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June 21, 2011

Hello to you. I was wondering if you were around and if so what pearls of wisdom you would kindly offer us?

Words that we FEEL appropriate to share with those who chose to 'pick up' on them are merely a devise to allow your souls to connect with themselves. For in such a way you are then enabling 'memories ' of knowledge that are already yours to be accessed. You by now ... are well aware of the necessity to understand the reason why you are here. Some of you FEEL that you have not yet grasped it and yet we would beg to differ.

For those who are seeking further upliftment ... deeper appreciation of the whole ... therefore themselves ... may we suggest that one ceases 'trying' so hard'? As you gain more and more knowledge, it appears that the need to improve the self and learn and gain even more on an every day basis is occurring and this may not always be beneficial to the soul. We do not mean it is 'wrong' to want to learn. We simply FEEL it may sometimes make more sense to you ... in terms of EVERYTHING making more sense to you ... if one just allowed themselves to be themselves for a time. In 'other words' ... to take time out from all the studying and do some practical.

Do you see? Yes, it is wonderful to 'be prepared' for what is to come. Yet may we stress the fact that NOTHING is written in stone (as yet ) and by the same token ... remember that you are here with a very serious matter in hand ........... TO ENJOY YOURSELVES! For this is how the very change that you are seeking is to come about.

It is time to elaborate. The kingdom that you are seeking ... as you are now aware ... is inside of you. This, as you know is where your happiness resides. You do not need to take a vacation and take rides on merrygorounds in order to find the thrill in your lives. This is not so. This is not how you were designed. Inside of you is a mechanism that allows you to achieve heights beyond that which you consider to be achievable. It has lain dormant for eons of time and it is only now that one is beginning to even question the possibility that this is of Truth. Once you understand how to reactivate this 'machine', you will find that your lives can attain/obtain so much more for you to be able to 'play with'.

Of course, it will be good if we can elaborate on that in a minute , but of course the obvious question that I have to ask is ... how do we reactivate this 'little machine'. I do understand why you say machine, if we are accepting that our bodies are incredible machines activated by our soul.

Very interesting point Blossom ... you just hit the nail on the head. 'Activated by your soul'. This is exactly how it is done. It is indeed your very soul that allows you to walk around in your vessels that give you this experience of Life here on earth. There is no dispute of this fact to many. For once the soul has departed that vessel/machine it can no longer function on any level. There has to be something/one driving it, does there not?

Absolutely. I get that. So if we KNOW that this is how our bodies are activated , how do we find that little button to press to get that mechanism a' stirrin' within us once again.

It is of the simplest yet most complicated method.

Wouldn't you know it!! So, lets remove the complicated version and get straight to simple can we please?

In terms of 'awaking' this ... shall we call it 'Overdrive' ... it is necessary that one has the machine in top gear in order to proceed to the 'Overdrive' control if you follow? You cannot go from gear 2 into Overdrive without causing serious confusion amongst the ranks so to speak. So we say that it is a gradual process that one is working toward. Many of you are already in top gear due to all the processing you have accomplished and as you yourself feel sometimes Blossom ... you are ready to explode, as if you do not know what to do with yourself. Bursting with LIFE itself!

Yes , I know that well and I know many others do also.

And this is exactly why we suggest this to you at this time. For so many of you are now ready to 'switch up' into Overdrive. And this now, is how it is to be ordained (?).

I had to close my eyes for a minute ... and this is what took place. So, I am assuming it is for the reader to do the same should they so desire. I took about 5 - 6 very deep breathes. I then saw as if a Golden Key was being placed into my forehead and reaching through into the center of my crown( third eye) As many or you know this is your pineal gland and I believe it is similar to a walnut in shape. It was as if the key went into the 'walnut' and turned to the right ...three times. I sat for a while 'waiting for something to happen' and then realized that I had almost stopped breathing altogether. As I took a deep breath 'I saw' as if electrical volts were sprouting from my head and they were of all different colours. After a while I asked 'what now?' and they said 'Things will be different'.

Ok. So back to our conversation. I have to say, with all respect, that I am always a little dubious when an activation takes place. From past experience some 'FEEL IT' some don't. So I guess I always consider the possibility that I just 'went off on one'.

One what?

Well, you know? A little wander of the mind. Just off on my own little imaginings. Then, due to the position I find myself in, I have to TRUST that it was YOU GUYS wanting me to portray this experience so that many can experience the same thing. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Well, as is said in your world Blossom ... The proof of the pudding is in the eating. You have realized from past endeavors that it is almost always NOT LIKELY to be an immediate re-action to these activations. Yet we would insist upon saying that they certainly assist in the progression, or should we state ... the acceleration of ... ones journey into the unknown!!

Meaning what exactly?

Is it not so ... that you FEEL you do not recall all that you are? Is it not so ... that you say you cannot remember how to 'perform wonders ' and use even the slightest bit more of your brain than you are already doing?

Indeed. And yet, without wishing to veer off track ... I am 'getting' that who I am is LOVE, and the more I am getting this 'Bursting with Life FEELING' which I am interpreting to be a more defined FEELING of LOVE, then indeed I could say that I am remembering who I am ... I am FEELING who I am .. LOVE.

On that particular issue that is most pleasing an answer. Yet it is not what we asked. You 'imagine' that you cannot 'perform wonders' ... that you are not yet capable of transporting oneself from A to B without the means of a vehicle. You cannot quite accept that your soul is the vehicle that is transported and your 'rearranging by dismantling the physical and remantling it in another place' is merely for the purpose of having the 'machine' to walk around in. (On your planet at least.) You KNOW that everything is energy. So in simple terms the 'phasing out and in' of human flesh is not a difficult performance. It is just that YOU think it is. As your soul allows itself to move into its Higher 'apartment' ... you begin to 'get' so many more things that you were unable to 'digest' before ... because your soul from that Higher place is able to comprehend the workings of so many more things. As you each chose to 'treat' yourselves to a little more grasping of 'what actually is' ... so much more viability is apparent!

The visualization of the Golden Key into the third eye is not a whimsical donation to make you feel good dearest friends. It is an actual process that can assist you in setting these atrocities that have befallen you in to a distant memory that shall eventually melt into oblivion.

Phew! That was a bit odd for a moment because when the word 'atrocities' came, I had to stop and question what was going on ... but the word wouldn't change and once again I had to TRUST and of course , as always the words that followed made it make perfect sense!!

We thank you for continuing. How far you have come. How far WE have come. How far we have all travelled on this journey ... this adventure.

This we are certain of dearest friends. That which we are to reveal, that which your hearts shall resonate with, will be without question ... an introduction into this HIGHER way.

We would ask you to notice 'differences' within your application to tasks. We would care also to remind you to sip from the Golden Chalice. These things are naturally of your choosing. We do not give orders ... yet we KNOW of the benefits that following what FEELS correct and comforting to your soul can bring forth.

There are words spoken regarding everything becoming faster ... things taking place at a rapid pace in these days ahead. You ALL have moments of KNOWING that the movement is accumulating much energy of goodness. It is a circle. YOU ARE THE LOVE that is lifting your planet into its bountiful position. We, as your friends are humbled to be sharing this uprising with you.

There shall be a difference. You shall FEEL the stronger power within yourselves as you move into 'Overdrive'. It is of course then up to you to take control of the vehicle in this Higher gear and discover what it is capable of.

You are aware that it is now time for us to close this session.

Perfect I have to be at my sisters for tea in 15mins! THANKING YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH. WE LOVE YOU! In Love and thanks!

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