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December 20, 2010

Hello there my friends. I am sure you are aware that many celebrate Christmas at this time of year and then .... 2011 is upon us. I wonder what your message for the new year brings?

It carries a symbolic gesture. It brings to you a Lightness of heart for although the coming times will see you stretched to your limits, it shall also present to you capabilities that will astound. Yet it is only through the opening up of your sacred heart space that these matters can be attended to. For those who choose to accelerate at a speed that serves, please accept the possibilities that great wonderment of what each individual soul can present, shall warm the heart that has been yearning for a recognition of any form that its true self is more than that which has so far been. Fill your Beings with the KNOWING that was is to come is what you have been awaiting. Your souls have stepped up to the mark. So many of you have listened to the inner core and come to a decision that allows the fruit of ones labours to now be harvested.

Do not doubt this. If you choose to, you can FEEL in these words the TRUTH of that which we present to you. Your project of Ascending as ONE continues to defy those who would have this plan fail. Yet, it cannot. All around you, evidence is displayed to the contrary. Yet YOU KNOW this is just an illusion. When you FEEL the TRUTH , how can you possibly accept that you are succumbing to that which is not of your greater good? FEEL IT! For as you do so, you can actually physically promote the abundance of joy that is now within you and around you. Many for so long have endured the transmutation of energies. They have stood strongly as communicators and allowed themselves to be beacons in which Light has literally turned dark into a form that has been able to disperse into an ether that has no power. It has merged into itself and can no longer harm. These great forces of energy that have streamed through your Being have now lost their reason. This is a major eclipse that HAD to occur in order to cleanse all that cannot be brought forward into the next era.

Major eclipse? Can you explain further?

That which has pretended to rule your planet for far too long now has shadowed the True Light. It has reached its final conclusion and only change will dissolve these restless remnants that seek only to distort.

You are experiencing a little difficulty in receiving these words are you not?

Yes a little. I've known it to flow more easily. Any particular reason?

The fact that we are closer than you think ... is one of them.

To me?


So why would that make it difficult? I thought it would be the opposite.

Distortion of vibration as it merges on a Higher scale.

So, when we say close .... what are we talking here? And in what regard?

Close your eyes.

What did you see?

Shafts of Light ... as if they appeared from the sky. I had the FEELING that we will experience this in the coming year.

You shall ... and they shall be unable to be called anything other than what they are. Their obvious brilliance shall not go undetected. When they present themselves in this way, do not be deterred by stories of what they may or may not be. KNOW they are from us.

What exactly is their purpose?

Many fold. They are from us to you to 'get the party started' shall we say. They will be seen in various landmarks across your planet Earth and they shall be of such magnitude that they cannot be brushed aside or ignored by your media. They shall be given many names. Souls shall make reference to biblical scenarios for they will know of no other way to relate.

So these shafts of Light, will they come and go? How shall they appear and for how long at any given time?

They will not be flashes of Light that one could mistake for an electrical storm. As you saw in the vision we presented you, these are shafts that contain Light. They shall stream down to your planet creating a display and no sooner has the excitement of one particular sighting settled down ... another one shall take over on another part of your world. They will not be able to be tampered with. We have protective screens that will repel any matter that may try to do so.

Even when viewed on your screens within your houses many shall awaken from their sleep by these streams of energy. For they contain within them the next phase of your journey for mankind.

Probably need a little more to go on with that last statement.

Again , words to describe are inadequate.

Keep trying!

These pillars of Great Light will serve in many ways. They shall release into the atmosphere what we can only describe to you as an energy ... which in essence it is ... yet it is what this energy contains that is the magic potion. It will uplift your spirits. It will be like the aroma of your mothers kitchen.

? Not in my son's eyes it won't! I mean , I know what you are trying to say but ....

Then let us say it. We are TRYING to find similarities to how this may feed your soul. Your souls will recognize the 'energy' emitted from them. We can best attain description of FEELING in this way. It will be as though ...

I keep seeing one side of a seatbelt locking into the other.

Thank you . Although the description is a rather wayward one , it is the only one we can find to explain. As the energy that these shafts give off link with yours ... it shall feel that way. As if you have found the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle and it suddenly just falls into place.

I am FEELING what you are trying to express. I am hoping others are too as they read.

Yes they are , because it is the souls knowing. Therefore it is understood ... and we would say that this is just the beginning. We have spoken to you for so long regarding wonders that are to come. Imagine that which we have spoken of, imagine that as your preparatory stages that lead you into the next step. And with each new presentation your souls will 'get it'. Everything that has not been able to make sense to you ... shall. This following year in your earthly terms ... shall be one that will bring joy to many. That which we shall gift to you will fill your Beings with renewed hope.

There shall be 'laughable' explanations to that which we surprise you with , yet you shall know better. For it is you , that have remained in your Truth, when the odds were stacked up against you that shall have the last laugh, as we believe you say.

