of a small aspect of a small experience in the big scheme of things. And yet ... this scheme of things is one of the biggest that you have yet endured and established.

However, we would say to you ... that there is no end. Think of this.

No end ... ever ... to the LOVE that is.

It cannot have a finale for LOVE is all there ever was ... ever is ... and ever shall be. Imagine ... the changes that will take place ... for ever. This, that is taking place now is moving you into what we are calling The Golden Age. It is of great importance, yet again we say ... it is but a small aspect in the great scheme. For indeed there will be more ages to move up into. Each one bringing with it a Higher vibration and a way that allows the soul to FEEL the KNOWING of the understanding that they are increasingly getting closer to home.

So what will happen when we all get home? Won't that be the end then? ... Or do we just go on living happily ever after .. literally ever after ... as in for ever and ever. I can't get my head around that!

With LOVE let us explain to you a little more. LOVE is infinite. There can be no end to it. So it shall always continue to create from itself ... anything and everything. Like with yourselves sometimes you FEEL you cannot find any more substance from a particular topic or subject matter ... do you not always find that actually ... yes ... there is more? And so it is with LOVE.

LOVE exists through creation. So how can creation ever stop creating? For that is what it does. Therefore ... there will always be more to create ... always.

I guess that helps us to 'understand' the significance of living in the now. Of creating the 'now' from one moment we are in ....to the next. We concern ourselves so with the future, when really all we need do is create it in the way we would like it to be and then all worries disappear ... if we TRULY KNOW that what we think we create.

We can maybe accept this on an individual level , but it is the general tone of the planet that brings us into a place of 'no hope'. ( I personally do not feel this way ... but I know many do and they FEEL so desperate ... they do not understand the point of continuing on when all around FEELS so dark and lacking in LOVE. )

One, as an individual has the 'responsibility' of the self. Yes, we find it admirable for souls to assist and uplift others, yet it is not the 'responsibility'of another to do so. That is merely their choice to bring about a better world as a whole.

That is quite interesting. Now, how can I put this into words? I can accept that we are 'responsible' solely for our own thoughts and how we choose our world to be. In this way, by choosing positive thought and trying our best to reside in a Loving vibration we are in turn, uplifting the planet. Yet ... if we are all ONE ... from the ONE LOVE ... is it not our 'responsibility' to be 'responsible' for another also?

To what avail? How would this benefit the whole? To be 'responsible' for another ... or to FEEL that you should be ... is taking away the right of another to be 'responsible' for themselves. You are taking from them their right to be themselves. To be able to accomplish for themselves all that they are capable of. This does not mean to say that one can not assist ... one cannot offer guidance ... but to be 'responsible' for ? We would not suggest that is beneficial.

What about our children? Our we not to be 'responsible' for them.

Not to the extent that many are. From the moment a new/old soul enters once again into the earth's residence, they are embarking upon yet another growth spurt. Even those of great Light who are sacrificing some of their Light to come into this place and assist, still even 'they' have more growing to do. If they hadn't, they would not come ... for they would be denying an opportunity for one who still has learning to do. Therefore, once back in human form ... the game of life begins. A bit like your snakes and ladders. Up and down, back to the beginning etc. It is the task of the individual soul to follow through all that it has come down here to achieve. Sometimes because 'parents' wish to protect their beloved from ALL harm ... they take on the 'responsibility' of their child's growth ... when it is not their's to take. Indeed, we would not say for a moment that one should not guide. This is the role of the parent ... this is why a parent would have been chosen ... to guide the young in a certain direction.

Again we find that there could be a volume of work that we could express on just this one subject for each child's return takes on reason and form of its own. So for now , please accept we are trying to offer a 'general' understanding. The child has to be 'responsible' for its own decision making. Should it climb? Should it trust? Should it ... one billion things? Through trusting and being 'responsible' for itself, it walks into itself. If the 'responsibility' it has for itself is overshadowed by another's protection ... another FEELING 'responsible' for it's very existence ... then lack of self worth enters in ... followed by an entourage of misdemeanors that eventually leave one depleted and lacking in confidence that they are able to perform anything at all for or by themselves. So ... we ask now ... do you think it wise to have ... much worse ... take ... responsibility for another? For it is not yours to take. Do not misunderstand us ... to provide and care for ... is another matter ... but there is a fine line.

Understood! Thank you. Where were we?

Right here in the moment. We would continue to say from this then ... that your creation throughout your journey that never ends will always depend on what and how you choose it to be. There is not one thought that you can think that cannot be carried out should you ponder and desire it enough. Think much on this dear ones. Be vigilant on that which you desire ... not only for yourselves but for your future existence with one another. On and On and On your soul self shall travel. As to where it is traveling to is entirely your decision. There is nowhere it cannot go ... all it has to do is choose and then create. Again we say ... IMAGINE ... what is it that you dearly desire? What kind of world would you choose to be in? How would you choose to express the LOVE that you are? What form of day to day existence would you create? For we say to you ... it is but a thought ... turned in to a KNOWING away.

Ok ... delving deeper then ... How does this fall into place regarding that which is to take place in 2012 ( or not)? As we have spoken of ... scenario after scenario has been put out there ... is the DIVINE PLAN not something that is definitely going to happen ... anyway ... regardless of any of our thoughts?

That is indeed a beneficial question. The DIVINE plan was put into place because it is the desire of many of you that it shall be so. We do not mean necessarily ... your desire in the last decade of this life time you are experiencing. We mean as a collective consciousness of LOVE over eons upon eons of your existence.

This human form ... this planet Earth ... as you know ... was/is part of an experiment. What has taken place with in it took many that had designed it ... by surprise ... for the free will factor 'created' a monster ... that had not been accounted for. This monster overshadowed the beauty that was created and yet slowly now ... the monster has had it's day and as with all things when not fed ... is losing its life force.

It was discussed and devised by 'your consciousness' ... all of you who are part of the plan at this time ... that the DIVINE plan of Ascension would be the way to bring the Earth planet out of this darkness that was created and move it into one of Light ... once again. So you see ... this DIVINE plan was indeed created by you ... many moons ago. All you are doing now is going about its creation at the point agreed for the betterment of all. ALL that is taking place now and in the days to come to move into the Golden Age has already been created by you ... your thoughts are recalling this and bringing it about.

Even deeper I delve ... so are you saying that our creation of what ever lies ahead ... for ever and ever ... is created long before it happens as opposed to in the given moment ?

We are saying that you are creating the next moment of now because you agreed to do so ... and yet there is freedom of choice. At any given time ... on mass ... as an individual ... you could decide to walk a different path from the Divine plan created.

Why would we do that ?

You are not! But you could ... should you so choose. Do you see dearest ones? Nothing is set in stone ... that is why we ask you to follow your hearts. For your souls KNOW what is best for all creation everywhere. When you choose to listen to what FEELS right and follow it through with your heart and your thoughts and create from it ... then you are following the plan you have decided upon. When you choose to 'fall by the wayside' ... you are not doing wrong ... you are simply .. resting... recharging ...before you once again get back on track.

What if one doesn't, but gets up and walks a different path?

Then so be it. Yet it is unlikely ... because the soul has sort of ... and we say 'sort of' ... because we do not know how else to express ... made a pact with itself to see this creation through . Once again ... the understanding of this is understood on a certain level of yourselves but not necessarily on the level that you have agreed to be within ... at this time ... in order to accomplish the goals that you set when you were in a place within yourselves where you fully understood.

Yep! Time to have a gin and tonic ... if I had chosen to still drink !!! Therefore a warm beverage and some assimilation time.

Love ya! ... To be continued ... In LOVE and thanks ... Little me down here ... creating a wonderful thought space in which to drink the said warm beverage!

Time to put the kettle on indeed!.

What now? Or shall I wait till soon? XXXXXX

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