Many of you have chosen to live in fear of all that you have heard an been informed of. We say to you that this is unnecessary. For as this next year unfolds, so much of it shall have you grinning from ear to ear. Your hearts shall be full to the brim with that inner knowingness that we have spoken so much of to you.

Again I have to say ... I can FEEL this joy ... and it is making me feel 'of' it. Presuming you are aware of 'Joy' that found a voice through me the other evening with White Cloud? *)

It IS to be heard! This voice of JOY is to resonate with those that are willing to accept its TRUTH. This is another way in which we could explain of the energy that is with in these shafts that shall reign/rain? down.

And you didn't get round to saying how long they would remain?

Long enough to be recognized as 'not of this world'.

Are we talking five or six or hundreds?

To begin with as an introductory service it will be minimal. They will be of a surprise tactic up until such a point when they can be observed without fear . Once they have blended with the psych, they shall gather in numbers and remain for longer periods of time.

This is all very intriguing and a very new concept to me. Will they actually reach the ground?

No. That is not necessary. They can also travel across continents.

What ... visibly?


Is that necessary? Surely they can manifest wherever they want. Are they controlled by you?

Yes. Wherever they 'touch' they leave their mark. So although not necessary to travel they are designed that way.

How do you control them?


Cool. No batteries then!

They are of pure energy. No propulsion system necessary.

In my minds eye when you showed them to me earlier, they were huge.

They shall be.

I am being reminded of when you spoke of 'energy' that you said were in containers (well the best way for you to describe it). Is this connected?

Again too difficult to explain the concept of its Truth.

Only in that ... energy can be created on the spot I would imagine. To carry it around in containers (?) as such seems a bit strange.

Yet there are such containers , or we would better describe them as 'activators' . Perhaps we could say that each atom of energy within an 'activator' is like a seed. And what do seeds do? Of course! So each atom within the 'space' of an 'activator' can be 'planted' and therefore grow and expand on levels far beyond your earthly calculations.

So , is this energy 'special'? Is it different from what we know?

Yes. It is different. It is of a more delicate presence. In words of your world we could almost call it 'sacred'. We are showing to you as if it is being monitored continually. As if checking temperature etc.

Yet , again I feel this is just away for us to understand in earthly terms as opposed to what you are actually monitoring.

This is so.

So, back tracking then ... are seeds of this Sacred Energy that of which is contained within these shafts of Light that are on their way?


And I'm getting that these seeds are somehow linked to our Higher self.

You are in great connection with us.

Yep. Really feel on your wave length!

We would let you know of it as a reuniting with an aspect of the Higher self.

Which of course plays a huge part , once connected with these seeds, in assisting in our Ascension.

Again top marks.

Not really . One or other of us is going to bring these words forth. Just a matter of whether I press the B for bold font really . That's the way it feels today ... as if I KNOW these things because I am tuned in to you.

And we would say that this is what the 'knowingness' is . KNOWING all the answers from within. You just have to be tuned in.

Yet I can feel now that we are coming to the end of our session, and that 'KNOWINGness' won't be around.

Yet there will be a time when everyone will be 'tuned in' permanently and all KNOWING shall be known.

Well, what can I say? 'Thank you' springs to mind! A marvelous session! I shall look forward with absolute JOY to experiencing the seeding of this Higher energy ... watering it ... and FEELING it grow. The shafts of Light too are something we shall all be looking up to see.

You will not miss them.

I put my TRUST in those words my friends.

And we add our LOVE to that Trust in these words.

I hope you see our planet Light up this Christmas with a glow of Higher energy that we are emitting now ... because we are of it.

It is done ... and so are we for this day.

In Love and so much gratitude. xxx

Website: Blossom Goodchild

*) Blossom's White Cloud evening of December 17 can be found on YouTube here: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4.

Comment from one of our readers:

"What a wonderful Christmas present they have given us. Shaft of Light! I have seen these shafts in my minds eye for at least two years. In my minds eye I am asleep and a great light wakes me up! I look out my bedroom window and see huge amounts of light streaming in my window!! Thank you is the least I can say.
With love,
Kelly" (12-20-'10)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hello Blossom,
This particular message contains a very specific prediction for 2011, and since such detail is rare on Galactic Channelings, it seems sure that I will not be the only one who will remember it as sort of an "acid test". Just think what will happen to your viewership if, indeed, such large light beams are sighted this year.
Best wishes for 2011,
Jeffrey" (12-20-'10)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hello Blossom,
Beautiful and exciting predictions indeed!
Question: Do you feel these shafts of light will appear before Disclosure? And if so, is it "allowed" by Divine Decree for them to appear before Disclosure?
Of course, I would certainly welcome them at any point.
Love & Light,
Scott" (12-20-'10)

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